Monday, 30 April 2007

I feel guilty

for renewing my "new mmmusic" section and then just silently stealing away leaving you with the mere links to the band's websites and those to buy the records.
So I thought I could at least drop a few words to clarify WHY you should grap your money and get one of those cds.

Starting with Deerhunter, a psychedelic indie rock band from Atlanta. I daresay, that I smell a light Arcade Fire similarity. Just to leave that open. Anyhow, their sound is flourescent, soothing, electrifying with a pop electro touch. Well, I still go with that Arcade Fire connection. Sounds fine to me.

MP3: Deerhunter - Like New

MP3: Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey

Next on my list today are Badgerlore. The psychedelic folk experimental combo seems to select it's members by stealing the from other great bands, like Deerhoof, Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire,Yellow Swans and so on. Incredible that those musicians found a connection reagrding the fact that yeir origins lie in various music styles.
The album We are all hopeful farmers was released last Friday and have a look at my sidebar if interested in investing some money in an interesting band. Woah. here are some songs:

MP3: Badgerlore - Good Night, Sweet Rabbits

MP3: Badgerlore - Mountain Wine

Going on with electro indie pop The Bird and The Bee from LA. I like the vocalists voice, recently I've grown more into female singing, I guess. Nice, refreshing, smooth. Go, Buy.

MP3: The Bird and The Bee - Again and Again

aaand for the love of electro-rocking Peaches, here's a remix.

MP3: The Bird And The Bee - My F*cking Boyfriend (Peaches Remix)

Next, funky, bouncy indie rock group from England(where else?)The Bees. Second animal name, same insect. Weird, no. Just cool groovy music. Have a listen, decide yourself and search your nearest record shop for Octopus.

MP3: The Bees - Who cares what the question is ( I like the title)

MP3: The Bees - Hot One

Wow I'm tired.

Still: Honeycut. Their new album is called The Day I Turned into Glass and is sort of funk and electronic inspired. As having seen DJ Shadow on last year's Pantiero Festival in Cannes, this shows a lonley, strange line from him and Honeycut in my mind. I'm tired, I may be wrong.

Honeycut - Shadows

All female band Electrelane seem to have a good living in their synth pop shiny street. Their fourth studio album draws wider connections to Sonic Youth, which surprises me a bit. Not much. Check them out or go order a button. Or do both.

MP3: Electrelane - At Sea

MP3: Electrelane - In Berlin

So closing this post with a wish, that my friend uttered some hours ago, providing her with some song from Architecture in Helsinki.

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki - Wishbone

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (YACHT remix)

Saturday, 28 April 2007

elaborate laziness

interfuses my up all night aggrieved being.The seducing thought of just posting some mp3s and then disappearing is impressivly alluring. But I've spent the last couple of days listening myself to near death, so an extraordinarily post should be appropriate.
Teenage Bad Girl
Beginning with French electro band Teenage Bad Girl. I've come to conclusion that lately I'm a huge sucker for electro-based French, mostly female dominated groups.
I could start reasoning about that topic, but I won't, prolonging laziness. Nevertheless, their new album Cocotte is circling around the global music market for a month and sounds in my ears just fine. Nice electronic music for a bored afternoon spending in your room with nothing to do or cool tunes for an evening out dancing your ass off. I like it. For prelistening pleasures I'll recommend the rather popular Boys Noize remix(included on their EP Cocotte), aswell as TBG's Scissor Sisters remake, which can also be found on their myspace profile. All the songs, aswell as the album Cocotte can be purchased here and here.

MP3: Teenage Bad Girl - Hands of a stranger

MP3: Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte(Boize Noize Remix)

MP3: Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancin'(Teenage Bad Girl Remix)

Processing the electrowave in my post, North London based electronic combo Getrude's Storm have quite an interesting name, German twanging. Are they aware that getrude is no popular name here in the country of sauerkraut and sausages? I don't think so. Oh well, before drifting away from the topic(again) I'd lose some words to their music: Cool electro experimental fraky sound that has definitetly the groove. Nice.
Their 7'' drinking my brain? came out last November via ahem! records and the band is also featured on the label's everything you'd ever feared compilation. Go have a look at their myspace and also feel free to get some tracks at Corporation Records or at Indiestore, where you can download one song for free!

