Tuesday, 30 October 2007

5 songs I'm listening to on this tuesday

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so, here I am again, after a mere week of non-posting, I finally got myself up to post at least something. I'm only doing a short one, because I'm sitting at a desk in my university and it's f'ing freezing, so my fingers hurt while typing. Yes, right now I'm pitiable. But enough of that, because I'm hungry and unfortunately there's nothing edible in front of me, which makes me a bit aggressive.
Nevertheless, I picked some songs for today, Kings Of Leon are classic, atleast Aha Shake Heartbreak and TJG, which is featured on it, are. Then we got Modeselektor, wishing me a late Happy Birthday - they actually did that already last week, but I couldn't upload them - anyway I looove Datarock's Computer Camp Love, amongst all the other tracks from Datarock, which I would probably take to that lonely island along with The Whip's Muzzle NO.1 and hopefully their upcoming album, which shouldn't be too long. And last, I got a track from Krafty Kuts, because I think I haven't posted something like that here.
Have fun:

MP3: Kings Of Leon - Taper Jean Girl
MP3: Modeselektor - Happy Birthday
MP3: Datarock - Computer Camp Love
MP3: The Whip - Muzzle NO. 1 (Shadow Dancer Rmx)
MP3: Krafty Kuts - Solid Feet

Get the tracks @ beatport

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Today I'm turning 20

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yes it's my birthday today and I'm turning 20, which is quite a weird age to turn into. I mean, I don't feel any better or mature, now that I don't have any longer a 1 before my age, but that was actually the same as I turned 19, which was, surprisingly, one year ago. I hate having birthdays in autumn, because it's rainy, which is depressing, and there should be nothing depressing about what I call a national holiday.
Anyway, I thought about doing a birthday mix with songs that I really, really like(eg The Strokes, The Cribs, The Hives, Muse, The Whip, The Kinks, Shitdisco etc), but, unfortunately, I still don't have internet in my appartement and the connection in my university isn't, erm, stable enough to upload any mp3s.
So, I'll just head to my class which starts in a few minutes and leave you with this cool remix of a band named Cazals - I think I posted them in a mix a few days ago, but my memory is really bad - and the remix is from Chris Barker, who'd sent me this yesterday.
So, have a nice week.

MP3: Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Xtopher fiction mix)

- Oh, and I settled for a Strokes picture, because if I can't have a Strokes mp3 on my blog on MY birthday, than at least a damn photo!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

late sunday evenings

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are possibly one of the worst evenings of the entire week, when you find yourself lying in your bed, nothing to do except checking your tv programme for some decent entertainment - but of course you'll be utterly disappointed. Luckily enough that I do not have to worry about getting up early the next day due to school or job attendance, which leads to a pestering feeling of being totally awake, so you can't fall asleep, which leads to being tired the next morning, etc etc. Sunday evenings suck, alright? At least in my opinion. Luckily for me, I do not have to spend my thoughts on those pointed out, because I won't be going back to my appartement tonight. I thought it was an approbriate time to start university the way I'm used to - by skipping lessons on the first week - there are more important things tomorrow than attending class - take the Maximo Park concert for example(of which I'm certian, I bore the hell out of you, but I'm sososooo excited). I'd actually wanted to say, that if you're residing in the vicinity of Wiesbaden, you should consider, why you haven't thought earlier of going to the concert, but, unfortunately, it's sold out. Maybe I'll just see you at The Hives concert on November, 3oth! Don't miss it.
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Getting to why I actually am doing this post, Fine Day Records had sent the whole Plastic Operator album to review, which is a premiere on my blog. Nevertheless I'm impressed by the duo consisting Mathieu Gendreau and Peter Van Dessel, who hail from Montreal and Antwerp, but having met in London whilst studying. The album is called Different Places, has been released this day via Fine Day Records and is a very cool piece of electronic pop. The lyrics are euphonic thus sentimental and melancholic, coinciding neatly with the poppy synth melodies. Different Places is a continuous album without any musical lows, every song passes nicely into the next one. So far, my favourites are Folder, Peppermint, Parasols and Another Sound, and you can see, that I've posted the latters. Stylistic I would've put them between The Postal Service and a melancholic, more quiet SMD, even though that's a bit far-fetched, I hope you get what I mean....
So, if this sounds appealing to you, check out FDR for further information and head to Beatbort or amazon to purchase Different Places!

