Tuesday, 30 October 2007

5 songs I'm listening to on this tuesday

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so, here I am again, after a mere week of non-posting, I finally got myself up to post at least something. I'm only doing a short one, because I'm sitting at a desk in my university and it's f'ing freezing, so my fingers hurt while typing. Yes, right now I'm pitiable. But enough of that, because I'm hungry and unfortunately there's nothing edible in front of me, which makes me a bit aggressive.
Nevertheless, I picked some songs for today, Kings Of Leon are classic, atleast Aha Shake Heartbreak and TJG, which is featured on it, are. Then we got Modeselektor, wishing me a late Happy Birthday - they actually did that already last week, but I couldn't upload them - anyway I looove Datarock's Computer Camp Love, amongst all the other tracks from Datarock, which I would probably take to that lonely island along with The Whip's Muzzle NO.1 and hopefully their upcoming album, which shouldn't be too long. And last, I got a track from Krafty Kuts, because I think I haven't posted something like that here.
Have fun:

MP3: Kings Of Leon - Taper Jean Girl
MP3: Modeselektor - Happy Birthday
MP3: Datarock - Computer Camp Love
MP3: The Whip - Muzzle NO. 1 (Shadow Dancer Rmx)
MP3: Krafty Kuts - Solid Feet

Get the tracks @ beatport

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