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Recycling Old Crap

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Jesus! Horses!

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Jesus! Horses! (night remix)

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Drinking my brain

Ok, coming back to indie music, Live Wire has another cool band to offer, called The Comfies. Oh, concerning their band name, be careful with image googleing if you're not on the look for cosily abdomen garment. Coming back to the band, I'd describe their style as melodic indie rock with beautiful pop harmonies. Their EP Close to me was released just recently and defintiely worth a close listen. or maybe two. See their myspace profile and get the tracks here and here.

MP3: The Comfies - Close To Me

MP3: The Comfies - Your Sunshine

So, I've reached the end of this post and to top this off, I'll have some other cool songs for you. First, QOTSA's Josh Homme has collaborated with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and the result can be found here.

MP3: Queens of the stoneage feat. Trent Reznor - You know what you did

Hot Chip's who I mentioned before, remixed Jamie Lidell's Multiply and have another new song on an E-card called my piano. I can only recommend to listen to it.

MP3: Jamie Lidell - Multiply(Hot Chips Mouth Remix)

Ecard: Hot Chip - DJ Kicks

aaaaaaaaand you can prelisten to Ben Frosts' new album Theory Of Machines.

Album Stream: Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines

This is it.
For today.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Let's be A-Listers

let's be a-listers
wouldn't that be excellent? Well, would depend on whose version of A-List this would be. The NME's one would make me seriously musing, aswell as those other high gloss british sellout music magazines. But I'm not going to discuss this topic today.
olympus pons
Back to the point: on my a-list Olympus Mons would have their deserved place. The unsigned, very neatly dressed indie rock trio from London, named after an extinct calera from Mars, does quite a good job. Their recently released EP Follow You Down features some excellent tracks whose musical origines seek the vicinity of another great British indie band Bloc Party. Olympus Mons have the same unique sound with the ambivalent impact on the listener, who floats between dancemood and just sitting, reverentially listening. The following songs are taken from their myspace profile aswell as from their website. If you like the songs, please go here and purchase their excellent EP Follow You Down.

MP3: Olympus Mons - Follow You Down

MP3: Olympus Mons - Late Again

MP3: Olympus Mons - Through The Ice And Snow

thee more shallows
Next, Thee More Shallows made my list today. The San Francisco based trio makes great alternative indie rock, knowing exactly how to play their instruments, for the impression, that a dozen-headed orchestra would come out of their stereos. The band has a new album coming up, besides their two former records called More Deep Cuts and the debut A History of Sport Fishing, Books Of Bad Breaks is again a critic's favourite. It will be out in the shops next May, the 18th. I can only recommend to listen to it, buy it and go to their concerts and buy at least a button. Check out the following sites to get more information about them: Myspace, Anticon records, Turn records, and Southern records.
Preorder their new record Books Of Bad Breaks via Amazon.

MP3: Thee More Shallows - Night At The Knight School
(from their upcoming 2007 album Books of bad breaks)

MP3: Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis (download)

MP3: Thee More Shallows - 2am

(from their 2005 album More Deep Cuts)

black wire
So, I recently decided to close almost every post with some mostly known bands or tracks of bands, that I've already mentioned before or that don't have any noteworthy releases at the moment. Today, UK-based trio (yes, this has been a trio band post) Black Wire should be mentioned, because lately I've come to like them. Besides, they're British and dress nicely, which is a more than just a bonus.I'd describe their music as electro rave-punk rooted with a light indierock touch, which is a rather popular music style these days. Their debut Black Wire was released via Roughtrade in 2005(yeah, I'm late again...), which can be purchased through Amazon or iTunes. Go have a look at their myspace profile for more listening pleasures.