MP3: Plastic Operator - Parasols
MP3: Plastic Operator - Another Sound

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Alright, moving on:
After last weeks post about Friendly Fires, who had sent me some faboulous tracks, now comes Nic Nell, who has also done an excellent remix for the band named above. So speaking of him, Nic Nell sent a fast-paced electronic song called It's A Trance Off, which made it right into my ear. The song's also featured on Nic Nell's first single, which will be out via XL Recordings early next year.
So, if you like his song and the Friendly Fires remix, check out his myspace for further information!

MP3: Nic Nell - It's A Trance Off
MP3: Friendly Fires - On Board (Nic Nell's N-Tronica Remix)

Before I come to the end of my post, I thought of switching over to partyshuffle on my iTunes player to select a bunch of songs by random songs for a finishing misc mix. Meaning, there isn't any special purpose to these songs, just made iTunes pick them, because this is also an interesting way of putting a mini misc mix together, but mainly, I'm lazy.

MP3: Shitdisco - OK
MP3: Kings Of Leon - Slow Night So Long
MP3: Vincent Vincent and the Villains - Johnny Two Bands
MP3: The Appleseed Cast - Mountain Halo
MP3: Be Your Own Pet - Adventure
MP3: Black Lips - Everybody's Doin' It
MP3: Digitalism - Pogo (Mentalism Rmx)

get the tracks @ beatport
- now sleep or ...ehrm, attempt to sleep.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

haphazard recollections

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I've been strolling round my old blog posts, which I do quite frequently, and was staggered by the amount of preposterous rants about the few happenings in my life, which played a substantial part in my blog then. These rants, somehow, have diminished over the summer, which of course was due to a good lack of time and internet, making me nevertheless feel guilty.To add up some facts of my life, which has been very uninteresting. I moved, because I started university last week, which has quite it's advantages, even though I yet have to gain internet aswell as TV, which makes the being of both my njotebook and my television in my appartement appear quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, I enjoy being away from my hometown, where, well, nothing really is happening. Except for the Maximo Park concert this Monday! I slightly remember having told you about my joy concerning this event a week ago, aswell for certain The Hives concert tickets, which made their way to me. I mean, The Hives! This'll be great, even though the concert's taking place at the end of November. So what else, if you haven't noticed, I am very well aware, that Radiohead's In Rainbows has been released digitally a few weeks ago. I know, the hype, mostly focusing on a new LP from Radiohead(oh no, who would've thought so) and the fact, that you can choose for how much you want to purchase the downloads, which is still a cool thing tho'. So let me be clear, Radiohead is probably one of the most amazing bands out there, but I still don't get them. I own three or four Radiohead records, but after having listened to two of them, I lost interest. So, in contrary to numerous blogs, you won't find me fussing about Radiohead, still I advise you to go and buy the downloads.
In addition, a note on Albert Hammond Jr's myspace left me devastated, referring to planning another solo album, which makes the near release of my favourite skinny jeans rock band become very unlikely. I like AHJ's record Yours To Keep, but can't he at least wait till The Strokes break up - which of course I hope will never ever happen - well, you get my point.
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Except for this, my life has been very boring, but fortunately, there is Matt from Atomic Hooligan, who'd sent me some very excellent tracks over the past days and because this still IS a music blog, here's a bit about them: Atomic Hooligan are a UK-based breaks duo, who are also known for their remix work, such as for Groove Armada or German DJ Tomcraft. They released their debut album You Are Here in 2005 and plan to release the sophomore album Sex, Drugs and Blah Blah Blah early next year. So, they sent me two remixes aswell as two f their own amazing songs, which can be found on the upcoming record and on the single, which should be purchased @ juno! If you're right there have a look at the other stuff that juno offers you concerning Atomic Hooligan!
MP3: Atomic Hooligan - Papercuts
MP3: Atomic Hooligan - Weed
MP3: Inside Out (Hey Gravity/Atomic Hooligan Rmx)
MP3: Duné - Robot Beat (Atomic Hooligan Rmx)
and because I'm light-hearted today, I also give you the orginal to the Duné song:
MP3: Duné - Robot Beat

I'll take care of anything else tomorrow.

