Monday, 26 May 2008

baby, I'm a killer for you

It's all about variety, right? Despite the name I chose for my blog, I do want to post more than just indie - or electro. How about something a bit different for today?

As I've said during my last post, I'll get back to some of the music I've posted there: if my calculation is right, Asian Dub Foundation released their 6th studio record Punkara last month, but unfortunately only in Japan so far. But(!) according to their myspace, Punkara will be available for the rest of the world in September. So, for those who may not have heard of ADF or just knew the name and/or roughly two songs (like me), I'm gonna go ahead and describe the album a bit: Additionally to the reggae beats, punk, drum'n'bass, dub and jungle rhythms, we also got eastern influence, the most distinct presence can be found in No Fun. If there is somebody, who's doing sublime at mixing reggae with other genre and I still feel like listening to it, than it'd be ADF. Usually I don't listen to reggae very much, but since ADF cannot be defined as reggae, as well as any other genre, I could listen to it all day. In addition to that it's a good alternative to indie and electro, if you grow tired from time to time. I can't compare the album to it's predecessors, because I don't own them, but without any further knowledge, I can assure you this record's awesome!
Ok, now I'd usually tell you to buy the record, but that's when it gets a bit difficult. Seeing as the record isn't available outside Japan until September, you can either wait patiently, hope that amazon will have Punkara in stock soon, pay 60$ @cduniverse or 23$ probably plus mailing expenses @cdjapan. Your choice.
MP3: Asian Dub Foundation - Ease Up Caesar
MP3: Asian Dub Foundation - S.O.C.A.

You may have already heard of London's Cazals, as they were lucky enough to be featured witha remix of their track To Cut A Long Story Short on Kitsuné's latest Kitsuné Maison Compilation 5. I think I've already posted Poor Innocent Boys sometime last autumn. So, their debut What Of Our Future is out today in the UK and tomorrow the US. What Of Our Future is a decent indie rock album, it features some very nice tracks like Somebody Somewhere or Control OSS-117. I wouldn't call it exceptional, because it's a bit to monotonous for my taste and I miss the 'spark'. So, if you like The Paddingtons or The Holloways, you're right with Cazals. Get What Of Our Future via amazon.
MP3: Cazals - A Big Mistake
MP3: Cazals - We're Just The Same

Now something truly amazing: the new Pop Levi record Never Never Love. The sophomore album after The Return To Form Black Magick Party by the weird London artist, former member of Super Numeri and Ladytron. It's scheduled for July, 14th, but I just couldn't wait any longer. If there is one sure thing to say about Pop Levi, that that is no possible way of describing his music. I could try and say, that he's combining various decades of pop music history to something queer, soothing, odd, funky by adding other genres. That joined by his high, quirky voice makes something even more queer, soothing, odd, funky. I've only gotten into his first work this year, which means that The Return To Form Black Magick Party couldn't have it's deserved place on my Top Albums of 07.
I won't even try to describe Never Never Love, because whatever I said, it wouldn't be right anyway. But I can definitely assure, that it's better than TRTFBMP. It somehow contains more pop, more oddness and more life. If you don't know what I mean, never fear. Just listen to these two songs, that I've picked, which you can believe me, was very difficult. I usually don't have any problems with picking the songs, because mostly there are two or three songs, that stick out to me immediately. On Never Never Love then again are so many amazing tracks like Wannamama, Mai's Space, Oh God, Semi Baby, etc etc, that I've almost decided to draw by lot. Just kiddin', chose the ones I liked the most. You can already preorder it via amazon.
MP3: Pop Levi - Wannamama
MP3: Pop Levi - Oh God (What Can I Do?

