Monday, 21 April 2008

live fast, die old

So, here I am again, after "just a week" of non-posting, but believe me I feel very guilty. Between working, going back to university and doing nothing, I've been simply too lazy too post anything. But today, I do have something to talk about.

Alright, first of all, there's a new Cajun Dance Party track called The Hill, The View & The Lights, that has already made the rounds, still it's awesome. Ok, since I am a somewhat big Cajun Dance Party fan, which you can relate to the multitude of CDP tracks I've uploaded, this statement isn't very surprising nor impartial. Consider this: If it'd been a bad track, I wouldn't post it - but then again: Why should Cajun Dance Party write a bad song?
Oh, you can prelisten to Colourful Life on the band's website and preorder the record right here.
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - The Hill, The View & The Lights

So, let me tell you about Red Light Company: They hail from London - where basically every good indie rock band comes from - and they've just signed to Lavolta Records, an indie label home to other great bands such as Kissy Sell Out or The Dykeenies. I'd describe them as melancholic indie rock, think a more indie Keane with guitars and ten times better or a more less melancholic Stars. They're having an EP out called With Lights Out to be released on April, 28th for digital download and on CD/vinyl on May, 26th. Please visit their myspace for further release information.
MP3: Red Light Company - Fine Fascination (YSI)

Next are Canadian Tr Plus Tr - weird name, the music's alright tho'. Synth pop, similar to The Tough Alliance, only less rock and more synth. They also have a release coming up next week, meaning their debut Rumble, which is due on April 27th. If you like Making Gold, head over to the band's website for any release related information.
MP3: Tr Plus Tr - Making Gold (YSI)

Thot are a electro/rock band residing in Belgium. They have a new EP called Year Of The Thistle, which I suppose is already out. Since I can't find any link for purchase, I'll simply redirect you to Thot's blog, if you like what you hear. Moving Hills is a fast, more alternative, industrial song and if you like me like it, please go here and support the artist.
MP3: Thot - Moved Hills (YSI)

I've already posted a Munk track two months ago, but since the remixes are awesome, another one won't hurt. This time Maral Salmassi and Zero Cash, whose track Light Of Love I posted last week. Munk's new single Life Fast Die Old also features two other very good remixes, one from Headman and one from The Juan Maclean. Please visit Munk's record label Gomma Records if you want to listen for more. Also, Munk will be releasing a new album called Cloudbuster in June, an album of which I'm sure I'll be talking about.
MP3: Munk - Live Fast Die Old (Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash Remix) (YSI)

The last time I posted a Last Shadow Puppets track, I totally forgot who they were(meaning Miles Kane from The Rascals and Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys), even though the tough similarity to Arctic Monkeys should have shook me instantly, but nevermind my little moment of musical weakness... As many of you may know, their new record The Age Of Understatement is out today in Europe and in North America on May, 6th via Domino Records. I have to admit, even though I do like their songs, I was a bit disappointed to notice that the Last Shadow Puppets do not differ that much from Arctic Monkeys in style. Nevertheless I'm buying The Age Of Understatement anyway and you should too by clicking this. The mp3 below is taken from an acoustic session in New York earlier this year. Enjoy!
MP3: The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You (YSI)

Alright, if you've known indie rock band The Children (I didn't) you may now know Twisted Wheel from Manchester, because part of the former band The Children are now integrated into Twisted Wheel. Their new 7'' She's A Weapon comes out today (!) as a limited edition via Columbia Records. She's A Weapon reminds me a lot of The Horrors' Jack The Ripper, which is a good thing. That ressemblance is probably provoked by the rough demo sound. Nevertheless it's a really cool song. If you want to purchase the 7", you can either visit one of their shows or if you live in the UK check these record stores or simply visit their Columbia page and hope a download link will be up sometime soon.
MP3: Twisted Wheel - She's A Weapon (demo) (YSI)

To the next two mp3s I do not need to say very much. We got a very good remix by Ed Banger stars DJ Mehdi and Busy P of Bumblebeez's Pump Up The Bass and an even more awesome remix by A-Trak of London's Count & Sinden's Beeper. Both are listed below and both are - as already mentioned - awesome. Speaking of Ed Banger, you've surely heard that Vol. 3 of the Ed Banger compilation is coming towards us, on May 26th to be precise. Probably most of the bloggers are peeing their pants at the mere thought of it, mostly because it features an excellent list of the known Ed Banger crew (Feadz, Oizo, Justice, etc) just like the Kitsuné Mainson compilations. You can already buy tees @arcade mode and be sure to check there when to preorder the compilation.
MP3: Count & Sinden - Beeper (A Trak Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Bumblebeez - Pump Up The Bass (DJ Mehdi & Busy P remix) (YSI)

And before I end this post, because my internet won't let me upload anymore mp3s, another Fisher Preyes remix for your ears, as awesome as ever. This time French band Adam Kesher are the lucky ones to be remixed with their song Local Girl.
MP3: Adam Kesher - Local Girl(Fisher Preyes Remix) (YSI)

Alright, more to come in the next few days.


Thot said...

Hey, thank you for posting 'year of the thistle' on your blog !! I'd like to notice that the song isn't 'moving hills', but 'moved hills'.. Thank you to correct :).
Anyway, our new album is planned for the end of 2008. Stay tuned..
Love from belgium

Anonymous said...

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Marcelona Sound System said...

fisher preyes' remix is really good! thanks for posting that one

Anonymous said...

thanks for your support we appreciate!

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