Thursday, 27 November 2008

how soon is now

so, I'm sorry

as I always am, for not posting that long. But now I don't really have any excuses anymore, my internet is working perfectly AND I've got loads of music for you.
So, anyway, I thought for not posting for a whole month(or longer, I'm not quite sure), you'll be rewarded with no less than three mixes!! Three! It's a nice selection of what has been sent to me during the last... well, since I last blogged. I've compiled two electro mixes and one for everything else(indie, rock and so on) You might already know some of them, since they've been lying around in my library for quite a while, nevertheless every single one of them is awesome. I wouldn't give them to you, if they weren't, pfsh.
I've only zipped them, because I'm not going to upload 30 songs one by one. I won't get any readers redirected from The Hype Machine, that's still a pity.
Whatever, have fun:

 Electro-mix n° 1

Bonde do Rolê - Geremia (Chewy Chocolate Cookies "BastaPasta" Rmx)
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) 
Munk - Down in LA (Shazam Remix)
Cut Copy - Far Away (ddpesh Remix) 
Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) 
Thriller (De Freitas Edit) 
The Pragmatic - Circles (Harley Schoolkid Remix) 
Trash Yourself - Forget It 
The Hours - See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix) 
Katy Perry - Hot N Cold ( The American Dream Team Remix) 
Database ft. Bonde do Role - Miami (Baile Funk Mix)

 Electro mix n°2

Golden Bug - Looklooklook (In Flagranti Remix) 
Amy Merideth - Running (hipless couples rmx) 
Trackademicks - Enjoy What You Do (Shadow Dancer Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots - Rombo (Alex Darkly remix) 
Monosurround vs A-ux - Cocked,Locked,Ready to Rock Remix 
Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Kocky & Trash remix) 
Valerna - Human Meat (David Banner Edit) 
The American Dream Team - Money (VIP Remix) (feat. Whiskey Pete & Andre Parnel)
The BPA - Seattle (Crazy P Remix) 
Alaska in Winter - Berlin 
La Mode - Rays

Aaron Beaumont - Julia 
Barefoot Confessor - Camden Road 
Gladshot - Straight from the Fridge 
The Good Graces - Disassembled  
Hot Club De Paris - My Little Haunting 
Jay Jay Pistolet - Oh Caroline 
Kiki Pau - Bobby Marley 
Lexicon & Layton - Self Destruction 
Miracles of Modern Science - MR2 
Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene (James Yuill remix) 
Robin Grey - I Love Leonard Cohen 
The Smiths - How Soon is Now (David Starfire Remix) 
Solid Gold - Get Over It 

links on the sidebar, as usual
take care
 ---> The Trash Yourself track is over the top awesome!

no, wait!
Did I tell you, I LOVE this song:

Four Tet's just a classic...

now, bed

Saturday, 1 November 2008


as you may have noticed, blogger keeps deleting my posts.
I mean, What the f'?
This DMCA somehow has found my blog and now keeps digging.
I mean, seriously, it's not like I'm uploading whole albums, you know.
So, I've downed most of the mp3's preventing the loss of more painstakingly(kinda) constructed post.
Well, I'll come up with an idea as you how to keep my posts and you still get to listen to the music- an then I'll be back.
That probably also depends on when I can get my internet to work. Right now I'm stealing that from my neighbour who is stupid enough not to put a lock on his wireless
alrighty, have to work, then on Monday Late Of The Pier concert.Yes!
take care