MP3: Black Wire - Attack! Attack! Attack!

MP3: Black Wire - Brain Dead

So, that's it for today. I actually wanted to do a really long and detailed post, but sleep and other leisures came in my way. That's why the decision rose to my mind, that I'd better spend my precious time on finding great bands than abusing it for a variety of only mediocre bands. Sounds like an excellent excuse. Fine.

Monday, 23 April 2007

aaahhrg, damnit

damnit razorlight
I'm pissed. I really am. Tomorrow the beautiful indie rock pop combo of Razorlight were supposed to play a gig in Germany's highest crime rate city, Frankfurt, which is pretty close to where I live(yeah, scary somehow), only a one hour drive. But, and this is really bitter, they delayed their whole tour on September! Which sucks. I was so looking forward to see them and then this. Besides, I am not quite sure what my future plans will come up with me in September,s o when the elaborate stylish dressed young folks of Razorlight decide to honour us with their presence, I might be.... somewhere else, but not in front row of a Razorlight concert. That's why I'm pissed. Pissed author means ridiculously long post with sensless long and elaborate phrases burying my depressed mood with new dancefloor tunes, but due to a lack of time, this phenomenon will be superceded by a short one, with nevertheless good music.
Let's start with The Winter Sounds, Athen's indie pop export. The group, based in the ultimate neighbourhood of Zeus and his multitude of sons and daughters, do have their own unique, almost poppy sound. Even though I'm pretty shoddy at band comparisons, I'll give it another try. From my point of view, if The Killers, Interpol and Editors had a threesome, this would be the product or well: the baby.
The album Porcelain Empire will be out on June, 26th this summer and so far I've listened to it, it sounds quite good. I'll tell you more of their forthcoming record in a month or so, when there'll be more information, besides check their myspace site for updates and more songs or their label Live Wire.

MP3: The Winter Sounds - You Can't Give Up

MP3: The Winter Sounds - The Great Forgotten

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Going on with another music indie rock band from Live Wire, Exit Clov. Their music is a bit more a mix of modern Blondie and a slice of Yeah Yeah XYeahs. Their album Respond Respond is out now and and can be purchased here.
So, finishing my shamefully short post with two songs from their record. Furthermore, go have a look at their myspace profile.

MP3: Exit Clov - MK Ultra

MP3: Exit Clov - DIY

That's a nice shirt. I wish I had the money to own it, but, unfortunately, I don't.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

A Certain Tune

Arctic Monkeys
so, as I promised, I'll give a detailed review of the new Arctic Monkey's album Favourite Worst Nightmare. My first impressions: quite surprised, being seduced by their latest single Brianstorm, which hacked itself into my ear and won't let me rest until my iTunes played it at least five times in a row. Concerning their "new sound", I'd prefer to say, that on the album are more parallels to their first record, than I thought, being lured by Brianstorm into a more square-egden illusion of sound. Nevertheless it's a great album, multi-sided and amazing. I've been listening to it since yesterday, not being bored at all. Do me a Favour reminds me a bit of Riot Van, even though it is more melodic and on-going than it's precursor. Flourescent Adolescent has quite a groovy tune and Teddy Picker the typical hip hop sound concerning Alex Turner's voice. Even tiny, but beautiful ballads like 505 creeped into the worst nightmares of the monkeys, a premier calls this MTV.(I choose to differ, because I'd call Mardy Bum quite a ballad,, maybe not a stereotype one, but a ballad.) All in all it's a fantastic albums, may be not what everyone had expected after their famous debut, but I can truly recommend to buy it. I've thought of presenting here my favourite tunes here to give you a slight preview. For those who haven't been running to their nearest local record shop should be doing this instantly or following the lazy method and ordering it on Amazon or iTunes.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Flourescent Adlescent

OK, going on with King of Leon, who released their third album Because of the times this Friday here in Germany. After their second album Aha Shake Heartbreak and the debut Youth & Young Manhood this is definitely a good developpment. This record surely demands more attention than the first ones, even beginning with seven minutes opener Knocked Up to introduce the oblivious listener to their newest baby.Caleb's, the vocalist, voice sounds even more crumbly and fragile than on the debut, making it more tensed. Cool record. Go and buy it. Here and here.