What's next? She Wants Revenge have another EP out called Save Your Soul and I thought I'd let you know and while doing that, give you the cool b-side A Hundred Kisses. The EP is as dark as their previous releases, Joy Division-esque. Alright, tho'. You can purchase it
MP3: She Wants Revenge - A Hundred Kisses)

For the end of my post, I thought we could do with some decent electro/hip hop in the name of Wax Tailor and their 2005 release Tales of the Forgotten Melodies. I'd like to think of myself as an open-minded, varied music listener with a strong affinity to indie and electro. I just don't listen to certain genres like hip hop or reggae very much, mainly because most of it isn't that good and I'm too lazy to look for really amazing hip hop or reggae or whatever stuff. Anyway, I do like Wax Tailor's Tales of the Forgotten Melodies very much, which is why I mentioned it today, because 'it's all about variety' in this post. Apart from the misc guest appearances, I especially love the rework of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse's Feeling Good. Not as good as the Muse cover, but still awesome. Listening to Tales of the Forgotten Melodies is like listening to an audiobook, with all the different stories on it. Definitely one of my favourite non-indie, non-electro records.
MP3: Wax Tailor - How I Feel<
MP3: Wax Tailor - Ungodly Fruit

did I say it was the end of the post? Well, almost:

First we got a track from Nick & his Seeds latest release More News From Nowhere. I know, I know, it's been out since March, but I didn't know that, so maybe some of you didn't either. Besides, I could always do with a fine Nick Cave b-side.
MP3: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Fleeting Love

I'm not writing as much about Swedish Caesar's Strawberry Weed as originally intended. After at least a dozen listens to Strawberry Weed, I remain unimpressed and a little disappointed. I don't exactly know, what I expected, nothing extraordinary, but surely a more than they're offering on Strawberry Weed. The album's not terrible, it's solid indie pop, just not that good as you've expected from the geniuses that wrote Jerk It Out. But (!) I could be mistaken;if you're a Caesars fan, like Swedish indie pop or just want to prove me wrong,  go over to 7digital to buy the 2-CD record.
MP3: Caesars - She's Getting High

Well, wasn't all indie today. Maybe I should look for more decent hip hop.
or maybe I'm just gonna get something to eat.
have a nice week!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

boo boo goo goo

I've denied it , but now it's official: Albert Hammond Jr's sophomore LP Como Te Llama will be released in the mid of June. Alright, that is basically nothing to be sad about, still I don't approve of him doing that record. Why? It means, that Albert probably'll have a tour, TV appearances and all that stuff and the next Strokes record is even farther away. Still, he's a Stroke, so go buy the new single GfC via amazon
Coming to the point of my post: a mix! As usual: Somethin' old, somethin' new, some indie, some electro and something different. I've just come from work and I'm pretty exhausted, so no detailed explanation. I'll probably come back to some of the artist for detailed album review in the next days. Maybe. You know the game: Listen to the songs and if you like 'em, click on the links on the sidebar.

Monday, 19 May 2008

I have godzilla 'round my house drinking tea

So, the third album Synthetique of French electro trio Prototypes is out today in France. So how is Synthetique? I have to admit, even though it's Prototypes third album, I haven't listened to Mutants Mediatiques or Tout Le Monde Cherche Quelque Chose A Faire, so I've treated it like a debut. I've already posted an awesome remix of Danse Sur La Merde by Dopewerewolf, which you can still find here. My point is, due to the remix, I've had somewhat high expectations of Synthetique, that haven't really been fulfilled. I thought the record was going to sound like Yelle on drugs. Fact is, it doesn't, but seeing as I'm not one of these hobby music critics, who find their satisfaction by slagging off albums, I did find some reason why you still should go buy it: Prototypes did a nice job mixing electro, rock , 60's rythm and indie. It's danceable and especially the english vocals are amusing to listen to and Un Coup De Langue is actually really catchy. It's not Yelle on drugs, but it's a nice multifaceted record and you can order your copy here.
MP3: Prototypes - Un Coup De Langue
MP3: Prototypes - Go To Hell Mademoiselle

