Sunday, 30 March 2008

du und dein automobil

how 'bout an e compilation? Made one today, because it's Sunday evening and I'm bored. I've been to the Hadouken! show on Wednesday and it was pretty awesome. The venue was small, the people and the band were both wild, crazy and in a very good mood. They've only played for about 50 minutes, though all the important songs along some new ones were in the setlist(Liquid Lives, TBTG, Dance Lesson, Bounce, etc etc). Speaking of new Hadouken! songs, I've got a snippet for you today: it's called Mister Misfortune, it's from the forthcoming debut Music For An Accelerated Culture and it's awesome, different tho'. Seeing as I've been to see Datarock also very recently, it should by honoured aswell, but with a slightly more older song. The rest is basically self-explanatory, new LB's album's alright, same goes for Tocadisco's LP. Found The Sons five minutes ago on insound, was a bit curious...basic brit indie, cool. What'd be a good mix without 19 minutes of odd noises from Raccoo-oo-oon? The Cribs' I'm A Realist 7" is good, besides haven't heard a Cribs aswell as a Das Pop song in a while - sounds all still very nice. Thought some older songs (from the 90's *cough*) would be good, especially coming from Stereo Total and Dj Spooky. I could have put up one of the DVNO remixes, but you can find them basically everywhere on basically every blog...ok ok, exaggerating.

MP3: Hadouken! - Mister Misfortune
MP3: Datarock - Stay

MP3: Hot Chip - Sensual Seduction (Snoop Dogg Cover)
MP3: The Long Blondes - Round The Hairpin 
MP3: Tocadisco - Spooky808 
MP3: The Sons - Kids with Knives 
MP3: Raccoo-oo-oon - Naked Apocalypse
MP3: The Cribs - Kind Words From The Broken Hearted 
MP3: Das Pop - Baby Of Gold 
MP3: Stereo Total - Du und dein Automobil
MP3: DJ Spooky - Degree Zero

- oh yeah, because today I'm a very bored, but also a very nice person, I zipped it for ya(not the Naked Apocalypse obviously).
get them @ amazon, insound, iTunes, beatport, juno etc

- I'm off


Anonymous said...

thnx a lot, the sensual seduction remix is ace haha :)

Anonymous said...

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