MP3: Kings of Leon - McFearless

MP3: Kings of Leon - On Call

so, and last, but not least, Feist, one of my beloved female singers, has also released a new record called The Reminder, which is the second for her, following her debut album Let It Die from 2004. This is what I would call a piece of pure beauty Her amazing voice mixed with changing soft and faster tunes, all packed on one great album. I don't even have anymore words for it, than rund and buy it immediately. Or go to iTunes or Amazon.

MP3: Feist - My Moon, My Man

MP3: Feist - The Limit To Our Love

so, closing this post with another, very interesting song, that I found on this music blog. It's The Strokes' Take It Or Leave It covered by Arctic Monkeys! Wow, one favourite band of mine, covers a favourite tune of my ultimate favourite band.
I could say, that I couldn't be happier.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Take It Or Leave It (Strokes Cover)

Friday, 20 April 2007

A is for Arctic Monkeys

yes, finally, the long-awaited strictly secret-kept second album of Britain's The Big Thingy, Arctic Monkeys, most hyped band of 06 has finally been released. Today, Favourite Worst Nightmare was in my mail box and now it's on my playlist on repeat over and over again. Nice. I'm excited.
Still, there have been some other great releases today, including Kings of Leon, Coco Rosie and Feist, to name a few. Just look at my sidebar under new mmmusic. I'll do a detailed post about them tomorrow, because I'm in a hurry aaaaaaaand I have some other awesome stuff for you.
handsome furs
Beginning with Handsome Furs, experimental alternative indie pop rock duo from Canada. Yes, that were quite a lot of labels, but as you listen to their songs, you'll agree with me. The Montreal residing group formed in winter 05 and will release their debut album Plaque Park on May, 21th this summer. Their melodic songs just stuck in my ear, right from the beginning. Besides, Dan Boeckner is also part of popular indie rock group Wolf Parade. This connection can be heard in their fantastic songs, which makes them even more special. The following songs are from their upcoming album, which can be preordered through their label Subpop or through Amazon.

MP3: Handsome Furs - Handsome Furs Hate The City

MP3: Handsome Furs - Sing! Captain
note: mp3s are only availabe for a short period of time, so go ahead.


Going on with swedish indie pop Loney, Dear. The album Loney, Noir has been released today here in Germany via Mute/EMI and is absolutely worth listening it. The melodic, part-time mellow accoustic songs are accompanied by vocalist Emil Svanängen, who SubPop calls a "Multi-instrumentalist and home-recording phenom", which I can only submit. Especially the song I am John won't go out of my head, which is more than a good sign. I am seriously considering buying his album, but my problem is: no money, but maybe next month. I'll come back to it later.
The songs are from his new album, which can be purchased here, here and here.

MP3: Loney, Dear - I am John

Mp3: Loney, Dear - Carrying a stone

So, closing this post with Hot Chip's over and over, latest playlist favourite of mine.

MP3: Hot Chip - Over and over

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Should I be

happy about this?
I'm not quite sure. I adore Carl Barât, loved The Libertines, somehow like the Babyshambles, but the Pete thingy is just way too blurry for me. I dunno.

Well, there are more important and pleasant things o talk about, like a new Cribs song! Yes, it's called Men's Needs, it's so cool, aaaaaaaaaand you can listen to it here on my blog and preorder it here.
This is so cool, I'm so excited, stalking them on their website every couple days is obviously worth it!

