Saturday, 20 October 2007

haphazard recollections

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I've been strolling round my old blog posts, which I do quite frequently, and was staggered by the amount of preposterous rants about the few happenings in my life, which played a substantial part in my blog then. These rants, somehow, have diminished over the summer, which of course was due to a good lack of time and internet, making me nevertheless feel guilty.To add up some facts of my life, which has been very uninteresting. I moved, because I started university last week, which has quite it's advantages, even though I yet have to gain internet aswell as TV, which makes the being of both my njotebook and my television in my appartement appear quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, I enjoy being away from my hometown, where, well, nothing really is happening. Except for the Maximo Park concert this Monday! I slightly remember having told you about my joy concerning this event a week ago, aswell for certain The Hives concert tickets, which made their way to me. I mean, The Hives! This'll be great, even though the concert's taking place at the end of November. So what else, if you haven't noticed, I am very well aware, that Radiohead's In Rainbows has been released digitally a few weeks ago. I know, the hype, mostly focusing on a new LP from Radiohead(oh no, who would've thought so) and the fact, that you can choose for how much you want to purchase the downloads, which is still a cool thing tho'. So let me be clear, Radiohead is probably one of the most amazing bands out there, but I still don't get them. I own three or four Radiohead records, but after having listened to two of them, I lost interest. So, in contrary to numerous blogs, you won't find me fussing about Radiohead, still I advise you to go and buy the downloads.
In addition, a note on Albert Hammond Jr's myspace left me devastated, referring to planning another solo album, which makes the near release of my favourite skinny jeans rock band become very unlikely. I like AHJ's record Yours To Keep, but can't he at least wait till The Strokes break up - which of course I hope will never ever happen - well, you get my point.
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Except for this, my life has been very boring, but fortunately, there is Matt from Atomic Hooligan, who'd sent me some very excellent tracks over the past days and because this still IS a music blog, here's a bit about them: Atomic Hooligan are a UK-based breaks duo, who are also known for their remix work, such as for Groove Armada or German DJ Tomcraft. They released their debut album You Are Here in 2005 and plan to release the sophomore album Sex, Drugs and Blah Blah Blah early next year. So, they sent me two remixes aswell as two f their own amazing songs, which can be found on the upcoming record and on the single, which should be purchased @ juno! If you're right there have a look at the other stuff that juno offers you concerning Atomic Hooligan!
MP3: Atomic Hooligan - Papercuts
MP3: Atomic Hooligan - Weed
MP3: Inside Out (Hey Gravity/Atomic Hooligan Rmx)
MP3: Duné - Robot Beat (Atomic Hooligan Rmx)
and because I'm light-hearted today, I also give you the orginal to the Duné song:
MP3: Duné - Robot Beat

I'll take care of anything else tomorrow.

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