Friday, 19 October 2007

eight for the boys

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After one week of nearly any internet connection(Swanage all over again), I'm right back at my parents' and now obsessing over having internet for more than just an hour - or when my notebook collapses at the university after a good lack of electricity.
My first week at my university has been quite satisfying, to say it that way. I've managed to change my classes in last minute, arriving without any knowledge about courses, lessons, rooms, whatsoever, but here lies the truth that university has to make everything fail-safe.
Well, as usually, I don't have much time for this, just wanted to let those few regular readers know, that I'm back.
I find myself rather uncreative this evening, so I settled for a small mix with those songs, that have a boy in their song titles. Yeah, even I find my lack of inspiration on this very Friday pretty unnerving, but I'm tired and in a hurry. I'll take more time for my blog the next day. I've received some very excellent music via email and looking forward to drawing my attention to it tomorrow or on Sundays.
I actually would've posted Dirty Pretty Things' Last Of The Small Town Playboys, but I've already posted this two months ago.

MP3: Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys
MP3: The Libertines - Boys In The Band
MP3: Hot Chip - Boy From School
MP3: The Olympus Mons - Broken Boys And Girls Of This Enchantment
MP3: Robert Pollard- Circle Saw Boys Club
MP3: The Rumble Strips - Girls And Boys In Love
MP3: Robots In Disguise - Boys
MP3: Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

Check out the artists via my sidebar and don't forget to hop to iTunes or amazon to purchase the tracks!
Have a nice Friday evening.
I'm off.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

no dance on saturday

no dance today

Whilst in the mid of last minute packing, I find some time to do some sort of good-bye sweet home post. I'm moving in like, half an hour and thought that I could do aswell another mix.
It's kinda weird, after having lived for the past 19 years in only one single place(Swanage doesn't count for me) now to finally move away. But it should be interesting.
For the past week, my blog has been quite electronica and dance dominated, well not yesterday's post, but most of the week. I needed to change this, because my blog shouldn't focus on only one musical genre. That'd be very boring.
So, today, it's mostly indie pop or indie folk that I could find in my iTunes library, except for Bromheads Jacket and yes, I couldn't resist, The Strokes. It's my good-bye post, so The Strokes are necessary. Sort of.

MP3: Bedroom Eyes - Norwegian Pop
MP3: The Zutons - Pressure Point
MP3: Belle & Sebastian - I Don't Love Anyone
MP3: The Zombies - A Rose For Emily
MP3: Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea
MP3: The Holloways - Two Left Feet
MP3: The Boyfriends - Remember
MP3: Mystery Jets - Diamonds In The Dark
MP3: Bromheads Jacket - Pinch Of Psalt
MP3: The Strokes - Red Light

get the tracks @ amazon
For further artist information, check on the sidebar under artists you should stalk this week!
- I hope, I can get my internet back the next couple of days,
otherwise, see you next weekend!

Friday, 12 October 2007

i've got mail

So, now I'm finally spending my time on some good music that all those lovely bands had sent to me in the past days and weeks. I'm so sorry for those bands who'd sent me their stuff a while ago, but I couldn't get earlier to it. So, I hope, I don't miss out anything. Besides, I really appreciate it getting those mails, so don't hesitate, if you got something worth posting!

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Let's start with German Rework, who sent me some promo mp3s a while ago(I'm sorry). Their LP Pleasure Is Pretty came out on October, the 5th via Pavlek Records/Hausmusik. They're a bit similar to New Young Pony Club, which is a very good thing, you can be sure. Besides, they're from Germany!!! If you haven't noticed already, this sure is a hell of a good thing, because Germany is mostly lacking some really awesome music. Well, not anymore. I actually come to think, that it's better to introduce you to Rework after the album came out, because now you can head straight to amazon to buy the LP, before you forget about it!!

