Monday, 28 May 2007

Happy Departure


In a couple of days, I'll be leaving for German festival Rock im Park, which means lots of music, dirt and rain,(One could of course start off the discussion of Rock am Ring/Rock Im Park being mainstream, commercial, whatever, but fact: Muse are playing and I'll be in front row) but also no time for blogging.
Sad, but maybe I'll be doing another post in the next two days, if I have the time.
Anyway, to get myself in the mood, I've decided to make a mixtape of all the bands I'll be viewing this weekend. So I've tried to convert it into a b-side mix, only I failed lightly at some places. Anyway have fun.

MP3: Muse - Spiral Static
taken from Plug In Baby single 2001
MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Space Invaders
from Arctic Monkeys' demos
MP3: Paolo Nutini - Still Crazy
live at the Bedford
MP3: Maximo Park - Trial And Error
taken from Missing Songs
MP3: The Fratellis - Cigarello
taken from the single Flathead
MP3: The Kooks - California
taken from Eddie's Gun single
MP3: The Hives - Untutored Youth
taken from the A.K.a.I-d-I-O-T single
MP3: Mia - Bamboleo
taken from the single Tanz der Moleküle
MP3: The Cribs - Feelin' It
taken from the Arigato Cockers EP
MP3: Razorlight - Hang By, Hang By
taken from the Somewhere Else single
MP3: Scissor Sisters - Ambition
taken from I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Single
MP3: The White Stripes - Slicker Drips
taken from the White Stripes album
MP3 - Mando Diao - Chi Ga
taken from the bring em' in limited edition
MP3: Kaiser Chiefs - Golden Skans
live Klaxons cover
MP3: Smashing Pumpkins - Hummer
from Siamese Dream in 1993


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

say anything for at least something

I'm lazy, I mean, I have been lazy this week, feeling powerless to any blog efforts, which burdens my conscience. At least a bit.
I've been doing stuff for school this week, so I have been busy. Really.
So, this will be a short post, prolonging my ongoing laziness.

damn straight

Italian psych folk indie duo Jennifer Gentle has a new record called The Midnight Room, which will be released via Subpop on June, 19th. Their kinda quirky music attracts me, because their name first made me think of either a singer-songwriter à la Feist or a indie lo-fi band such as Belle & Sebastian.
But I was wrong, still I'm fascinated. Though from Italy, they have a Southern American touch. Weird? No.
This album is the band's second album as a signed artist, following their debut Valende, which was released in 2004. You can preorder The Midnight Room right away on Subpop or via Amazon.

MP3: Jennifer Gentle - Electric Princess
taken from their upcoming album The Midnight Room

MP3: Jennifer Gentle - I Do Dream You
taken from their debut Valende

MP3: Jennifer Gentle - Universal Daughter
taken from their debut Valende

Have a nice week.

Friday, 18 May 2007

it's happened again

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Seriously, I've renewed my sidebar, taking the easier side and reupped some new(or less new, whatever) albums that I think are wortht least three downloads if not the purchase of the whole record. There are some rather known albums, at least of those I have talked quite a while ago, like The Winter Sounds' Porcelain Empire(I've told you about them in this post), which is due in a month aswell as Help She Can't Swim, last time's post band. The Ponys, which I neglected at their release date some month ago but now really got into the album. Anyway, the point is, that I my guilty conscience bothered me so badly, that I wanted to lose at least two words about the albums.
But first, Dntel has a new remix on the website. It's cool and I HAD TO POST IT. Easy, seems it, but anyway. You may already know Dntel from his popular tune Umbrella or Dumb luck, which is also the latest Dntel album name.

zip: Dntel - Pump New Mix

see also Dntel's myspace.

Going on, Britain's lovely Black Wire have a new single coming up, called See The Blood/Brother We Had A Choice and will be released on May, 21th, means this Monday. To celebrate this, I first thought of posting the single, or at least one song of it, but then I changed my mind. I'd decided for two b-sides, who are qualitativly equal to the single songs.
Anyway, there you go.... and get all the tracks at HMV and have a look at their myspace.

