Monday, 26 May 2008

baby, I'm a killer for you

It's all about variety, right? Despite the name I chose for my blog, I do want to post more than just indie - or electro. How about something a bit different for today?

As I've said during my last post, I'll get back to some of the music I've posted there: if my calculation is right, Asian Dub Foundation released their 6th studio record Punkara last month, but unfortunately only in Japan so far. But(!) according to their myspace, Punkara will be available for the rest of the world in September. So, for those who may not have heard of ADF or just knew the name and/or roughly two songs (like me), I'm gonna go ahead and describe the album a bit: Additionally to the reggae beats, punk, drum'n'bass, dub and jungle rhythms, we also got eastern influence, the most distinct presence can be found in No Fun. If there is somebody, who's doing sublime at mixing reggae with other genre and I still feel like listening to it, than it'd be ADF. Usually I don't listen to reggae very much, but since ADF cannot be defined as reggae, as well as any other genre, I could listen to it all day. In addition to that it's a good alternative to indie and electro, if you grow tired from time to time. I can't compare the album to it's predecessors, because I don't own them, but without any further knowledge, I can assure you this record's awesome!
Ok, now I'd usually tell you to buy the record, but that's when it gets a bit difficult. Seeing as the record isn't available outside Japan until September, you can either wait patiently, hope that amazon will have Punkara in stock soon, pay 60$ @cduniverse or 23$ probably plus mailing expenses @cdjapan. Your choice.
MP3: Asian Dub Foundation - Ease Up Caesar
MP3: Asian Dub Foundation - S.O.C.A.

You may have already heard of London's Cazals, as they were lucky enough to be featured witha remix of their track To Cut A Long Story Short on Kitsuné's latest Kitsuné Maison Compilation 5. I think I've already posted Poor Innocent Boys sometime last autumn. So, their debut What Of Our Future is out today in the UK and tomorrow the US. What Of Our Future is a decent indie rock album, it features some very nice tracks like Somebody Somewhere or Control OSS-117. I wouldn't call it exceptional, because it's a bit to monotonous for my taste and I miss the 'spark'. So, if you like The Paddingtons or The Holloways, you're right with Cazals. Get What Of Our Future via amazon.
MP3: Cazals - A Big Mistake
MP3: Cazals - We're Just The Same

Now something truly amazing: the new Pop Levi record Never Never Love. The sophomore album after The Return To Form Black Magick Party by the weird London artist, former member of Super Numeri and Ladytron. It's scheduled for July, 14th, but I just couldn't wait any longer. If there is one sure thing to say about Pop Levi, that that is no possible way of describing his music. I could try and say, that he's combining various decades of pop music history to something queer, soothing, odd, funky by adding other genres. That joined by his high, quirky voice makes something even more queer, soothing, odd, funky. I've only gotten into his first work this year, which means that The Return To Form Black Magick Party couldn't have it's deserved place on my Top Albums of 07.
I won't even try to describe Never Never Love, because whatever I said, it wouldn't be right anyway. But I can definitely assure, that it's better than TRTFBMP. It somehow contains more pop, more oddness and more life. If you don't know what I mean, never fear. Just listen to these two songs, that I've picked, which you can believe me, was very difficult. I usually don't have any problems with picking the songs, because mostly there are two or three songs, that stick out to me immediately. On Never Never Love then again are so many amazing tracks like Wannamama, Mai's Space, Oh God, Semi Baby, etc etc, that I've almost decided to draw by lot. Just kiddin', chose the ones I liked the most. You can already preorder it via amazon.
MP3: Pop Levi - Wannamama
MP3: Pop Levi - Oh God (What Can I Do?

What's next? She Wants Revenge have another EP out called Save Your Soul and I thought I'd let you know and while doing that, give you the cool b-side A Hundred Kisses. The EP is as dark as their previous releases, Joy Division-esque. Alright, tho'. You can purchase it
MP3: She Wants Revenge - A Hundred Kisses)

For the end of my post, I thought we could do with some decent electro/hip hop in the name of Wax Tailor and their 2005 release Tales of the Forgotten Melodies. I'd like to think of myself as an open-minded, varied music listener with a strong affinity to indie and electro. I just don't listen to certain genres like hip hop or reggae very much, mainly because most of it isn't that good and I'm too lazy to look for really amazing hip hop or reggae or whatever stuff. Anyway, I do like Wax Tailor's Tales of the Forgotten Melodies very much, which is why I mentioned it today, because 'it's all about variety' in this post. Apart from the misc guest appearances, I especially love the rework of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse's Feeling Good. Not as good as the Muse cover, but still awesome. Listening to Tales of the Forgotten Melodies is like listening to an audiobook, with all the different stories on it. Definitely one of my favourite non-indie, non-electro records.
MP3: Wax Tailor - How I Feel<
MP3: Wax Tailor - Ungodly Fruit

did I say it was the end of the post? Well, almost:

First we got a track from Nick & his Seeds latest release More News From Nowhere. I know, I know, it's been out since March, but I didn't know that, so maybe some of you didn't either. Besides, I could always do with a fine Nick Cave b-side.
MP3: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Fleeting Love

I'm not writing as much about Swedish Caesar's Strawberry Weed as originally intended. After at least a dozen listens to Strawberry Weed, I remain unimpressed and a little disappointed. I don't exactly know, what I expected, nothing extraordinary, but surely a more than they're offering on Strawberry Weed. The album's not terrible, it's solid indie pop, just not that good as you've expected from the geniuses that wrote Jerk It Out. But (!) I could be mistaken;if you're a Caesars fan, like Swedish indie pop or just want to prove me wrong,  go over to 7digital to buy the 2-CD record.
MP3: Caesars - She's Getting High

Well, wasn't all indie today. Maybe I should look for more decent hip hop.
or maybe I'm just gonna get something to eat.
have a nice week!



thanks so much for Wax Taylor - I've been trying to find his stuff for ages.

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