Monday, 9 April 2007

female sophistication

so,I decided to dedicate this post to our female or female leaded bands, that definitely deserve honoration. My friend made me think of this idea this morning., but I'm not speaking of Katie Melua or Norah Jones. There are absolutely more worthy vocalists out here, than those two.
So, let's start with Feist, a canadian singer-songwriter, who floats between indie and pop. Besides, she's also a member of popular alternative band Broken Social Scene, who I recall to have mentioned some posts before. Furthermore, Feist is currently listed under my "current mmmusic".
For better impressions, here some prelistening songs, but I can only recommend to buy her CD.
MP3: Feist - Mushaboom
MP3: Feist - Intuition
see also her myspace site.

Furthermore, Feist new album "The Reminder" is due on Apr, 20th and here is a glimpse of her new single "my moon my man".
MP3: Feist - My Moon My Man

the Like

Let's go on with californian The Like, who might stick out a bit in this post. From my point of view, they're more to the rock side, but still stereotype female touched. I like them, even saw them on last year's Rock am Ring festival.

MP3: The Like - June Gloom

Au Revoir Simone
Now, we have Au Revoir Simone, who call themselves on their myspace site "triple keyboard action", redefining their synthpop electronic music.
MP3: Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow

and, of course, Joanna Newsom, one of my newly favourites, even though I have sometimes difficulties to listen to her songs. call her style "Appalachian-meets- take on music". I simply call her music beautiful. I even posted something about her newly released EP the entry before.
mp3: Joanna Newsom - Cosmia

So, here we are. and no, I didn't forgot Regina Spektor, Peaches or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but they should be in everyone's mind up to now.

---> short notice, yes I know, the new Arctic Monkeys album(which is due here on Apr, 20th) has leaked for quite some time, but I'll just support the band and won't post any songs here, even though I'm dying not to.

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