Wednesday, 25 June 2008

you won't be fooled by this

Alright, the date when Albert's sophomore LP Como Te Llama will be released is creeping nearer and nearer and my opinion about it has not changed. I don't want him him to release that record for exactly the reasons I gave here. But, he's a Stroke, so I give in - can't do anything about it anyway. Como Te Llama is nevertheless different to Yours To Keep. It's not as mellow and pop-ish as his debut, it's got rougher parts and doesn't sound as fluently. It does remind me a bit of Is This It, Albert's nasal voice equals Julian's on The Strokes' first work. Of course, it doesn't have that genuine brilliance that floats around Is This It and the I-don't-care attitude. Albert did put a lot of effort in Como Te Llama, that can be heard quite openly. But something is missing, maybe the red thread throughout the record, that sews the songs together rather than letting each song stand for itself. I'd say, it's alright, I like it because it's Albert's record and I'll buy it for the same reason, but it will never live up to a real Strokes record.
To show you the differences and similarities that I've spoken of, I've uploaded two songs of Como Te Llama, one from Is This It and one from Yours To Keep.
dig them:
MP3: Albert Hammond Jr. - You Won't Be Fooled By This
MP3: Albert Hammond Jr. - Victory At Monterey
than this:
MP3: The Strokes - Barely Legal
and lastly:
MP3: Albert Hammond, Jr - Back To The 101

get CTL here, Is This It here and Yours To Keep here.

So, after two glorious singles, one EP and one collaboration with the Arctic's singer Alex Turner, the long-awaited Rascals' debut Rascalize is finally out this week. I have to admit, I was curious. After The Age Of Understatement, the similarities between the voices of both singer were quite obvious, but somehow people were expecting a second Whatever People say... . First of all, the likeness of both Kane's and Turner's voices is indeed astonishing, aswell as their music style. The Rascals also orient themselves at rough 60's indie rock rather than 2006's new rave/wave whatever. The outcome is decent, though not comparable to Whatever People say... Still, songs like Bond Girl, Freakbeat Phantom or Out Of Dreams resemble Still Take You Home or From Ritz To The Rubble (well, kind of), but Rascalize is not as harmonious or melodious as the Arctic's debut, nor has it that personal note, that Turner gives his songs. There aren't any Mardy Bum's or When The Sun Goes Down's, but maybe that's what makes it so good and so different, it's that rough, Liverpool indie rock sound. 
Get your own opinion and then get Rascalize here.
MP3: The Rascals - Fear Invicted Into The Perfect Stranger
MP3: The Rascals - Does Your Husband Know That You're On The Run?

and the last one for today, Infadels' Universe In Reverse. Since I last talked about their single Free Things For Poor People last month, I did listen quite frequently to them. Hadn't done so for a long time and I must say, I do like them again. After We Are Not the Infadels I had to make a pause, because you can quite easily overdose on their sunny, power pop music. Nevertheless, they're back with a lot of new, sunny, power indie pop songs and I think I've fallen for them again. Especially Free Things For Poor People is awesome, the song title is anyway. I don't know what else to say, so get it @ amazon.
MP3: Infadels - A Million Pieces
MP3: Infadels - Chemical Girlfriend

I wanted to talk about my weekend @ the Southside festival, but I'm running out of time and I want to post some pictures, but seeing as my abilities as a photographer are irreducible, I have to wait for some of my friends' photos to post.
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Monday, 23 June 2008

g up

I know, I know, I haven't been posting lately, but I've been stressed with university and that won't change much in the next 3 or 4 weeks. So, be patient, I'll try and find some time, seeing as more and more great albums are being released and it's itching me to review them. Patience, we'll get to that, maybe even later this week. Maybe.
Anyway, I've been learning a lot, because the finals are ahead and due to my laziness for about 3/4 of the semester, I have to do everything now. Nevermind that, I've been to the Southside festival this weekend and it was absolutely awesome, one great band(Digitalism, Foals, Chemical Brothers, T(I)NC), Cribs, etc etc) after another. I'll also talk about the weekend, maybe tomorrow, but we've come home this morning, driving all of the night, there is just not enough strength in my now. So I've uploaded a few songs that made the drive back from the festival less depressing. The links to most of the bands I can provide are on the sidebar, please go check them out and buy a song or two, if you like it.
Oh, you wonder, how the Cohen song got there? Basically, I don't even know, it's simply great.

Monday, 9 June 2008


I feel a bit bad about not writing for two whole weeks, but I've been working a lot and studying a bit and between those two things, there just wasn't anything fancy or cool to write about. Guess I've also been too lazy to look for something fancy or cool. I don't have much time, because an exam is ahead of me this week and I haven't begun learning, which I should start... immediately. So forgive me, if my descriptions remain short.
So Chaingang are from Sydney and apparently named after a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Despite this irritating statement, they do make really cool power pop/power punk music. Especially Get Off My Stage is very straightforward and fast, a fine dance song. Please visit their myspace for further information.

Next is a really fancy electro/house track called Touch from Valerna, whom I told you already about in this post. Dig it:

So, New York-based Ionia make fine alternative rock, something that I usually don't post, but since it's all about variety and I really like their songs, why not post them? They just had their first 5-song EP out, which you can get @iTunes. If you want more information on the band, go check on their myspace.

It's always great, when new bands give songs away for free, probably to make it easier for people to get into their music, so it's even greater that Stars And Sons are giving their whole EP away for free. But if you like the fantastic, melodic indie pop, you may aswell donate some money to the band, won't hurt you anyway. I'd say they're a bit like Cajun Dance Party, only without the strong accent, more rock and a bit less harmonic, but that may only be my impression because I worship the Cajuns. I'm just gonna deny myself the comment on their weird mask thingy. Irritated? Interested? Go look them up on their myspace!

Next are a few excellent remixes I want to draw your attention to: Belgian producing duo Aerotronic did well on the Boys Noize, Dada Life and Daft Punk tracks. I never thought I'd put up a P. Diddy track, but La Mode's awesome remix made that one possible. The remixes we get to hear from Mmmathias (Santogold, Mgmt) have been ace so far, so why should this one differ? Xtopher Fiction already sent me one cool remix of a Cazals track last year and here's another cool one, this time Somebody Somewhere. Be sure to visit the listed websites and check out their own stuff aswell!

Could have talked about The Music's new record, but not quite sure if I like it - yet. We'll see.
take care