Friday, 28 September 2007

what a pain in the ....

Yeah, it has been a hell of a week for me.
So what? Right now, I'm probably more than relieved- no wait, I'm jubilating!!! Why? First of all, I finally managed to register myself into my university, where I'll commence my studies in October. You see, I'm late, as usual. But owing to the fact that I'm one of those few cheeky bastards who are more than just brazenly lucky in.... well, everything, including winning university places where others have to apply the normal, bitter and sometimes unequably way. In addition, I accomplished to find an appartement, which is trully a massive achievement concerning my future hometown and it's housing shortage due to the colossal amount of students there. So, in less than three weeks, my embosomed laziness and sweet idleness will cease and I'll find myself again ignoring the piles of at least a dozen books that I have to read, all the work that should have been done already and not doing any of it. Which is to say, I'm not in the least concerned, I'm looking forward to it. I'm kinda easy-going in that way.
Anyway, I have recently noticed, that my rants about my poor life have diminished in this blog lately and not by reason of nothing's happening here - well,nothing really IS happening here, but that for f's sake i not the point! - but more because I totally forgot about it. I went through my older posts the other day and thought by myself, that has to start again. The idea of the indie dancefloor being just another music blog that merely talks about and reviews artists, well, alienates me. Kind of.
So, in the lack of anything to do, why not post some music. Because I'm in a hurry, because I'm lazy, because I have to research for my university, this won't be a long one.
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Fink, Uk-based singer-songwriter has a new album coming up, called Distance & Time, which will be on sale here in Germany.. well, NOW - ............and in the Uk: on Monday.
Fink consists of songwriter Fin Greenall, being supported live by bassist Guy Whittaker and drummer Tim Thornton. Distance & Time is Fink's sophomore album, after having released his debut Biscuits For Breakfast in early 2006. Both records have been released on Ninja Tune and, here in Germany, on Rough Trade aswell.
So, how is Distance & Time? It's very folk, very lively and very melodic, kinda Bright Eyes-esque or Jens Lekman-like. It's the raining-on-sundays-and-I'm-feeling-alone- kinda thing - but it's actually good.
If you're into such things, don't waste anymore time and head straight forward to Ninja Tune, Amazon or Roughtrade!

From Distance & Time:
MP3: Fink - If Only

From Biscuits For Breakfast:
MP3: Fink - Pretty Little Thing

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and guess who's back and I did notice that one mere month later? My dearest of all swedish, curly-haired singer-songwriters, Moneybrother!!!!
His third record Mount Pleasure was released in late August via Burning Hearts, but I had a damn good reason not reporting on it right away.
Anyway, Moneybrother still has a wondeful voice, his songs are still catchy and beautiful aaaaand yes, Anders Wendin ist still handsome.
So, if you're like, having suffered under a severe lack of internet or any kind of media communication, head over to amazon or Burning Hearts.
Moneybrother's 'new' single from Mount Pleasures:

MP3: Moneybrother - Just Another Summer
MP3: Moneybrother - It Might Aswell Be Now

From the 2005 album To Die Alone:

MP3: Moneybrother - Eventually It'll Break Your Heart

and from 2003's Blood Panic:

MP3: Moneybrother - The Pressure
MP3: Moneybrother - Golden Lonely

Before I go off to weekend activities, I'll let you take place in what I've been jamming to, amongst other things, during summer, isolated in windy, deserted Swanage, for old times sake:

MP3: Kings Of Leon - Razz
MP3: The Libertines - Death On The Stairs
MP3: Goose - Modern Vision
MP3: The Others - Lackey
MP3: Soulwax - E Talking

get all the tracks at iTunes or amazon.

ok, so maybe this post was longer than I said, so ok, I lied. Who cares. I'm off.
Have a nice weekend!

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