Friday, 19 October 2007

eight for the boys

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After one week of nearly any internet connection(Swanage all over again), I'm right back at my parents' and now obsessing over having internet for more than just an hour - or when my notebook collapses at the university after a good lack of electricity.
My first week at my university has been quite satisfying, to say it that way. I've managed to change my classes in last minute, arriving without any knowledge about courses, lessons, rooms, whatsoever, but here lies the truth that university has to make everything fail-safe.
Well, as usually, I don't have much time for this, just wanted to let those few regular readers know, that I'm back.
I find myself rather uncreative this evening, so I settled for a small mix with those songs, that have a boy in their song titles. Yeah, even I find my lack of inspiration on this very Friday pretty unnerving, but I'm tired and in a hurry. I'll take more time for my blog the next day. I've received some very excellent music via email and looking forward to drawing my attention to it tomorrow or on Sundays.
I actually would've posted Dirty Pretty Things' Last Of The Small Town Playboys, but I've already posted this two months ago.

MP3: Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys
MP3: The Libertines - Boys In The Band
MP3: Hot Chip - Boy From School
MP3: The Olympus Mons - Broken Boys And Girls Of This Enchantment
MP3: Robert Pollard- Circle Saw Boys Club
MP3: The Rumble Strips - Girls And Boys In Love
MP3: Robots In Disguise - Boys
MP3: Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl

Check out the artists via my sidebar and don't forget to hop to iTunes or amazon to purchase the tracks!
Have a nice Friday evening.
I'm off.

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