MP3: Rework - I Want To Be Like
MP3: Rework - Wrong In All Your Ways

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Next on my list are Lismore, a really cool electronica band. They have a new EP out called All That You Are via Cult Hero Records. They're a similar to Junior Boys or The Tough Alliance (which I both posted here and here), even though another NYPC essemblance comes up. Last.fm calls them indietronica. I can live with that.
Via this link you can watch the video for their new song Paradis and I highly recomment listen to the remix of Grand National's By The Time I Get Home, There Won't Be Much Of A Place For Me. Long title, niiice remix. Of course, you should listen to the other songs of Lismore aswell. Pffsh.
Get the EP All That You Are @ iTunes or Emusic.

MP3: Lismore - Sunrise Girl Says...
MP3: Lismore - We Never Strike In One Place Twice
MP3: Grand National - By The Time I Get Home... (Lismore Remix)

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Alright, coming up is melodic indie-folk House Of Brothers, meaning Andrew Jackson, who is behind this amazing project. House Of Brothers will release his debut EP Deadman on November, the 26th via Big Scary Monsters Records. Drowned In Sound describes them as: Sparkling indie-folk in style, as magical as anything the much-acclaimed Fionn Regan has recently released to the world. It's serene, stunningly so, and quite wonderfully arresting.
I mean, Fionn Regan!! If that isn't a cool musician to be compared with. At Least, that's what I think.
You should preorder the EP here on BSM.

MP3: House Of Brothers - Deadman

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So, on it goes with a fantastic mail that I received from George from Exploding Art, consisting of two marvellous artists, Friendly Fires and Wax Stag, who are both on the People In The Sky Label. So, First, Friendly Fires have a new Remix EP, which is already out since last Monday via the label I just mentioned. The UK-based electro-funk-indie band are even described as NYPC's new favourite band. NYPC all over my post, weird isn't it? No, it's F'ing awesome.
I highly recommend to order the remix EP @ juno!

MP3: Friendly Fires - On Board
MP3: Friendly Fires - Bring Out Your Dead (Clark Remix)

Ok, next, aswell from PITS, we got Wax Stag, who will also release an EP called Short Road at the end of October. I f you like electronic synth pop, you should definetely listen to the track below. If you don't, you should listen to it anyway, because you'll love it and then you can thank me for having introduced Wax Stag to you.
Preorder your own copy of Short Road @ dance records or Pure Groove.

MP3: Wax Stag - Short Road

Well, now I'm coming to the end of my post, because I have to start packing, because I'm moving tomorrow. But before I'll leave you, I just wanted to focus on something cool. Lord Lingham sent me a mail a week ago. If you don't already know his name, he's hosting a radio show in Melbourne, Australia called Global Urban and basically plays a lot of my blog with artists such as Modeselektor or Riot In Belgium. So, if you're residing in Melbourne or anything in the proxomity of it, you should check out Global Urban on PBS.
So, Lord Lingham, if you yourself got something, a band, a mix or so, that I should check out, you can still sent me a mail or so! I'd love to hear more from you.

Wow, such a long post - I mean, it's long comparing to the posts I've done recently.
If I've gotten anything wrong, false country, false link etc, drop a comment and I'll correct it.
Gotta start packing.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Did I mention....