MP3: The Cribs - Men's Needs

Going on with Dntel, who I recall to have mentioned only shortly once, but the new album Dumb Luck is due this Friday and according to this, you can prelisten to all the new songs on myspace, which I can only demand you to. Besides, if you haven't heard of Dntel before, Jimmy Tamborello(the man behind)is also part of electro group The Postal Service, as a little orientation help. I've decided, due to myspace's grace to put up all the songs, that I won't post any mp3s today, maybe the weekend, when I'll probably review the album.
You can preorder the album through the label Sup Pop, but aswell as Amazon or download it with iTunes.
---> go prelisten to Dumb Luck
That's it for today, I actually didn't want to post anything, but the amazingly new Cribs song had to be recorded on the indie dancefloor.This is it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I got it right!

yeah, at least one thing, not music related, but future-concerning. Well, that may be a little exaggerated, but my math teacher talked yesterday a bit of our A-Level tests and he didn't mention me as he announced that he was pretty disappointed when correcting. That's a good sign, he would say it to me, when I did really bad, because that would count to his personal pleaseries. I'm not kidding.
the tellers

Anyways, going on with indie pop duo The Tellers. Their cool, accustic guitar accompanied music echoed all over from Belgian Bousval right into my ear. I'd call their sound Kooks-accoustic-meets the Shins-meets soft psychedelic. Wow, I hope I got it right.However, they released an EP only a month ago here in Europe via V2 Records called The Tellers.
For previewing cause, I've listed some songs from their EP, but you should get the EP and support an upcoming Next Big Thing... Look for the music on their label 62TV records, as well as Amazon, iTunes or V2Records.


MP3: The Tellers - Jacknife

MP3: The Tellers - More

MP3:The Tellers - I acted like a fool

Finishing this with the magnificent quote from their myspace profile:

"The Tellers are the best thing to come out of Belgium since chocolate, and everyone loves chocolate!"
- Duckie Music

So, continuing with French artist Yelle. The female vocalist has her musical roots somewhere betweeen French Hip Hop and electro indie. Sounds interesting, I can tell you, and not regarding the fact, that French Hip Hop mostly sounds interesting. sofai as I could find out she released her single a little bit earlier this year via Source/EMI and it's called Je veux te voir. I can actually understand what she's saying, even though she's singing in French. Ha, I feel good. Here are some songs from her single:


MP3: Yelle - je veux te voir

MP3: Yelle -je veux te voir (Disco D remix)

MP3: Yelle- Ce jeu

MP3: Yelle - je veux te voir (Club club version)

I'd love to post more songs, but I don't think that I can do that without guilty consience(I already have one). If you like her songs, please buy her music here or visit on of her shows(if you're residing in France). Also check her website or her myspace profile.

blah blah blah

So finishing this post with something excellent(the two bands are more than excellent, note this), speaking of free downloads I found on V2 records.(yeah, maybe that's not very exclusive, but I'll just handly it as if I were the first and only person to know about this)

MP3: The Rakes - Leave This City and come home

MP3: Little Man Tate - Young Offenders

MP3: Tom Liwa - Die Stadt

I'm heading to my room, hoping to get some sleep.
Good night.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Yes, please

oh well
Today, I'm really uncreative concerning my post titles and picking images to support my posts. But that's exactly my mood today, uncreative, lazy and undecided. Right now, I'm looking on the internet for the cheapest copy of Arctic Monkey's new record Favourite Worst Nightmare, so that I'll hopefully can spend all my love on it on Friday, when it will be released.
As you can see, I've done some editing for my blog, concerning the header as well the sidebars. I also edit some of my older posts, due to missing mp3, false grammar or better ideas, so pay attention to them! I've launched a new sidebar called "new mmmmmmewzic" relating to weekly released CDs, that you should have an eye on. But, unfortunately, tomorrow school starts again for me, after two weeks of sweet idleness. This means, that I won't be having time to review new records every single week, so I decided to only comment on my two or three favourite albums and list the rest at the sidebar.

