Saturday, 23 August 2008


MP3:The Cribs - Things You Should Be Knowing

Just some thoughts...

First: Of Montreal's newest Skeletal Lamping will be out on October 7th via PolyVinyl. Even though Id Engager was a bit of a "letdown" (of Montreal-wise), I'm inclined to look forward to Skeletal Lamping because of this:
MP3: Of Montreal - St.Exquisite's Confessions

Second: Finally managed to listen to Intimacy, earlier than I thought of myself. First impressions aren't as horrible as expected - One Month Off is actually quite amazing.
MP3: Bloc Party - One Month Off

Third: A new Oizo EP is coming towards us, says LA Friendly. I'll keep you posted. New track Bruce Willis Is Dead is crazy. I hate Bruce Willis.
MP3: Mr. Oizo - Bruce Willis Is Dead)

Fourth: The Tocadisco remix on The Ting Tings' latest single Shut Up And Let Me Go is even better than the original. I think. And I'm right.
MP3: The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go (Tocadisco Remix)

Fifth: Haven't posted a SMD track in a while. Can't get over the fact, that I've almost seen them  live two weeks ago. By the way, Cliktrak is awesome.
MP3: Simian Mobile Disco - Cliktrak

Last: Pale Blue Eyes is my all time favourite Velvet Underground song.
Why? Because:
MP3: The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes

now, off to work again.
take care

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

get on it

A while ago, I've told you, that The Indie Dancefloor should open its musical boundaries and be more receptive for styles other than just indie or electro. Fact, Stereo MC's released their sixth studio album Double Bubble a couple of weeks ago and as you might know, really good British hip hop is rare. For those who might not know them, Stereo Mc's started in 1989 and have since evolved as one of the most important hip hop combo the UK has to offer. Success has still only kicked in after the single Elevate My Mind and followed by their third record Connected. They've since connected non-aggressive hip hop with dance, beats, pop, soul and funk elements and it is possibly to say that wouldn't it have been for them, hip hop artists like The Streets,Dizzee RascalPlan B oder Lethal Bizzle wouldn't have stand a chance against the dominant American rap culture. Unfortunately I don't own any former Stereo Mc's albums(yet), so I can't judge the development of Double Bubble, nor can I compare it to its predecessors. Still, as already mentioned, it contains a large dose of hip hop mixed with dance beats, synths, funk, soul and reggae. Get On It especially is a powerful album opener; if you've occasionally monitored their myspace songs like Black Gold or The Here & Now might be familiar. Double Bubble lacks the ultimate kick, the power for me to call it excellent, still for a band that has been around for nearly twenty years, the charm of it doesn't wear off so easily. So, if you're intrigued, hop over to amazon and buy.
MP3:Stereo Mc's - Get On It
MP3: Stereo Mc's - Master Of My Own Mind

In other news, a new Kitsuné protegée is coming towards us. No, not a maison compilation - even though that'd be wicked cool - London's autoKratz are yet to release another EP calledDown and Out in London and Paris compiled of the finest dance and electro songs you can ask for. Word, they're signed on Kitsuné, so it just has to be awesome - which it is. It'll be out in two weeks, August 25th to be precise. Be sure to get your hands on it soon enough!
MP3: autoKratz - It's On
MP3: autoKratz - French Girls Play Guitar

Whilst waiting for Tiga's sophomore's album(of which I'm not even sure it is even in the progress of being planned) we should pay a little attention to the debut Sexor, because beside remixing SoulwaxLCD SoundsystemThe Gossip or Depeche Mode, he actually writes awesome musicReleased in February 2006, Sexor lines in with LCD Soundsystem or Felix da Housecat. It contains most of his known songs You Gonna Want Me(Far From) Home or even the amazing Talking Heads cover Burning Down The House. As habitual for electroclash, Tiga combined electro beats, synths and indie on Sexor, despite the lame description it is indeed extraodinary, kind of. So please, Tiga, I want some more, get yourself up and record another album!
from the Collector's Edition:
MP3: Tiga - Time 2 Kill

so, now to bed.
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