Thursday, 12 April 2007

The remix versus the german

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otherwise.. I have to admit, I was quite astonished to find that Apparat as also Ellen Allien, whose musical roots are situated somewhere between ambient, light techno and electronica, do not only reside in the land of beer and sausages, but are also of german origin. I think, that some posts ago, concerning The Dead Bohemes, my strict belief, that the German music landscape was somehow ignored, when god distributed the musical talent, was mainly distressed. So I'm delighted to present those two musicians here on my tiny indie dancefloor. Furthermore, Apparat(real name:Sascha Ring) is quite an interesting artist, as he runs besides his several music projects also his own label Shitkatapult with electro-based T.Raumschmiere. Besides, Apparat has a new album coming up, called Walls,which will be out via his own label(as mentioned above)in May, which he will also present on an upcoming tour. Check out his homepage for further information and whilst that, buy the album!
As mp3s, I have two remixes, and if you sometimes can't stand the annyoing arrogance of songlyrics accomponied by some bothering voice, the second brings a full lack of lyrics. The first mp3 is a rather popular remix by Telefon Tel Aviv.
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MP3: Apparat - Komponent(remix by Telefon Tel Aviv)
Apparat - Wooden (Anders Ilar Boss remix)
Komponent is featured on the EP Silizium, which can be pursued here.

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Going on with also German Ellen Allien's collobaration with Apparat, whose musical experiments can be found Orchestra of Bubbles.
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Ellen Allien & Apparat - Way Out
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet(Paul Kalkbrenner remix)
so, you should also buy Ellen Alliens records, which one get here or visit her own label bPitch.

sunday crowd
so, because this post has been electro-dominated, I'll just shortly bring back the indie reference, concerning young Swedish indierock band Sunday Crowd. Their EP "Sunday Crowd At The Pier" features next to "Now You Want It" other refreshing rock songs, that can be downloaded on their myspace site.
MP3:♥ Sunday Crowd - Now You Want It

so, that's it for today. Vacation's almost over and I've done absolutely nothing that would belong to the categories school or future planning.
I'm still waiting for the guilty conscience.

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