Monday, 23 July 2007

Sorry guys

Sorry, that I haven't written anything, but since I can't access any internet except for one crappy internet cafe, my blog has been more than dead. I can't post any mp3s, because I can't use my notebook, so I'll just leave you with my hope that I'll soon find a hotspot and keep posting again.

Sorry everyone

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I think I got a question

Do you remember The Winter Sounds? You know, the Greek band, that I've been telling you about two months ago, whose album is due at the end of June. Actually, now that we are in July, this is a bit 'old', but nevermind. Their album Porcelain Empire was released two weeks ago and if there wouldn't be a lack of internet, I could have done you an right-on-time-post. So, here's the fact: The album is out now, the songs are still good and you should have at least one album of an Athen based melancholic indie pop band in your cupboard at hoem for your indie snob friends to show off. If these aren't enogh reasons for you to consider purchasing Porcelain Empire, then maybe this'll convince you:

MP3: The Winter Sounds - Windy City Nights
MP3: The Winter Sounds - You Can't Give Up

Get the album here.
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Next on my list are Canadian based They Shoot Horses Don't They? This is quite a difficult band for me to describe for you. Let me tell you about some obvious things: First: I think they got their name from some Jane Fonda movie, they are about six to eight musicians and their music is anything but dancy. The use of horns and trumpets creates a bit of a carneval ambiance and the singer's voice does sound a bit like Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson. The sound is worrying in a fancy kind of way, their beat is strange but fascinating and their lyrics are..well..weird. If you're into psych bands with freaky horns, funny clothing to look at and amazingly long, crazy names, that'll be just right for you. The band had their debut album Boo Hoo Hoo Boo about almost 2 years ago and now their sophomore record Pick Up Sticks was released a couple of weeks ago via U.S. indie label Kill Rock Stars. If that isn't cool enough, the band made it available for all the poor music lovers(like me) to download at least one track of their records, which was Emptyhead from their debut and A Place Called LA from Pick Up Sticks.
Have a listen with these three songs:

MP3: They Shoot Horses Don't They? - That's A Good Question

MP3: They Shoot Horses Don't They? - Speck Of Dust

MP3: They Shoot Horses Don't They? - A Place Called LA

Get the album here.
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Anyway, there's something, that I needed to say: What's all the fuzz about Mr. Oizo's Transsexual EP?? I've been listening to it for quite a few times now and I just can't figure out what's so special about it. There has been quite a hype about it and some blogs really glorified this EP, but I simply can't understand it. The EP's ok, Ovoma's alright but there are way better records out there than this one and which should be hyped. Just needed to straight this one.

Ok, I think, that's it for today.
Sending love from windy Swanage