MP3: Black Wire - Ungodly Hour
featured on the Hung Up Single

MP3: Black Wire - I Don't Feel Well
featured on the Smoke & Mirrors single

So, I'll mini-review the outstanding albums from my new music section:

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Everybody's darling Interpol has a new album coming up, called Our Love To Admire, and I conclude right, that everyone knows about it, everyone has heard the single Heinrich Maneuver and probably thinks: Oh, another post about them.
Yes, it's another post about Interpol, but the band's awesome, the album's awesome and and and..... you get the point.
So, here's a track of their new album called Pioneer To The Falls ... Preorder the album through amazon, if you haven't already.

MP3: Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Coming up next: The Ponys. Another most-blogged about album, but yet deserved so. I guess everything has been said about the indie pop band and their record Turn The Lights Out, so have a listen, go download some mp3s at emusic or order the cd here.

MP3: The Ponys - Maybe I'll Try

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Next, even more blogged-and-hyped-about debut of Simian Mobile Disco. Well, I'm not hyping, but the album Attack Decay Sustain Release ist still pretty good.
I'll better stop this.
Go preorder it here.

MP3: Simian Mobile Disco - It's Just The Beat
taken of the single It's The Beat

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Last, but not least, Portugal The Man have a new record coming up(flooding everyone's myspace bulletins with this news), but my mind is still kept in their debut Waiter:You Vultures and I'm still mad at myself for not going to their concert last autumn. I mean, they're having a German tour this week, but due to a lack of money, a Portugal.the man concert will remain a dream. Damnit.
Here's a song from their debut, get any cds from the band on amazon.
For those who don't know yet, they're offering a free download at their myspace called Ruby Magic from their album It's Complicated Being A Wizard.

MP3: Portugal The Man - Guns...Guns...Guns

So, this has been a b-side dominated post(well, kinda) so I could just end this post with another b-side. If someone hasn't already noticed, I'm a huge Strokes fan, so the next step is pretty clear. Here's the b-side Hawaii live recorded at last year's Southside Festival.
Live and a b-side, I think this is really cool.

MP3: The Strokes - Hawaii/Live @ Southside Festival 2006

now, off to party.

Monday, 14 May 2007

put away your garbage bin

So, let me tell you a bit of Help She Can't Swim. The four-pieced London-based band makes nice psych punk aaaand indie rock and to my own surprise I like it. Their fast-driven songs underlined with the singer's partly high pitched voice do hav a rather interesting sound. I wouldn't have expected it since I read a describtion about them which declared them as utterly angry punk rock and noisy. Well, they are noisy, but in a really good way. They have a new album coming out via fantastic plastic records called The Death Of Nightlife which must be out for about a week now. It's good, a more hardcore(and screamy) Bromhead's Jacket version, but still the distinctive rap-like vocal parts and the intruding but lovely accent. Please go and pursue their album either on their label or through amazon. I guess there's nothing left to add.
Oh wait:

MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Hostpital Drama
from their latest album Death Of A Nightlife
MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Are You Feeling Fashionable
from the 2005 Fashionista Super Dance Troupe
MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Cut The Biography
from the Commiting Social Suicide EP

and, because I'm feeling kinda melancholic today:

MP3: The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

Saturday, 12 May 2007

music when my what?

about wha?
Only three more days till school's finished for me... well not exactly, I'll still have some exams, but no school. A reason to jubilate? Yess! I mean, why shouldn't I?
my luminaries

Manchester's My Luminaries have quite tickled my interest. Their indie rock/pop songs did sound charming right at the first listen. I've read about them in a German magazine only a few days ago and then immediatly knowing that I had to post them. I have some difficulties to find some soundalikes, but I would put them between Keane(only better and with guitars) and a more rocky Maximo Park. England's hype machine n°1 refers to them as "Pavement on amphetamines".....
Their latest single describes them as
Jumping The Great White was released only a few days ago and can be purchased here on Gronland Records or on amazon. For prelistening purpose I'll have two demo versions, but you should take a look at their myspace profile for more poppy songs.

