Saturday, 10 May 2008

I wish daft punk was playing at my house

So the Cajun's record out, too, in the UK and the US, but Germany still has to wait until the end of May, dammit. I've just counted the times I've written about them, then with shock noticed that I've already posted half of the album. Cajun Dance Party could as well be the band I've posted the most songs... no wait, that'd be The Cribs, who'd been on this blog with a little more than twelve songs. Oh dear. Anyway, two posts ago I said something about bands who put almost every song from their singles/EPs with one or two new songs on their debut - well, Cajun Dance Party just did that. As far as I can see, there's only one new song, namely No Joana on The Colourful Life, BUT (!) that is perfectly fine. Not only because it's the Cajuns, but because they announced there will be another album sometime later this years, which will feature only brand new songs! Still Colourful Life is worth the purchase(besides that it's the most melodic and beautiful debut record I've heard in a while), containing the remastered version of the demo songs and that is truly a comfort to our ears, because the demo versions weren't ..erm that nice to listen to. I wanted to post No Joana, a wonderful soft, melodic song, as it is the new song, but after remarking that then I would've posted most of the record, I decided for the really fabulous versions of The Firework and Buttercups. I can't wait for the vinyl version to be out here in Germany and also for the new record, for which we hopefully won't have to wait much longer. I could just not post anymore Cajun Dance Party songs, until the new record is out... but I probably couldn't keep that up. Don't forget to order your copy here and until then:
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - The Firework
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - Buttercups

So, Skew is a multi-instrument artist, making really cool instrumental music. Solid beats, guitar riffs, all I can say: really niace. He had his Stadiums Are Ok EP released digitally for free. So, if you like this song, go over to his website, where you'll find even more songs!
MP3: Skew - Everything's Almost

Also, to what I've listened this week: Strip Steve's Skip School EP, like Siriusmo also signed to the German label Boys Noize Records. Decent electro/house from France, what more can you ask for? I think the EP is already out for some time, but if, like me, you haven't heard of Strip Steve before and you really like Pacey's, visit arcade mode and bring some money.
MP3: Strip Steve - Pacey's

I don't quite remember how I got into Pony Pony Run Run, maybe I have a thing for bands with horse names(Poney Poney, NYPC, Band of Horses, The Ponys, Poni Hoax, Fuckpony, International Pony, etc) or maybe because they make exciting electropop/new rave music, despite the fact that new rave is so 2006. Probably the latter. They remind me a bit of The Whip, only more powerpop. I've snatched Boy/Girl Surrender from discodust and I can only recommend it to you!
MP3: Pony Pony Run Run - Boy/Girl Surrender (Summer Edit)

Next is a sweet MGMT remix from Mmmathias, who as it seems hasn't been a myspacer for more than a short time. Interesting, I thought everybody has a myspace since... forever. Anyway, his remix is really good and you should check out his other two songs on his space, they're just as good.
MP3: MGMT - The Youth (Mmmatthias Remix)

Next is a new track by The Chaingang of 1974 aka Kamtin Mohager.  You can hear he's a pretty big fan of LCD Soundsystem and The Presets and his music settles right between the two bands. A good place, I'd say. He has a record in the making called Mad Paranoid, which will hopefully be out soon, because I'm really looking forward to it. So, go over to his myspace for more awesome tracks.
MP3: The Chaingang Of 1974 - I Wish Daft Punk Was Playing At My House
couldn't resist:
MP3: LCD Sound System - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

...and we're staying in the electro hotel with two other very cool tracks: one is from Valerna and the second is them remixing Silk's Freak Me. If you go to Valerna's myspace, you can also download a 45 minute long mix for free. That's awesome. And these, too:
MP3: Silk - Freak Me (Vlrna Remix)
MP3: Valerna - Brandon Knows Me

After their LP, Holy Fuck have been getting rather a lot of attention due to their Radiohead remix. As I don't care much for Radiohead, I do care very much for their rerelease of Lovely Allen, which features a very lovely Riton rerub. You can get the Lovely Allen 7" right here.
MP3: Holy Fuck -Lovely Allen (Riton Rerub)

Alright, gotta go work to get money for a new notebook.
Have a nice weekend!

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