Monday, 23 April 2007

aaahhrg, damnit

damnit razorlight
I'm pissed. I really am. Tomorrow the beautiful indie rock pop combo of Razorlight were supposed to play a gig in Germany's highest crime rate city, Frankfurt, which is pretty close to where I live(yeah, scary somehow), only a one hour drive. But, and this is really bitter, they delayed their whole tour on September! Which sucks. I was so looking forward to see them and then this. Besides, I am not quite sure what my future plans will come up with me in September,s o when the elaborate stylish dressed young folks of Razorlight decide to honour us with their presence, I might be.... somewhere else, but not in front row of a Razorlight concert. That's why I'm pissed. Pissed author means ridiculously long post with sensless long and elaborate phrases burying my depressed mood with new dancefloor tunes, but due to a lack of time, this phenomenon will be superceded by a short one, with nevertheless good music.
Let's start with The Winter Sounds, Athen's indie pop export. The group, based in the ultimate neighbourhood of Zeus and his multitude of sons and daughters, do have their own unique, almost poppy sound. Even though I'm pretty shoddy at band comparisons, I'll give it another try. From my point of view, if The Killers, Interpol and Editors had a threesome, this would be the product or well: the baby.
The album Porcelain Empire will be out on June, 26th this summer and so far I've listened to it, it sounds quite good. I'll tell you more of their forthcoming record in a month or so, when there'll be more information, besides check their myspace site for updates and more songs or their label Live Wire.

MP3: The Winter Sounds - You Can't Give Up

MP3: The Winter Sounds - The Great Forgotten

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Going on with another music indie rock band from Live Wire, Exit Clov. Their music is a bit more a mix of modern Blondie and a slice of Yeah Yeah XYeahs. Their album Respond Respond is out now and and can be purchased here.
So, finishing my shamefully short post with two songs from their record. Furthermore, go have a look at their myspace profile.

MP3: Exit Clov - MK Ultra

MP3: Exit Clov - DIY

That's a nice shirt. I wish I had the money to own it, but, unfortunately, I don't.

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