MP3: My Luminaries - Ambition

MP3: My Luminaries - Clementine

the trews
Next, Canadian progressive/alternative rockers The Trews had the same into-my-eye-and-ear career as My Luminaries. I've read about them in the same magazine and had to listen to them, even if they kinda float out of my 'typical' music interest. Nevertheless, according to they've been making music as
One I'd Trouser and then changed it into The Trews. To tell the truth, the last one is better, even though One I'd Trouser has quite a flow. Their latest album Den of Thieves was released here in good ol' Germany last month, but has been out in Canada since September 2005. Interesting, innit? Germany being behind again.
Anyway have a listen to their popular
Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me and the softer b-side Montebello Park.
Get their records on amazon or check myspace for further information.

MP3: The Trews - Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me

MP3: The Trews - Monetbello Park

Next is a real baby-sized mixtape, having absolutely no topic, theme, whatsoever.
Niiiice, would be the description.. and y'know, song for song, artist for artist information.

MP3: Half Cousin - Jim's Crash Memory
psych, weird indie rock from Scotland, get the album Iodine on Gronland records.

MP3: The Suits Xl - Le Plaisir
canadian myspace newcomer band, french or english lyrics accompanied by electronic indie sound, new album Quarter-Life Crisis out in August, 15th

MP3: Refused - Poetry Written In Gasoline
my favourite Refused b-side, that I actually wanted to post last time, but, unfortunately, forgot. Taken from The New Noise Theologie EP.

MP3: Jens Lekman - Black cab
Same story as Refused, my favourite Swedish soul pop singer songwriter next to Moneybrother. stupid me.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

butterflies with pistols.

Anyway Swedish rock group Mando Diao was also remixed by wesc, of which I have talked quite a while ago concerning Olivia Newton John's Let's get physical being remixed bythe charming Black Ghosts.
This time it's Mando Diao's Good Morning Herr Horst's turn. I've been trying my ass off to get that track for you to download, but, unfortunately, I'm not clever enough. If one is cleverer than me, please help.
Go have a listen there.
The songs is originally featured on their latest record Ode To Ochrasy, it's good and you can purchase it here on amazon, if you haven't already done so.
So, according to this 'threatful' disaster, I decided on upping a b-side, which I really like, to make ammends, you know?

MP3: Mando Diao - Deadlock
featured on Bring 'em In limited edition

But the 'trouble' processes. I actually wanted to make a report about Simian Mobile Disco's amazing new album Attack Decay Sustain Release, which will be out very soon, but many, many others had this idea right before me, as you can see here and here.
Then I wanted to post about my latest music drug The Cribs' new record, Men's needs, women's need, whatever, which is due in a couple of days, I guess, but then I remembered having already put up two new songs on my blog(check this an' this) and won't go well along with my guilty conscience. I can say, it's great, it's somehow different from their older records, escpecially from The New Fellas, but nevertheless typically The Cribs. Resuming: it's f*ing awesome and you should go and preorder it, eg. via amazon. Now.
Also, Interpol's new tune The Heinrich Maneuver (featured on their upcoming record Our Love To Admire)can be considered as 'old'. I can fairly say, that right now, I don't feel the slightest ambition to post about songs, which you could already get from at least dozens of other good music blogs, so I'll just direct you with links to the mindblowing new cds or songs.

.....Which is to say, I'm putting up a mix containing my recent favourite Swedes, ressembling to my Mando Diao note above.

[Click on the artist for further information and on the song for the song]

MP3: Refused - The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax
from The Shape of Punk To Come in 1998
MP3: The Electric Pop Group - Why Can't You?
from s/t album in 2006
MP3: Acid House Kings - This heart is a stone
from Sing along with Acid House Kings in 2005
MP3: The Lost Patrol Band - My Heart Is Still A Mess
from s/t album in 2005
MP3: Jenny Wilson - Let my shoes lead me forward
from Love And Youth in 2006
MP3: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart
from #3 in 2006
MP3: The Embassy - It Pays To Belong
thanks to this man here.
MP3: Sambassadeur - Kate
from Coastal Affaires in 2007

MP3: The Mary Onettes - Pleasure Songs
from s/t album in 2007

and, for all the poor people working their asses off at underpaid, mediocre jobs:

MP3: The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy - Abolish Work
from their debut The First Conspiracy in 1999

Ps: After really bad stomach aches, I decided to at least put the new records on my sidebar under new music. Short resume on Simian Mobile Disco: I LOVE IT. This album is probably one of the most important trigger, that'll lead me more into electronic music. Just as awesome as one could've expected. Get it.

