Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Should I be

happy about this?
I'm not quite sure. I adore Carl Barât, loved The Libertines, somehow like the Babyshambles, but the Pete thingy is just way too blurry for me. I dunno.

Well, there are more important and pleasant things o talk about, like a new Cribs song! Yes, it's called Men's Needs, it's so cool, aaaaaaaaaand you can listen to it here on my blog and preorder it here.
This is so cool, I'm so excited, stalking them on their website every couple days is obviously worth it!

MP3: The Cribs - Men's Needs

Going on with Dntel, who I recall to have mentioned only shortly once, but the new album Dumb Luck is due this Friday and according to this, you can prelisten to all the new songs on myspace, which I can only demand you to. Besides, if you haven't heard of Dntel before, Jimmy Tamborello(the man behind)is also part of electro group The Postal Service, as a little orientation help. I've decided, due to myspace's grace to put up all the songs, that I won't post any mp3s today, maybe the weekend, when I'll probably review the album.
You can preorder the album through the label Sup Pop, but aswell as Amazon or download it with iTunes.
---> go prelisten to Dumb Luck
That's it for today, I actually didn't want to post anything, but the amazingly new Cribs song had to be recorded on the indie dancefloor.This is it.

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