Yes, I've also boarded the hype train on The Ting Tings, that is currently coursing through a lot of blogs and it's damn right this way. After two successfully release singles, the debut We Started Nothing finally dropped today in the UK, tomorrow in the US and in May 30th in Germany. The album is full of surprises and genres(synth, power pop, electroclash, indie, etc etc), the kind of record, that really won't get boring that easy. As already Blood Red Shoes've shown us, one only needs two to create amazing debuts or simply play ass kicking shows. It's refreshing to know, that there are still good bands out, whose hype from the NME hasn't destroyed their reputation or our views on them and their reputation.. you know what I mean.
That's Not My Name, Fruit Machine and Shut Up and Let Me Go are obviously the highlights of the album, but even softer songs like Traffic Light are wonderful to listen to.
Right, you should click this to order We Started Nothing.
MP3: The Ting Tings - Keep Your Head
MP3: The Ting Tings - Impacilla Carpisung

I seem to be missing lots of stuff recently, right? And I don't mean the albums that I'm ignoring on purpose(Third, Accelerate, Last Night, St. Jude, The Odd Couple etc), but records I do want to review on, but somehow seem to be a month late. Better late than never. Anyway, Temposhark's The Invisible Line was released on March, 31st and I've only listened to it just recently. I've gotten into them about two years ago, when I found Joy on their myspace. For those, who don't know Temposhark yet: They're a four piece British band doing mostly electro clash. Kinda like The Whip. I think, of all the bands I've compared to The Whip so far, Temposhark have the most similarities with them, only they're more rock, bit both embody the synthesis of rock and electro synth without missing to sound cheesy from time to time. Even though Temposhark hail from London, they sound strangely American.. dunno if I should approve of that. Anyway, on The Invisible Line, they have some guest appearance, for example on Not That Big with Imogen Heap and on Battleships with Sophie Solomon. Cool, eh?
Gp get the album right here.
MP3: Temposhark - It's Better To Have Loved
MP3: Temposhark - Knock Me Out

We do have some fine debuts today: Danish Alphabeat's This Is Alphabeat is going to replace The Kooks' Konk as best summer record 2008. A summer record in my opinion is an album you can put on while perhaps lying on the grass in the sun and the music simply enhances your good mood or even gives you the good mood. Alphabeat truly convey this sentiment, because their debut is full of funny, catchy indie pop songs. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just imagine The Zutons, only more indie pop. Speaking of NME, it's truly anticipated writers described them as "The best Scandinavian band since ABBA… ". Wouldn't quite agree to that, but it seems the NME got one thing right: that this one hot indie band, you really shouldn't miss. And if you still don't get it( can happen sometimes, because I express myself rather cumbersomely), simply listen to the two songs below and then go here for purchasing This Is Alphabeat.
MP3: Alphabeat - Boyfriend
MP3: Alphabeat - Fantastic 6

Now we got a real genre juggling album: Alan Wilkis' Babies Dream Big. I can't even name most of the influences this record is dealing with: 70's/89's funk, rock, indie, soul, r'n'b and so on. I think if I keep trying to catch it with words, maybe I'll ruin it. Go have a listen yourself and then get it @ cdbaby

Now something really, really amazing: Wolf Parade's new record At Mount Zoomer. After they're breathtaking debut Apologies To The Queen Mary in 2005, we finally have a successor after three long years. The sophomore record by the Canadian indie rock band will be released in the mid of June, precisely the 16th via Subpop. Right now, I wouldn't say the 9 song collective surpasses it's predecessor, but is nevertheless just as good. But my opinion could change in like a month, if the album grows on me and that is very likely to happen. I should make a mental note to re-review it on June 16th. The sound has still that nostalgic yearning for something, that is somehow beyond us and can probably only be interpreted by the band itself. At Mount Zoomer has that ingenious effect of leaving the listener wondering...the subject on what you're wondering isn't really clear, you're just wondering... Or if you're not into deep thinking: the album has a lot of amazing indie/folk melodies.
Well, hopefully this time I've made my point clear: GO GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!
Click this.
MP3: Wolf Parade - Bang Your Drum
MP3: Wolf Parade - An Animal In Your Care