Sunday, 6 May 2007


a good lack of sleep forced me to stay away from computer the past three days, rather spending time going out another evening then investing it into regenerating one's depleted body. I guess it could be worse anyway.
Ash@Visions Spring break

Friday evening was allotted by Visions Spreak Concert in Wiesbaden including Muff Potter, the incredibly dancy Good Shoes and as seen on the picture above Ash. The whole concert was f'ng awesome, even though we missed half of Good Shoes gig.
jimmy castor
Today I stumbled over the label Funkmaster whose intention it is to put 70's jazz/funk tracks on 12', where also Phonica's Jimmy Castor is featured with two tracks: Potential and e-man boogie I must admit, I'm a huge sucker for those seventies funk songs, escpecially from Jimmy Castor. I can only give you the version from Phonica which is limited to one minute, but if you're into that like me, you'll surely love it. In addition to this, I've decided to put up the rather popular tune from The Jimmy Castor bunch. For further information look here on Phonica or on Funkmaster's myspace.

MP3: Jimmy Castor - Potential

MP3: Jimmy Castor - E-Man Boogie

MP3: Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun

MP3: Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun (Eli Re-Edit)

MP3: Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun (Chemical Brothers remix)
The Diaphanoids
Next on my list are The Diaphanoids. Difficult name to pronounce, but very cool electronica tunes. The dutch duo has a new EP called Where Were You in 5079? which you can order here at Phonica or via nuloop. I'm seriously considering buying the EP, because I like the previewing glimpse that Phonica offered and then I could give a better preview here on my blog. Maybe I will. In the meantime:

The Diaphanoids - Where Were You in 5079

MP3: The Diaphanoids - Where Were You in 5079( Tobias Dub remix)

Los Campesinos!
To finish this post, I must admit that I had to struggle the past week whether to post about Los Campesinos! new single You! Me! Dancing! which will be out on June, 6th via Wichita Recordings, because one could find and listen to them already here, here and here. But owing to my appreciation to their new single aswell regarding the fact that the last post about them has been quite a while ago (only a month, but still) I've changed my mind. Their debut album is due in 2008, which seems pretty long, now that I fancy them. Their previous single We throw parties, you throw knives( Nice title) was out on February this year. So, head on to more fun, dancy but still extraordinarily british indie pop music:

MP3: Los Campesinos! -
You! Me! Dancing!

MP3: Los Campesinos! -
We throw parties, you throw knives

Los Campesinos! - Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks

Get the tracks through Amazon and check out their myspace profile.

Now, to bed.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Remix me

I think it's time for a mixtape on my blog, because I figured out that this has been something that The Indie Dancefloor was lacking(Ok, there might be other things aswell). I had some difficulties to establish a significant topic for my mix, I went for post-rock, polit-rock, no-topic-at-all and then simply ending up with some of my favourite artists of the past two years, without whose songs I just couldn't have survived. Regarding my guilty conscience when putting up all the original songs, I came up with uploading at least some remixes of the songs, that do have my appreciation. I know this isn't any better regarding the copy right, but I FEEL better and that's all that matters. At least you get the idea...
Leaving you with this, I return now to basking myself in the glory of having won another pair of tickets for Good Shoes' gig tomorrow. I am quite lucky.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor(Generation Dub Remix)

MP3: The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil(Neptunes Remix)

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down(Sander Van Doorn remix)

MP3: Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks(Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Remix)

MP3: Klaxons - Magick(Simian Mobile Music Remix)

MP3: Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow(Nighmoves Remix)

MP3: Radiohead & DJ Shadow - Rabbit in Your Headlights (Reverse Light Massive Attack Remix)

MP3: Muse - Sunburn (Timo Mass Remix)

MP3: Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To(Erol Alkan Remix)

MP3: Datarock - I Used To Dance With My Daddy(Para One Version)

MP3: Lali Puna - Faking the Books (Dntel Remix)

MP3: The Cribs - Our Bovine Public new Song of the new album

MP3: Datarock - Fa Fa Fa(Shakes Remix)my favourite track of the day

MP3: The Libertines - The Ha Ha Wall(Kissy Sell Out Remix)