Friday 28 September 2007

what a pain in the ....

Yeah, it has been a hell of a week for me.
So what? Right now, I'm probably more than relieved- no wait, I'm jubilating!!! Why? First of all, I finally managed to register myself into my university, where I'll commence my studies in October. You see, I'm late, as usual. But owing to the fact that I'm one of those few cheeky bastards who are more than just brazenly lucky in.... well, everything, including winning university places where others have to apply the normal, bitter and sometimes unequably way. In addition, I accomplished to find an appartement, which is trully a massive achievement concerning my future hometown and it's housing shortage due to the colossal amount of students there. So, in less than three weeks, my embosomed laziness and sweet idleness will cease and I'll find myself again ignoring the piles of at least a dozen books that I have to read, all the work that should have been done already and not doing any of it. Which is to say, I'm not in the least concerned, I'm looking forward to it. I'm kinda easy-going in that way.
Anyway, I have recently noticed, that my rants about my poor life have diminished in this blog lately and not by reason of nothing's happening here - well,nothing really IS happening here, but that for f's sake i not the point! - but more because I totally forgot about it. I went through my older posts the other day and thought by myself, that has to start again. The idea of the indie dancefloor being just another music blog that merely talks about and reviews artists, well, alienates me. Kind of.
So, in the lack of anything to do, why not post some music. Because I'm in a hurry, because I'm lazy, because I have to research for my university, this won't be a long one.
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Fink, Uk-based singer-songwriter has a new album coming up, called Distance & Time, which will be on sale here in Germany.. well, NOW - ............and in the Uk: on Monday.
Fink consists of songwriter Fin Greenall, being supported live by bassist Guy Whittaker and drummer Tim Thornton. Distance & Time is Fink's sophomore album, after having released his debut Biscuits For Breakfast in early 2006. Both records have been released on Ninja Tune and, here in Germany, on Rough Trade aswell.
So, how is Distance & Time? It's very folk, very lively and very melodic, kinda Bright Eyes-esque or Jens Lekman-like. It's the raining-on-sundays-and-I'm-feeling-alone- kinda thing - but it's actually good.
If you're into such things, don't waste anymore time and head straight forward to Ninja Tune, Amazon or Roughtrade!

From Distance & Time:
MP3: Fink - If Only

From Biscuits For Breakfast:
MP3: Fink - Pretty Little Thing

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and guess who's back and I did notice that one mere month later? My dearest of all swedish, curly-haired singer-songwriters, Moneybrother!!!!
His third record Mount Pleasure was released in late August via Burning Hearts, but I had a damn good reason not reporting on it right away.
Anyway, Moneybrother still has a wondeful voice, his songs are still catchy and beautiful aaaaand yes, Anders Wendin ist still handsome.
So, if you're like, having suffered under a severe lack of internet or any kind of media communication, head over to amazon or Burning Hearts.
Moneybrother's 'new' single from Mount Pleasures:

MP3: Moneybrother - Just Another Summer
MP3: Moneybrother - It Might Aswell Be Now

From the 2005 album To Die Alone:

MP3: Moneybrother - Eventually It'll Break Your Heart

and from 2003's Blood Panic:

MP3: Moneybrother - The Pressure
MP3: Moneybrother - Golden Lonely

Before I go off to weekend activities, I'll let you take place in what I've been jamming to, amongst other things, during summer, isolated in windy, deserted Swanage, for old times sake:

MP3: Kings Of Leon - Razz
MP3: The Libertines - Death On The Stairs
MP3: Goose - Modern Vision
MP3: The Others - Lackey
MP3: Soulwax - E Talking

get all the tracks at iTunes or amazon.

ok, so maybe this post was longer than I said, so ok, I lied. Who cares. I'm off.
Have a nice weekend!