This week, sailing on the German wave, I want to recommend Monotekktoni's Love Your Neighbour? No, Thanks, which was released on Friday, the 13th via the label sinnbus records. I would call Monotekktoni's style seet electro and expreimental with a slight indie touch.
The German based singer also known as Tonia Reeh has quite a talent ot keep her songs alive and prevent them from early boredom with her one-woman show. Well, listen to it on your own, to make yourself an image. I adore the album's title, another great diction of words, as her second album was named How To Reduce Power Consumption To A Minimum, somehow supporting the idea of not loving your neighbours. Yes, you can absolutely hate your neighbour and still make a great record! Chemic Hardcore! no sense, still: nice.
- also, check her website for her tour, mainly interesting for those who are residing in Germany(like me) and also her myspace profile for more songs.
So, for your listening pleasures, I'll have some songs of her new record.

MP3: Monotekktoni - too many crazies
MP: Monotekktoni - Dynamite
and a remix(which can also be found on her website)

MP3: Monotekktoni - dynamite (Film2 remix)
- so please support this artist, buy her music on Amazon or iTunes, or visit her label.

Well, I guess, that's it for today, I'm gonna go and pretend, I did something to prepare for school tomorrow.
- so I did it. I just preordered my own copy of "Favourite Worst Nightmare" through Amazon. I mean, this is good, because I like the idea of supporting one of my favourite bands, but I actually don't have any money for it, besides I really want to got to Razorlight's show in two weeks, which will demand money, too. Oh dear. Still, I'm excited. niice.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

tastes like revival

yes, when it comes to post titels, I get very creative. But it has at least a little bit of truth in it. Revival means for me, rediscovering music, that I haven't heard for some years, it's geniality and then wondering, why I didn't clean up my room earlier, which led to several fantastic discoveries.
Recently, I managed three Radiohead albums(Kid A, OK Computer and Amnesiac) in only a short period of time, which is a record, for me. I've never listened that much to Radiohead, which is due to Thom Yorke's voice. Well, nothing's wrong with his voice, it's nice, though it's highly visible and hearable similairity to Muse's Matthew Bellamy did distract me whenever I put Radiohead on. Of course, the discussion should be clear, Matt's voice is a Thom Yorke sound alike, but, here in my little indiedancefloor-world, Muse(of which I'm a huge fan) came before Radiohead. Apparently, the resemblance of those two great musicians is only accusticly and not visual.
see: Thom-Matt:
Oh well, back to the topic: To make a long story short, this week has been full of musical revivals. From Radiohead to The Beatles and The Kinks, up to downtempo electro band Modeselektor, of whom should be the talk today.

I'm not quite sure, if this name is a known issue, so I'll just give a short description: Modeselektor, formed by two Germans(yes, German!)Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, creating their own nishe by remixing and being remixed by a variety of artists. My own connection to Modeselektor leads back to summer 06 in cannes, France, where my friend and I saw them on Pantiero Festival, opening up for Dizzee Rascal and TTC on the second festival day. We even met those really nice guys after their show(in which they claimed, with a very bad german accent, that they're from London) and had a nice chat unmasking their little lie. Anyway, supporting the remix/being remixed theory, I have some mp3s for you.
The first one includes former post inhabitant Ellen Allien's "Magma" remixed by Modeselektor.

MP3: Ellen Allien - Magma(Modeselektor Remix)

The next two are interesting, because it's the same song, but one remixed and the other one features French Hip Hop Combo TTC.

Modeselektor - Dancing Box (Sleeparchive Remix)
Modeselektor - Dancing Box feat, TTC

Modeselektor - Silikon (feat. Sasha)
- all the songs were released via bPitch and shall be pursued here or through Amazon or iTunes.
so, that's it for electro today.

photo photo
I've done some research also for indie rock group Hot Club de Paris. Their name was in my ear for quite some time and I couldn't get myself up to google them or else until this day. and now? Well, I must say, I'm not blown away, but the band from the Mersey-stricken Liverpool(see, the Beatles reference) has quite a nice groove. Their debut album Drop It 'Til It Pops, released via Roughtrade in January(yeah, so what if I'm late?), also features following two songs:

MP3: Hot Club de Paris - EveryEveryEverything
Hot Club de Paris - Shipwreck

You should definitely buy the album, check iTunes, Amazon or at leat their myspace site.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