Alright, we're nearly at the end of this post, but before I finish, I want you to focus on some last things:
First: After Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane is back with his Rascals and finally the debut is on it's way. But before that, there's always a single, in this case Freakbeat Phantom, which will be out June, 2nd, two weeks before the album Rascalize. You should get the 7" here. A Hand In The Shadow would be the b-side of Freakbeat Phantom.
MP3: The Rascals - A Hand In The Shadow
Second: Free Things For Poor People would be a good post title, but it's mainly the name of the very good, very new Infadels single. Their sophomore record Universe In Reverse is coming towards us also on June, 16th and like already said, there's always a new single ahead. Haven't listened to Infadels for quite a while, have to say I'm astonished to find myself loving the new songs. Get the 7" here.
MP3: Infadels - Godzilla
Third: Good EP's never get out of style. I've just found Friendly Fires' 2006 Photobooth EP. I already forgot, I had it. It's always refreshing to listen to something, you haven't listened to in a while. Even better, when you're in the knowing that Friendly Fires are currently recording their debut and hopefully it hits the stores this year. Buy the EP here.
MP3: Friendly Fires - Photobooth
Fourth: Lions At Your Door have a really hot track called C-C-C Crossfire. Point.
MP3: Lions At Your Door - C-C-C Crossfire!

Man, I feel drained right now. Haven't done such a long post in a while. Have to get used to it. Feels good, tho'.
Have a nice Monday!
take care

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

hearts on fire

Between working the whole weekend and listening almost non stop to Colourful Life, I still managed to squeeze in some other music for a blog post. As it is this time of the year, when I'm plagued with allergies, my head seems to be filled with water, which is to say: I can't concentrate. Seeing as I haven't compiled a mix in a while, I did one for today.
But first: A brand new Dirty Pretty Things song! For free! Sounds like a drinking song for me, but I could be wrong... Anyway, Hippy's Son is taken from the forthcoming sophomore album which will be called Romance At Short Notice and be out in June.
The mix contains mostly new stuff, some electro, some indie, some rock, all in all great stuff etc etc. You all know that. I've put the links to the websites on the sidebar, so if you like a song, please go and support the artist. The new Vines song sounds promising, simple but decent. Let's just hope, the new record will veer stylistically towards Highly Evolved, because it's about time for a really, really good Vines record.

seeing as my brain due to allergy is currently unable to function properly, I still have the courtesy to zip it for you:

alright back to being in pain.
take care

Saturday, 10 May 2008

I wish daft punk was playing at my house

So the Cajun's record out, too, in the UK and the US, but Germany still has to wait until the end of May, dammit. I've just counted the times I've written about them, then with shock noticed that I've already posted half of the album. Cajun Dance Party could as well be the band I've posted the most songs... no wait, that'd be The Cribs, who'd been on this blog with a little more than twelve songs. Oh dear. Anyway, two posts ago I said something about bands who put almost every song from their singles/EPs with one or two new songs on their debut - well, Cajun Dance Party just did that. As far as I can see, there's only one new song, namely No Joana on The Colourful Life, BUT (!) that is perfectly fine. Not only because it's the Cajuns, but because they announced there will be another album sometime later this years, which will feature only brand new songs! Still Colourful Life is worth the purchase(besides that it's the most melodic and beautiful debut record I've heard in a while), containing the remastered version of the demo songs and that is truly a comfort to our ears, because the demo versions weren't ..erm that nice to listen to. I wanted to post No Joana, a wonderful soft, melodic song, as it is the new song, but after remarking that then I would've posted most of the record, I decided for the really fabulous versions of The Firework and Buttercups. I can't wait for the vinyl version to be out here in Germany and also for the new record, for which we hopefully won't have to wait much longer. I could just not post anymore Cajun Dance Party songs, until the new record is out... but I probably couldn't keep that up. Don't forget to order your copy here and until then:
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - The Firework
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - Buttercups

So, Skew is a multi-instrument artist, making really cool instrumental music. Solid beats, guitar riffs, all I can say: really niace. He had his Stadiums Are Ok EP released digitally for free. So, if you like this song, go over to his website, where you'll find even more songs!
MP3: Skew - Everything's Almost

