Sunday, 25 May 2008

boo boo goo goo

I've denied it , but now it's official: Albert Hammond Jr's sophomore LP Como Te Llama will be released in the mid of June. Alright, that is basically nothing to be sad about, still I don't approve of him doing that record. Why? It means, that Albert probably'll have a tour, TV appearances and all that stuff and the next Strokes record is even farther away. Still, he's a Stroke, so go buy the new single GfC via amazon
Coming to the point of my post: a mix! As usual: Somethin' old, somethin' new, some indie, some electro and something different. I've just come from work and I'm pretty exhausted, so no detailed explanation. I'll probably come back to some of the artist for detailed album review in the next days. Maybe. You know the game: Listen to the songs and if you like 'em, click on the links on the sidebar.

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