Monday, 14 May 2007

put away your garbage bin

So, let me tell you a bit of Help She Can't Swim. The four-pieced London-based band makes nice psych punk aaaand indie rock and to my own surprise I like it. Their fast-driven songs underlined with the singer's partly high pitched voice do hav a rather interesting sound. I wouldn't have expected it since I read a describtion about them which declared them as utterly angry punk rock and noisy. Well, they are noisy, but in a really good way. They have a new album coming out via fantastic plastic records called The Death Of Nightlife which must be out for about a week now. It's good, a more hardcore(and screamy) Bromhead's Jacket version, but still the distinctive rap-like vocal parts and the intruding but lovely accent. Please go and pursue their album either on their label or through amazon. I guess there's nothing left to add.
Oh wait:

MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Hostpital Drama
from their latest album Death Of A Nightlife
MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Are You Feeling Fashionable
from the 2005 Fashionista Super Dance Troupe
MP3: Help She Can't Swim - Cut The Biography
from the Commiting Social Suicide EP

and, because I'm feeling kinda melancholic today:

MP3: The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

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The Kinks are fantastic