Also, to what I've listened this week: Strip Steve's Skip School EP, like Siriusmo also signed to the German label Boys Noize Records. Decent electro/house from France, what more can you ask for? I think the EP is already out for some time, but if, like me, you haven't heard of Strip Steve before and you really like Pacey's, visit arcade mode and bring some money.
MP3: Strip Steve - Pacey's

I don't quite remember how I got into Pony Pony Run Run, maybe I have a thing for bands with horse names(Poney Poney, NYPC, Band of Horses, The Ponys, Poni Hoax, Fuckpony, International Pony, etc) or maybe because they make exciting electropop/new rave music, despite the fact that new rave is so 2006. Probably the latter. They remind me a bit of The Whip, only more powerpop. I've snatched Boy/Girl Surrender from discodust and I can only recommend it to you!
MP3: Pony Pony Run Run - Boy/Girl Surrender (Summer Edit)

Next is a sweet MGMT remix from Mmmathias, who as it seems hasn't been a myspacer for more than a short time. Interesting, I thought everybody has a myspace since... forever. Anyway, his remix is really good and you should check out his other two songs on his space, they're just as good.
MP3: MGMT - The Youth (Mmmatthias Remix)

Next is a new track by The Chaingang of 1974 aka Kamtin Mohager.  You can hear he's a pretty big fan of LCD Soundsystem and The Presets and his music settles right between the two bands. A good place, I'd say. He has a record in the making called Mad Paranoid, which will hopefully be out soon, because I'm really looking forward to it. So, go over to his myspace for more awesome tracks.
MP3: The Chaingang Of 1974 - I Wish Daft Punk Was Playing At My House
couldn't resist:
MP3: LCD Sound System - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

...and we're staying in the electro hotel with two other very cool tracks: one is from Valerna and the second is them remixing Silk's Freak Me. If you go to Valerna's myspace, you can also download a 45 minute long mix for free. That's awesome. And these, too:
MP3: Silk - Freak Me (Vlrna Remix)
MP3: Valerna - Brandon Knows Me

After their LP, Holy Fuck have been getting rather a lot of attention due to their Radiohead remix. As I don't care much for Radiohead, I do care very much for their rerelease of Lovely Allen, which features a very lovely Riton rerub. You can get the Lovely Allen 7" right here.
MP3: Holy Fuck -Lovely Allen (Riton Rerub)

Alright, gotta go work to get money for a new notebook.
Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

and then

there are Tokyo Police Club and their long-awaited debut Elephant Shell. Some time ago, I promise to do a review on Elephant Shell. Shame it took me so long, but the main reason for my hesitation was, that the voice of TPC singer David Monks reminds me of some other band that I do like very much, but somehow can't name. Could be Bombay Bicycle Club, I don't know. Stuff like that really freaks me out, but since I don't get any wiser on that subject, I decided to post about them today. Elephant Shell is a truly refreshing indie rock album: It features average 2-3 minute songs without any fuzz(like keyboards, synth etc) only the basic rock instruments:guitar, bass and drums. The album has a total of 28 minutes, which is absolutely acceptable for a good indie rock debut. The single Tessellate is the indisputable highlight of the whole album, amongst my favorites Nursey Academy and Centennial. One could argue that most of the songs sound the same, but that's only a weak argument for lazy listeners. Elephant Shell is already out since April, 22nd and if you haven't got yourself a copy, please do that immediately, because there are only a few debuts which stick to the true indie rock manner. So go over to amazon for your own copy of Elephant Shell.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Nursey Academy
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - The Baskervilles

next are Buffet Libre's Verbena Selected 3, the last part of their Verbena Selected Trilogy. As with the last two mixes, the songs are selected by the finest artists, which makes it even cooler.
If you're not convinced, do have a look at the track list and then listen to it.

