Wednesday, 10 October 2007

this is a dance lesson

wanna dance

I'm definetely running out of post titles and I just couldn't be bothered to name another post after my very fabulous inventions like oh dear, alright or damn right. So I settled for this aswell rather uncreative title as putting a song title(well at least half a song title) up.
Anyway, it's Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and, just like every other night could be, this calls for a mix night. I should actually make one night a week an official mix night, but this probably won't work out, due to possible oblivion or laziness. I'm just gonna promise, that I'll try to post a mix every week... I'll try anyway. So tonight, it's kinda a dance mix, but not concerning the music genres, it's more likely a mix you could put in your car (at least that's I'd do), jam to it or put in your stereo and listen to it before you're going out, somehow or instead of going, you should probably go out get my drift
I'd call this one a rather strange mix, I'm still kinda surprised by my own selection. It starts with indie rock Central Standard, making it's way through synth pop Le Sport and crazy new wave Datarock up to electronica and dance like Digitalism, Daft Punk or Dutch newcomer René van Munster (By the way, check out his band Bootlickers) and ending up with !!!, who are...well, something of it all. I shouldn't explain Hadouken!, I'm sure you've heard of them and if you didn't already know about The Sonic Boom Foundation or The Tough Alliance, you should start doing that now. All in all, everything's very dance-worthy.
I actually woud've loooooooved to put up Datarock's Fa Fa Fa, but am still a bit hesitant, because that would make my blog not very inventive. I mean Fa Fa Fa is everywhere. Damnit. I'll have to decline...and decided for Sex Me Up, which is super fine to me. And yes, I keep posting Digitalism, because they are simply awesome in, well, everything.
Anyway,I chose to put up two mixes, one today and the other one tomorrow evening. I hate putting up too many songs in one mix and I'll prefer to split it into two. Easily.
So, this would be the Dance Lesson Pt. One -mix:

MP3: Central Standard - Ruiner
MP3: Le Sport - Your Brother Is My Only Hope
MP3: Hadouken! - Dance Lesson
MP3: Datarock - Sex Me Up
MP3: The Sonic Boom Foundation - Boom
MP3: The Tough Alliance -First Class Riot
MP3: Digitalism - Idealistic (Hystereo Rebrand)
MP3: René van Munster - Grasscourt Blues
MP3: Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism Remix)
MP3: !!! - Heart Of Hearts

get most of the tracks @ amazon.

Good night


mO_Ose said...

Did someone say "oblivion"? Aww...but hey, "First Class Riot" by The Tough Alliance was definitely kicking. Everything else was meh. But nice blog. Thanks!

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