Saturday, 28 April 2007

elaborate laziness

interfuses my up all night aggrieved being.The seducing thought of just posting some mp3s and then disappearing is impressivly alluring. But I've spent the last couple of days listening myself to near death, so an extraordinarily post should be appropriate.
Teenage Bad Girl
Beginning with French electro band Teenage Bad Girl. I've come to conclusion that lately I'm a huge sucker for electro-based French, mostly female dominated groups.
I could start reasoning about that topic, but I won't, prolonging laziness. Nevertheless, their new album Cocotte is circling around the global music market for a month and sounds in my ears just fine. Nice electronic music for a bored afternoon spending in your room with nothing to do or cool tunes for an evening out dancing your ass off. I like it. For prelistening pleasures I'll recommend the rather popular Boys Noize remix(included on their EP Cocotte), aswell as TBG's Scissor Sisters remake, which can also be found on their myspace profile. All the songs, aswell as the album Cocotte can be purchased here and here.

MP3: Teenage Bad Girl - Hands of a stranger

MP3: Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte(Boize Noize Remix)

MP3: Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancin'(Teenage Bad Girl Remix)

Processing the electrowave in my post, North London based electronic combo Getrude's Storm have quite an interesting name, German twanging. Are they aware that getrude is no popular name here in the country of sauerkraut and sausages? I don't think so. Oh well, before drifting away from the topic(again) I'd lose some words to their music: Cool electro experimental fraky sound that has definitetly the groove. Nice.
Their 7'' drinking my brain? came out last November via ahem! records and the band is also featured on the label's everything you'd ever feared compilation. Go have a look at their myspace and also feel free to get some tracks at Corporation Records or at Indiestore, where you can download one song for free!

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Recycling Old Crap

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Jesus! Horses!

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Jesus! Horses! (night remix)

MP3: Getrude's Storm - Drinking my brain

Ok, coming back to indie music, Live Wire has another cool band to offer, called The Comfies. Oh, concerning their band name, be careful with image googleing if you're not on the look for cosily abdomen garment. Coming back to the band, I'd describe their style as melodic indie rock with beautiful pop harmonies. Their EP Close to me was released just recently and defintiely worth a close listen. or maybe two. See their myspace profile and get the tracks here and here.

MP3: The Comfies - Close To Me

MP3: The Comfies - Your Sunshine

So, I've reached the end of this post and to top this off, I'll have some other cool songs for you. First, QOTSA's Josh Homme has collaborated with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and the result can be found here.

MP3: Queens of the stoneage feat. Trent Reznor - You know what you did

Hot Chip's who I mentioned before, remixed Jamie Lidell's Multiply and have another new song on an E-card called my piano. I can only recommend to listen to it.

MP3: Jamie Lidell - Multiply(Hot Chips Mouth Remix)

Ecard: Hot Chip - DJ Kicks

aaaaaaaaand you can prelisten to Ben Frosts' new album Theory Of Machines.

Album Stream: Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines

This is it.
For today.

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