1. Sidechains - Buffetlibre Theme
2. Adventure Kid - De Lorean Motor Company [Selected by I'm From Barcelona]
3. Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam remix) [Selected by Softlightes]
4. T2 - Heartbroken [Selected by The Pipettes]
5. Golden Boy - Rippin Kittin [Selected by The Raveonettes]
6. Uffie - Ready To Uff [Selected by Sohodolls]
7. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars [Selected by Zookeeper]
8. Holy Ghost! - Hold On [Selected by Irene]
9. Familjen - Det Snurrar I Min Skalle [Selected by Seabear]
10. Lykke Li - Little Bit [Selected by Of Montreal]
11. Autokratz - Pardon Garçon [Selected by Kaiser Chiefs]
12. Schnitzer - 12:30 [Selected by Das Pop]
13. Cassius - Under Influence [Selected by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's]
14. Björk - Wanderlust (Ratatat remix) [Selected by Tilly & The Wall]
15. The Bug feat Killa P & Flow Dan - Skeng (Kode 9 remix) [Selected by Bright Eyes]
16. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Llips [Selected by The Go! Team]
17. Josh and Anand - What Wonderful Snow [Selected by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin]
18. Orange Juice - Rit It Up [Selected by Stars]
19. Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric (Andy Gray remix) [Selected by The New Pornographers]
20. Apparat - Hailin From The Edge [Selected by Editors]


I'd have posted more today, but my internet is unbelievably slow today and it deems useless sitting for another hour to upload two more songs, pfsh.
take care
 - g'bye

Monday, 5 May 2008

no cow, no pow

I've been talking about it for ages and now it happened: Hadouken's Music For An Accelerated Culture dropped. Today. This fact is even more awesome than the record itself.. no wait, the record is more awesome, pfshh. Surprisingly, there aren't many known songs taken from the previously released Not Here To Please You mix tape. It happens often that bands release 6 -7 song EPs and then put almost every song onto the album among two or three new songs and you ask yourself: why buy the album if you already own most of it? That's not the point here with Hadouken!, there's That Boy That Girl, Get Smashed Gate Crash and Liquid Lives, but the other 8 songs are brand new. I'm astonished find a good amount of singing on Music For An Accelerated Culture and less rap. Also more quiet or 'softer' somgs like What She Did and Driving to Nowhere give the impression of a multifaceted record. All in all, it was so worth the longwait. Go get it from HMV or amazon.
MP3: Hadouken! - Driving Nowhere
MP3: Hadouken! - Spend Your Life

Alright, some time ago I mentioned the Ed Rec Vol. 3 compilation is coming towards us on May, 26th, via Ed Banger Records obviously. As already set, it's track list is flawless: new Justice remix, two Oizo songs, Krazy Baldhead, Uffie, Feadz, Mehdi, DSL and so on. If you wanna impress your friends, parents, teachers or oblivious DJs, go buy it when it comes out and carry it around all the time. I already have two tracks for your listening pleasures, but do buy it in three weeks, because next to the Kitsuné compilations(and The Strokes of course), it's the coolest thing ever!
I can't find a link now, but you should be able to pre-order it on arcade mode in a week or so. I'll keep you updated. Until then:
MP3: Mr. Oizo - Minuteman's Pulse
MP3: Krazy Baldhead - No Cow, No Pow
Alright, something else you can get from arcade mode: the Diskoding mini album from Siriusmo, which was released last month via Boys Noize records. Siriusmo makes fine electro/house/dance and the mini album features an excellent Boys Noize edit, to which you can listen below. Get Diskoding @ arcade mode.
MP3: Siriusmo - Mein Menu Fahrrad (Boys Noize Edit)

I'm getting very hungry by the minute, so the next few songs I'm just gonna throw in a bunch: New CSS single Rat Is Dead is decent, a little more rock than I'd have expected, but alright. The single is taken from the forthcoming Donkey, which will be available on June, 22nd via Subpop. Hot Lava and Sante Les Amis are both very promising new indie/indie rock bands. Please go check out their websites for releases, shows, etc. And last, IDC's Bolshy Beats is simply a very good electronica/dance song and will be out as a single sometime in June.
MP3: CSS - Rat Is Dead (Rage)
MP3: Hot Lava - Apple Option Fire
MP3: Sante Les Amis - Mécanico ()
MP3: IDC - Bolshy Beats

I guess, that's it for today.
Have a nice Monday!