Monday 24 September 2007

love. poetry. humour. sabotage. NOW

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what is now, that makes me want to post every statement, that pro-communist, post-punk-but-still-dancy- The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy wrote in their Smash It Up video. Maybe the fact that they have a new album coming up soon and I'm more than excited. I'll let you know, as soon as possible.
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So now, what? I've got some album reviews for you and I couldn't be more amazed.
Starting off with my favourite german indie pop band The Robocop Kraus. I'm kinda surprised that, according to the hype machine, nobody(except me) has made an effort to post about them and their great new record. Blunders & Mistakes was released here in Good Ol' Germany last Friday, but I don't know about other countries.
So how is Blunders & Mistakes? For starters, it's cool, fun and more pop than ever in the Kraus history. Other than its forerunner They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus, which was abuzz with electric, dancy keyboard sounds, who forced the listeners to get up and shake yer bootie.... anyway, this record is more on the pop road, kinda like a happy, non-melancholic Belle & Sebastian. Furthermore, at some stages, a strong Maximo Park ressemblence comes up, such as songs like Snake, Standing In The Punchline or the theme song Blunders & Mistake. But variety is definetely give on this record for songs such as Erase The Pain, that differs from the whole album.
So, all in all, is it really better than their fabulous record They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus? No, it's different, kinda slowed down, but good in its own world of indie pop, new rave, synth and happiness.
To give you an impression, from Blunders & Mistakes:

MP3: The Robocop Kraus - Snake
MP3: The Robocop Kraus - BLOOD ON THE PULLOVER

so, get up and get it @ amazon.

and from They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus:

MP3: The Robocop Kraus - After Laughter Comes Tears

MP3: The Robocop Kraus - In Fact You're Just Fiction

ok, what's next. Pete Doherty and his fellowship called Babyshambles have a new album. I didn't listen to it yet, I don't now and I don't plan to do so in near future. Just so we're clear.
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Besides Hot Hot Heat have a new record out, called Happiness Ltd. I could spend now an eternity trying to figure out how the album title could be interpreted, but we should skip that and get right to the record itself. After having released their sophomore album Elevator a couple of years ago, this one is the 'important' third one. Well, it doesn't differ that much in style from Elevator, but some of the lyrics are more melancholic, with songs such as Give Up?. The singers voice is still kinda quirky, the songs are still addictive, the band still sounds very british(even though they're from Canada, but that's no bad thing tho') so, yeah, it's niiiiice, I like it.
Go and buy it @ amazon.
so, from Happiness Ltd. :

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - Give Up?

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - Harmonicas & Tambourines

and from Elevator:

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - Jingle Jangle

MP3: Hot Hot Heat - Middle Of Nowhere

well, because I'm in a quite a good mood and willing to upload, I have some more bonus tracks for you.
Have Fun!

MP3: Five! Fast!! Hits!!! - I'm a mugwump
MP3: Nick Drake - Way to blue (Family Tree Version)
MP3: White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number
MP3: Stars - Window Bird
MP3: The Weakerthans - Civil Twilight

get the tracks @ amazon or iTunes.

and, coming to mail I've been getting:
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Plushgun sent me something very nice about a week or so(my memory is really, really bad). It's kinda synth, electro-indie and if you're residing in NYC you should go and visit his show there on Sept, 27th @ The Bitter End.

MP3: Plushgun - Just Impolite

Well, you can see, that I'm either enjoying my free time or that I'm just pretty bored.
Anyway, have a nice monday.

Tuesday 18 September 2007

A taste for change, satisfied by a change of taste

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Oh my god, I am so bored.
I simply cannot wait for my university to finally start, because I'm just sitting here, doing,, nothing. Well, nothing really important. Which means, that I can aswell post a mix and share my boredom with you.
I've searched through my old cds to find a minimix I did a year ago and was more than astonished that I haven't listened to any of the songs for... yeah, a year. So, surprise, surprise, I can aswell post the tracks here. The songs are at least one year old, they mostly have absolutely nothing in common, not in style, remixes, relations, whatever.
Mainly, because they're funny.
Have fun.