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.....that I'm going on a Maximo Park concert?
No, apparently I haven't, but I'm doing so now:
I'm going to see Maximo Park in about two weeks!!!!
Alright, one big Yessss!!! for me! I think that's cool, being aware of the fact that I had the possibilities to see them twice in the past year and missed them..twice. Not this time!
Anyway, I kept my promise in posting mix n°2 tonight, which would make two posts in one day. Cool. I could get used to that.
I have to make as many posts as possible before Saturday, because then I'll be moving and I don't have a plan yet for getting internet access. Damnit.
Anyway, this time, the mix is a bit different, we have electropop Temposhark, electro-indie The Rapture and new wave Shy Child, starting the mix quite dancy, but with New Young Pony Club, it gets a little bit slower. Brabe is also part of Bootlickers, amongst Rene van Munster, of whom I told you about yesterday. Ratatat aswell as Junior Boys or GoodBooks are classic, in my mind anyway, and I couldn't help myself in bringing !!! in again. I think this time, the mix is more suited for a long car drive -well at least for 42 minutes, that's the mix's length - slowing the musical tempo down at the end.
I'm tired.
I'm gonna go to bed now.
Have fun.
The Dance Lesson Mix Pt. 2:

MP3: Temposhark - Joy
MP3: The Rapture - Who! Alright-Yeah (Goonies Remix)
MP3: Shy Child - Astronaut
MP3: Tiga - Far From Home (Digitalism Remix)
MP3: New Young Pony Club - Hiding On The Staircase
MP3: Brabe - She's Really Got You
MP3: Ratatat - Loud Pipes
MP3: Junior Boys - Double Shadow
MP3: !!! - Shit Scheisse Merde Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
MP3: GoodBooks - Leni (Crystal Castles Vs GoodBooks)

get the tracks@ juno, beatport or amazon

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

wait a sec

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whilst I'm waiting for my laundry to finally dry and ignoring the fact that I should be packing for my move on Saturday, I remembered something, not very significant in a New-album-out-and-you-should-buy-way, but important for me in a I-loved-this-album-once-and-you-should-too-way. A Perfect Circle's second record The Thirtheenth Step was released about three years ago in September, if I remember it right, and in my opinion one of the best prog/alternative albums out today. And yes, A Perfect Circle is just so so so much better than Tool.
So, in Honour of this great record:

MP3: A Perfect Circle - Pet
MP3: A Perfect Circle - Blue

and from Mer de Noms, which is probably just as awesome:

MP3: A Perfect Circle - Judith (YSI)
get them @ amazon, if you haven't already.

this is a dance lesson

wanna dance

I'm definetely running out of post titles and I just couldn't be bothered to name another post after my very fabulous inventions like oh dear, alright or damn right. So I settled for this aswell rather uncreative title as putting a song title(well at least half a song title) up.
Anyway, it's Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and, just like every other night could be, this calls for a mix night. I should actually make one night a week an official mix night, but this probably won't work out, due to possible oblivion or laziness. I'm just gonna promise, that I'll try to post a mix every week... I'll try anyway. So tonight, it's kinda a dance mix, but not concerning the music genres, it's more likely a mix you could put in your car (at least that's I'd do), jam to it or put in your stereo and listen to it before you're going out, somehow or instead of going out...no, you should probably go out anyway...you get my drift
I'd call this one a rather strange mix, I'm still kinda surprised by my own selection. It starts with indie rock Central Standard, making it's way through synth pop Le Sport and crazy new wave Datarock up to electronica and dance like Digitalism, Daft Punk or Dutch newcomer René van Munster (By the way, check out his band Bootlickers) and ending up with !!!, who are...well, something of it all. I shouldn't explain Hadouken!, I'm sure you've heard of them and if you didn't already know about The Sonic Boom Foundation or The Tough Alliance, you should start doing that now. All in all, everything's very dance-worthy.
I actually woud've loooooooved to put up Datarock's Fa Fa Fa, but am still a bit hesitant, because that would make my blog not very inventive. I mean Fa Fa Fa is everywhere. Damnit. I'll have to decline...and decided for Sex Me Up, which is super fine to me. And yes, I keep posting Digitalism, because they are simply awesome in, well, everything.
Anyway,I chose to put up two mixes, one today and the other one tomorrow evening. I hate putting up too many songs in one mix and I'll prefer to split it into two. Easily.
So, this would be the Dance Lesson Pt. One -mix:

MP3: Central Standard - Ruiner
MP3: Le Sport - Your Brother Is My Only Hope
MP3: Hadouken! - Dance Lesson
MP3: Datarock - Sex Me Up
MP3: The Sonic Boom Foundation - Boom
MP3: The Tough Alliance -First Class Riot
MP3: Digitalism - Idealistic (Hystereo Rebrand)
MP3: René van Munster - Grasscourt Blues
MP3: Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism Remix)
MP3: !!! - Heart Of Hearts

get most of the tracks @ amazon.

