Monday, 9 June 2008


I feel a bit bad about not writing for two whole weeks, but I've been working a lot and studying a bit and between those two things, there just wasn't anything fancy or cool to write about. Guess I've also been too lazy to look for something fancy or cool. I don't have much time, because an exam is ahead of me this week and I haven't begun learning, which I should start... immediately. So forgive me, if my descriptions remain short.
So Chaingang are from Sydney and apparently named after a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Despite this irritating statement, they do make really cool power pop/power punk music. Especially Get Off My Stage is very straightforward and fast, a fine dance song. Please visit their myspace for further information.

Next is a really fancy electro/house track called Touch from Valerna, whom I told you already about in this post. Dig it:

So, New York-based Ionia make fine alternative rock, something that I usually don't post, but since it's all about variety and I really like their songs, why not post them? They just had their first 5-song EP out, which you can get @iTunes. If you want more information on the band, go check on their myspace.

It's always great, when new bands give songs away for free, probably to make it easier for people to get into their music, so it's even greater that Stars And Sons are giving their whole EP away for free. But if you like the fantastic, melodic indie pop, you may aswell donate some money to the band, won't hurt you anyway. I'd say they're a bit like Cajun Dance Party, only without the strong accent, more rock and a bit less harmonic, but that may only be my impression because I worship the Cajuns. I'm just gonna deny myself the comment on their weird mask thingy. Irritated? Interested? Go look them up on their myspace!

Next are a few excellent remixes I want to draw your attention to: Belgian producing duo Aerotronic did well on the Boys Noize, Dada Life and Daft Punk tracks. I never thought I'd put up a P. Diddy track, but La Mode's awesome remix made that one possible. The remixes we get to hear from Mmmathias (Santogold, Mgmt) have been ace so far, so why should this one differ? Xtopher Fiction already sent me one cool remix of a Cazals track last year and here's another cool one, this time Somebody Somewhere. Be sure to visit the listed websites and check out their own stuff aswell!

Could have talked about The Music's new record, but not quite sure if I like it - yet. We'll see.
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Paige said...

Ionia has a really different sound but their pretty good. I actually just heard about Chaingang from my freinds currently living in Australia and they said their great on stage.