Thursday, 10 May 2007

butterflies with pistols.

Anyway Swedish rock group Mando Diao was also remixed by wesc, of which I have talked quite a while ago concerning Olivia Newton John's Let's get physical being remixed bythe charming Black Ghosts.
This time it's Mando Diao's Good Morning Herr Horst's turn. I've been trying my ass off to get that track for you to download, but, unfortunately, I'm not clever enough. If one is cleverer than me, please help.
Go have a listen there.
The songs is originally featured on their latest record Ode To Ochrasy, it's good and you can purchase it here on amazon, if you haven't already done so.
So, according to this 'threatful' disaster, I decided on upping a b-side, which I really like, to make ammends, you know?

MP3: Mando Diao - Deadlock
featured on Bring 'em In limited edition

But the 'trouble' processes. I actually wanted to make a report about Simian Mobile Disco's amazing new album Attack Decay Sustain Release, which will be out very soon, but many, many others had this idea right before me, as you can see here and here.
Then I wanted to post about my latest music drug The Cribs' new record, Men's needs, women's need, whatever, which is due in a couple of days, I guess, but then I remembered having already put up two new songs on my blog(check this an' this) and won't go well along with my guilty conscience. I can say, it's great, it's somehow different from their older records, escpecially from The New Fellas, but nevertheless typically The Cribs. Resuming: it's f*ing awesome and you should go and preorder it, eg. via amazon. Now.
Also, Interpol's new tune The Heinrich Maneuver (featured on their upcoming record Our Love To Admire)can be considered as 'old'. I can fairly say, that right now, I don't feel the slightest ambition to post about songs, which you could already get from at least dozens of other good music blogs, so I'll just direct you with links to the mindblowing new cds or songs.

.....Which is to say, I'm putting up a mix containing my recent favourite Swedes, ressembling to my Mando Diao note above.

[Click on the artist for further information and on the song for the song]

MP3: Refused - The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax
from The Shape of Punk To Come in 1998
MP3: The Electric Pop Group - Why Can't You?
from s/t album in 2006
MP3: Acid House Kings - This heart is a stone
from Sing along with Acid House Kings in 2005
MP3: The Lost Patrol Band - My Heart Is Still A Mess
from s/t album in 2005
MP3: Jenny Wilson - Let my shoes lead me forward
from Love And Youth in 2006
MP3: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart
from #3 in 2006
MP3: The Embassy - It Pays To Belong
thanks to this man here.
MP3: Sambassadeur - Kate
from Coastal Affaires in 2007

MP3: The Mary Onettes - Pleasure Songs
from s/t album in 2007

and, for all the poor people working their asses off at underpaid, mediocre jobs:

MP3: The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy - Abolish Work
from their debut The First Conspiracy in 1999

Ps: After really bad stomach aches, I decided to at least put the new records on my sidebar under new music. Short resume on Simian Mobile Disco: I LOVE IT. This album is probably one of the most important trigger, that'll lead me more into electronic music. Just as awesome as one could've expected. Get it.

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