Wednesday, 2 April 2008

3 tracks for the 3rd day of the week

The new MSTRKRFT EP Bounce is pretty much amazing, it contains three very good songs, the radio version of Bounce of course as well as the extended version, both featuring US rapper N.O.R.E. and the murderous b-side Vuvuvu, which I've uploaded below. You can purchase Bounce here and if you wanna prelisten to the ace encounter between electro and rap, go visit Ants In My Trance or Waves At Night for that.

MP3: MSTRKFRT - Vuvuvu

Also, the Juan MacLean Happy House EP: 'old news' since it's been released a month ago, but since I do like it very much, I can aswell say something about it a month later. As you may already know, the EP has three tracks, the original aswell as two pretty good remixes, one from the New Yorker Prince Language and the other(in my opinion even better) one from Lee Douglas, also a NY resident. Get Happy House @ juno.

MP3: The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Lee Douglas Remix)

and last we've got a new track from the dutch trio Kraak & Smaak, of which I'm not sure most of you've already heard of. They've got a new record coming out on April, 21st, it's called Plastic People and it's full of surprises and genres: electro, funk, hip hop, reggae, funny computer voices etc etc. I'm doing a full review on it with the other reviews I've promised for ages(Tokyo Police Club, Hadouken!, etc).
In the meantime, listen to Bobby & Whitney, a cool electro track until about a minute, when a Prince-like voice comes up and the song turn into an 80's funk song, which is basically even cooler. "We're so much better than Bobby & Whitney.."

MP3: Kraak & Smaak - Bobby & Whitney

oh btw, visit Disco.Is.Um for an awesome new Presets track!

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Banana said...

your last two posts are absolte fucking rippers! top effort.... (fair few remixes i wouldve never found otherwise aswell)

i wanna keep reading your blog but when i subscribe it just has this annoying half-post/preview crap... do you reckon you could set it to full view so i can keep enjoying your stuff? :)

Guuzbourg said...

the 'prince-like voice' on the kraak & smaak track is by Big Boy Caprice, a big black Dutch soul singer. see
how you like Kraak & Smaak's single Squeeze Me, with Ben Westbeech?