MP3: Jason Mraz - Wordplay
MP3: The Like - What I Say And What I Mean
MP3: Phoenix - Run Run Run
MP3: Living Things - Bombs Below
MP3: Secret Machines - Lightening Blue Eyes
MP3: She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want To Fall In Love
MP3: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Bigtime
MP3: Tomte - Ich sang die ganze Zeit von Dir

get the tracks @ iTunes, amazon or Juno.

Saturday 15 September 2007

It's been a long time

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yeah, I know, I've been a really bad blogger lately, but I really couldn't do any thing about it.
Now I'm back with a lot of mp3s to 'give away' and the knowing that they are supposedly pretty 'old' now. But I had a damn good reason not to post them earlier on, so I'll just do it now, hoping that some of you are as late as I am and don't mind though.

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Anyway, what else have I been up to?
I'm now back in good old Germany, after having spent the last three months in Swanage, isolated and internet-free. I went to London's Get Load In The Park going insane over Dirty Pretty Things, Digitalism, The Go! Team and many more. I also went to London's TDK Cross Central with Goose and White Rose Movement to name a few. Now, more or less happily at home and with almost nothing to before my university starts(except looking for an appartement), I can make amends for the current death of my blog.
So, because I'm willing and also have time to upload today, this post contents my latest favourite way of posts: a mix.
The topic of today: Songs or bands I absolutely loved during summer, but couldn't post about due to lack of internet and now I'm late, the songs are everywhere, but I just couldn't care less.
Yeah for long senseless topic names.
here we go.

MP3: Dead Disco - You're Out(Frankmusik Rmx)
MP3: Ali Love - Late Night Sessions
MP3: To My Boy - Eliminate
MP3: Frankmusik - Made Her Smile
MP3: Riot In Belgium - La Musique
MP3: Shy Child - Generation Y (We Got It
MP3: The Rumble Strips - Clouds
MP3: The Go! Team - The Wrath Of Marcie
MP3: Scouting For Girls - It's Not About You

get all the music either at Amazon, iTunes or Juno.

and, because I somehow feel like it:

MP3: The Automatic - Monster
MP3: Yelle - Jogging

some explanations for my choices:
Dead Disco are a three pieced female heading straight forward with their indie electric music, reminding me a bit of NYPC and The Like, only with even more style. Ali Love's all over the radio in GB - therefore stuck in my ear-,and had a collaboration with the Chemical Brother's. His debut Love Music is due in early 2008 the album and his song my guilty pleasure for today.
Synth electro duo To My Boy couldn't be ignored any longer after having 'discovered' them couple of weeks earlier. I only got into Frankmusik after hearing the remix of Dead Disco's You're Out and couldn't help myself in posting his new rave electro inspired music. Check out his EP on puregroove. Riot In Belgium did several remix such as for Yelle (whose song I posted for simple fun reasons) or for Surkin. Hop to the australian electro duo's myspace for further information or tourdates. Generation Y from indie new rave duo Shy Child is taken from their album Noise Won't Stop, which you should pursue here, adding that is a really niice dancy record. Also have a listen to their new single Summer here. The Rumble Strips are mostly known for their popular tune Girls and boys in love which was released on the third of September and can be bought directly from their site. Besides, we all need some indie rock after all these electro beats. Oh, well The Go! Team have aswell a new album, if someone hasn't noticed already...It's not bad actually, but actually not the reason to put a song here. Mostly because I've seen them and was fairly impressed, after having ignored them for, well, ever. Get Proof of Youth on amazon. Everybody who has to listen to Radio One in the UK(during work for example....), knows She's So Lovely from Scouting For Girls. Cool song though, but I prefer It's not about you. Boths songs are included on the self-titled album which should be due in a few days and you can prelisten to it on Oh yeah, and The Automatic, same story as Yelle and The Go! Team. Saw the band, couldn't resist, love the song.
I'm off.
Have a nice weekend.