Thursday, 10 April 2008

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Sometimes I hate living in Germany. I've just tried again to preorder Hadouken!'s debut on vinyl, but it's not even listed on amazon or Warner yet. Coming to preorder music, Germany is very limited. Being a poor student, I can't afford purchasing it in the U.K. or any other foreign country. Well, guess I just have to be patient.
Same goes for Apocalypso which drops in the UK and Australia in the next few days, but in Germany in a month. A month! I do want to support the artists by buying their records or downloads, but I'm not willing to pay full 40€ for the import, that's just crazy. Anyway, I wanted to post about Apocalypso and no the unfairness of the world:
As I listened to My People in November/December for the first time, I thought Apocalypso would turn out just as raw as the single, in style of Down Down Down from Beams. It's more varied, there are more 'quiet', slower songs like If I Know You, Anywhere or the experimental Aeons. It's different, I think the band tried more stuff than on their previous works. So far, I like Eucalyptus, Talk Like That and Together the most. If you're residing in the UK or Australia and do not have to pay millions for the import(lucky bastards) visit amazon or here for ordering Apocalypso.

MP3: The Presets - Eucalyptus
MP3: The Presets - Together

Next is the really cool remix of Poney Poney's Cross The Fader EP, which has been released last month. It's just as good as their Junior EP, with remixes from Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, Headman and produced by Justice's Xavier de Rosnay. You can purchase Cross The Fader here @ djtunes.
MP3: Poney Poney - Cross the Fader (Headman mix)

Mgmt are getting a lot of attention these days, which is funny, because Oracular Spectactular has been out for quite a while. Still it's awesome, because Mgmt are awesome and they deserve it. In honour of that:
MP3: MGMT - 4th Dimensional Transition

Next, The Fratellis just had their new song Mistress Mabel aired on Xfm. I'd say it's typical Fratellis, singing about yet another girl - this time her name's Mabel - though it's a little more rock. Ok though. Sorry for the lack of quality, but I'm not that much of a Fratellis fan to put more effort in finding a better mp3.
The single Mistress Mabel will be out on May, 26th and the following album Here We Stand on June, 9th.
MP3: The Fratellis - Mistress Mabel (Radio Rip)

You've probably already heard the remix from Italian electro band Herr Styler of Amari's Le gite fuori porta, but you may not have heard the cool track that is Stuck In Between featuring the Italian soul singer Gabriele Aprile. Please visit their myspace for further information.
MP3: Herr Styler - Stuck In Between
Also, Khan and I'm Single Records are releasing a new single called Chitin Body on April, 21st, following up to Khan's Who Never Rests Remixed Vol. 1(featuring remixes by Kaos e.g.), which is out since January 2008. It's a funky mix of indie vocals and electro beats and it features also German DJ Zero Cash. Go here for release information and click below for the b-side.
MP3: Zero Cash & Khan - Light Of Love

Johnny Neon do indeed sound like a British indie/electro/synth band, but they band does actually hail from South Africa. They've done a video for Heart Attack which you can watch clicking this - I'd put it up if I were into putting up videos, but I'm not. They band is using a lot of synthesizers in their songs, which reminds me of Plastic Operator, though Johnny Neon are a bit more indie. Anyway, for any further information visit their myspace.
MP3: Johnny Neon - Dance on fire

Going on to Spanish producer Sidechains, who also has new songs. It's mostly electronica and new wave, except for Dr. Funk, which as the name indicates, is also mixed with a litte funk. Intresting outcome. sidechains was also featured on the Droppin' Bombs compilation, which is out since Janouary and for you to purchase via iTunes.
MP3:Sidechains - Dr. Funk
Alright, and last, you may or may not have noticed that the last months have had good and very good releases(Crystal Castles, Cut Copy, Sebastien Tellier, Lightspeed Champion, Whip, Ssion, etc etc) and that I left out other more or less good releases, e.g: the R.E.M., Portishead, Gnarls Barkley and so on. Mainly, because I'm not that interested enough in those records - sounds ignorant I know - but it's the truth. First of all, as you may already know, I'm not that big of a Radiohead fan. I didn't freak out when they oh so surprisingly released In Rainbows, nor am I going to comment the Nude remix contest that is taking almost every blogger's breath away - but (!) since it's a competition and the contestants should be supported, please go here and vote(if you haven't done so already). I listened to the first five remixes and I could say I like the one from Hipster Runoff.
That's it for today.

MP3: The Beatles - I'm So Tired

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Mike said...

Nice post! The Johnny Neon guy sounds a lot like the lead vocalist from Placebo, Brian Molko.

endi said...

bei ebay 15 euro für die neue presets (grosses album!) incl. porto aus australien....

izabella said...

bin ja nich so der Ebay-Fan, aber danke für den Tipp!