Wednesday, 14 May 2008

hearts on fire

Between working the whole weekend and listening almost non stop to Colourful Life, I still managed to squeeze in some other music for a blog post. As it is this time of the year, when I'm plagued with allergies, my head seems to be filled with water, which is to say: I can't concentrate. Seeing as I haven't compiled a mix in a while, I did one for today.
But first: A brand new Dirty Pretty Things song! For free! Sounds like a drinking song for me, but I could be wrong... Anyway, Hippy's Son is taken from the forthcoming sophomore album which will be called Romance At Short Notice and be out in June.
The mix contains mostly new stuff, some electro, some indie, some rock, all in all great stuff etc etc. You all know that. I've put the links to the websites on the sidebar, so if you like a song, please go and support the artist. The new Vines song sounds promising, simple but decent. Let's just hope, the new record will veer stylistically towards Highly Evolved, because it's about time for a really, really good Vines record.

seeing as my brain due to allergy is currently unable to function properly, I still have the courtesy to zip it for you:

alright back to being in pain.
take care

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J Anne Photography said...

that looks like a pretty sweet mix..just enough stuff i already dig and plenty of new stuff, too.

thanks for posting!