The remix versus the german

currently on the phone
otherwise.. I have to admit, I was quite astonished to find that Apparat as also Ellen Allien, whose musical roots are situated somewhere between ambient, light techno and electronica, do not only reside in the land of beer and sausages, but are also of german origin. I think, that some posts ago, concerning The Dead Bohemes, my strict belief, that the German music landscape was somehow ignored, when god distributed the musical talent, was mainly distressed. So I'm delighted to present those two musicians here on my tiny indie dancefloor. Furthermore, Apparat(real name:Sascha Ring) is quite an interesting artist, as he runs besides his several music projects also his own label Shitkatapult with electro-based T.Raumschmiere. Besides, Apparat has a new album coming up, called Walls,which will be out via his own label(as mentioned above)in May, which he will also present on an upcoming tour. Check out his homepage for further information and whilst that, buy the album!
As mp3s, I have two remixes, and if you sometimes can't stand the annyoing arrogance of songlyrics accomponied by some bothering voice, the second brings a full lack of lyrics. The first mp3 is a rather popular remix by Telefon Tel Aviv.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
MP3: Apparat - Komponent(remix by Telefon Tel Aviv)
Apparat - Wooden (Anders Ilar Boss remix)
Komponent is featured on the EP Silizium, which can be pursued here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Going on with also German Ellen Allien's collobaration with Apparat, whose musical experiments can be found Orchestra of Bubbles.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ellen Allien & Apparat - Way Out
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet(Paul Kalkbrenner remix)
so, you should also buy Ellen Alliens records, which one get here or visit her own label bPitch.

sunday crowd
so, because this post has been electro-dominated, I'll just shortly bring back the indie reference, concerning young Swedish indierock band Sunday Crowd. Their EP "Sunday Crowd At The Pier" features next to "Now You Want It" other refreshing rock songs, that can be downloaded on their myspace site.
MP3:♥ Sunday Crowd - Now You Want It

so, that's it for today. Vacation's almost over and I've done absolutely nothing that would belong to the categories school or future planning.
I'm still waiting for the guilty conscience.

Monday, 9 April 2007

female sophistication

so,I decided to dedicate this post to our female or female leaded bands, that definitely deserve honoration. My friend made me think of this idea this morning., but I'm not speaking of Katie Melua or Norah Jones. There are absolutely more worthy vocalists out here, than those two.
So, let's start with Feist, a canadian singer-songwriter, who floats between indie and pop. Besides, she's also a member of popular alternative band Broken Social Scene, who I recall to have mentioned some posts before. Furthermore, Feist is currently listed under my "current mmmusic".
For better impressions, here some prelistening songs, but I can only recommend to buy her CD.
MP3: Feist - Mushaboom
MP3: Feist - Intuition
see also her myspace site.

Furthermore, Feist new album "The Reminder" is due on Apr, 20th and here is a glimpse of her new single "my moon my man".
MP3: Feist - My Moon My Man

the Like

Let's go on with californian The Like, who might stick out a bit in this post. From my point of view, they're more to the rock side, but still stereotype female touched. I like them, even saw them on last year's Rock am Ring festival.

MP3: The Like - June Gloom

Au Revoir Simone
Now, we have Au Revoir Simone, who call themselves on their myspace site "triple keyboard action", redefining their synthpop electronic music.
MP3: Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow

and, of course, Joanna Newsom, one of my newly favourites, even though I have sometimes difficulties to listen to her songs. call her style "Appalachian-meets- take on music". I simply call her music beautiful. I even posted something about her newly released EP the entry before.
mp3: Joanna Newsom - Cosmia

So, here we are. and no, I didn't forgot Regina Spektor, Peaches or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but they should be in everyone's mind up to now.

---> short notice, yes I know, the new Arctic Monkeys album(which is due here on Apr, 20th) has leaked for quite some time, but I'll just support the band and won't post any songs here, even though I'm dying not to.