Good night

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Giddy Up

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Only one more week, till my university starts and I pretty much enjoy my last free time, even though I don't think much will change then, due to my lack of enthusiasm concerning, well, ALL scholar matters. Right now I'm sitting at home, smoking one fag after another, trying to ignore the background noise of what's supposed to be the 'phenomenal' sophomore production of Ocean's Eleven, which is clearly overrated.
Anyway, there are more pleasant things to watch these days, such as the new Hives video for Tick Tick Boom, which has been around for a couple of days, but as usual, I'm taking it in a little later. Normally I don't take much stock in posting any kinds of videos and I'm very much sure that in my blogging 'history' I only did so once. I think it was one of Goose videos...
But today is an exception, besides I'm tremendously bored and if somebody's reading this, being bored as hell,too, here's a 3.32 minute long escape from boredom:

and, because The Indie Dancefloor still IS a music blog, I'm posting one of my favourite tracks of their 1997 debut album Barely Legal.

MP3: The Hives - Automatic Schmuck

-and also don't forget to preorder the new The Black & White Album here, which is due in only a few days!!!!

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So, whilst I'm on this video posting trip, handsome Swedish Garage rock band Mando Diao have a new video for their new single If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow. Cartoonesque. I like it.

Aaaaaaand, who would've thought so, they have a new record coming up, being released in Germany on Oct, 26th, which is quite impressing, remembering last year's release Ode To Ochrasy. The album's called Never Seen The Light Of Day and can be preordered here.
So, for a little taste of what will expect you, check out the single:

MP3: Mando Diao - If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow

and from 2006's Ode To Ochrasy:

MP3: Mando Diao - Song For Aberdeen

That is all there is.
Good Night!

Thursday, 4 October 2007

let's rock

lets rock

It's Wednesday night! It's a holiday, I have time, I can't sleep and I'm bored.
So, let this be a mix night!
Contrary to my post title, which matches my post image, of which I thought was very neat, this mix contains some of the electronic, techno and dance stuff, that I've listened to heavily for the past days and I highly recommend that you should do the same thing!
So, enjoy and you know, artist for artist information, song for mp3.
I think I posted most of the artists here on my blog before, so I relinquish it for you to know most of the bands. If you didn't do so yet, here's your chance, take it:

MP3: Ellen Allien - Magma (Modeselektor Mix)
MP3: Digitalism - Idealistic (Voyage Mix)
MP3: Modeselektor - Edgar
MP3: Boys Noize - Don't believe a hype (surkin remix)
MP3: Justice - Feadz vs Phantom (Tony Sap WMC Re-Edit)
MP3: Uffie - Pop The Glock (Dj Sucko Remix )
MP3: Soulwax - NY Excuse (Justice Remix)
MP3: Fancy - What's Your Name Again (Busy P Remix)
MP3: So So Modern - The Love Code
MP3: Datarock - See What I Care
MP3: The Presets - Truth And Lies
MP3: Teenage Bad Girl - Hands Of A Stranger

get all the tracks @ amazon


Monday, 1 October 2007


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I don't have much time today, so this will be super, super short.
The Tellers, of whom I told you about some time ago, have finally released their debut album Hands Full Of Ink, like, one and a half months ago on 62 TV Records. Because I'm still catching up and nobody else seems to care, I'll repost about my favourite Kooks-esque 'new thingy' from Belgium.
Because I don't have anymore time, simply check out these tracks from Hands Full Of Ink:

MP3: The Tellers - Hugo
MP3: The Tellers - Second Category
MP3: The Tellers - More

get the record here.

-oh, I added another Moneybrother track here.