Sunday, 6 May 2007


a good lack of sleep forced me to stay away from computer the past three days, rather spending time going out another evening then investing it into regenerating one's depleted body. I guess it could be worse anyway.
Ash@Visions Spring break

Friday evening was allotted by Visions Spreak Concert in Wiesbaden including Muff Potter, the incredibly dancy Good Shoes and as seen on the picture above Ash. The whole concert was f'ng awesome, even though we missed half of Good Shoes gig.
jimmy castor
Today I stumbled over the label Funkmaster whose intention it is to put 70's jazz/funk tracks on 12', where also Phonica's Jimmy Castor is featured with two tracks: Potential and e-man boogie I must admit, I'm a huge sucker for those seventies funk songs, escpecially from Jimmy Castor. I can only give you the version from Phonica which is limited to one minute, but if you're into that like me, you'll surely love it. In addition to this, I've decided to put up the rather popular tune from The Jimmy Castor bunch. For further information look here on Phonica or on Funkmaster's myspace.

MP3: Jimmy Castor - Potential

MP3: Jimmy Castor - E-Man Boogie

MP3: Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun

MP3: Jimmy Castor - It's Just Begun (Eli Re-Edit)

MP3: Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun (Chemical Brothers remix)
The Diaphanoids
Next on my list are The Diaphanoids. Difficult name to pronounce, but very cool electronica tunes. The dutch duo has a new EP called Where Were You in 5079? which you can order here at Phonica or via nuloop. I'm seriously considering buying the EP, because I like the previewing glimpse that Phonica offered and then I could give a better preview here on my blog. Maybe I will. In the meantime:

The Diaphanoids - Where Were You in 5079

MP3: The Diaphanoids - Where Were You in 5079( Tobias Dub remix)

Los Campesinos!
To finish this post, I must admit that I had to struggle the past week whether to post about Los Campesinos! new single You! Me! Dancing! which will be out on June, 6th via Wichita Recordings, because one could find and listen to them already here, here and here. But owing to my appreciation to their new single aswell regarding the fact that the last post about them has been quite a while ago (only a month, but still) I've changed my mind. Their debut album is due in 2008, which seems pretty long, now that I fancy them. Their previous single We throw parties, you throw knives( Nice title) was out on February this year. So, head on to more fun, dancy but still extraordinarily british indie pop music:

MP3: Los Campesinos! -
You! Me! Dancing!

MP3: Los Campesinos! -
We throw parties, you throw knives

Los Campesinos! - Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks

Get the tracks through Amazon and check out their myspace profile.

Now, to bed.

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