Monday, 30 April 2007

I feel guilty

for renewing my "new mmmusic" section and then just silently stealing away leaving you with the mere links to the band's websites and those to buy the records.
So I thought I could at least drop a few words to clarify WHY you should grap your money and get one of those cds.

Starting with Deerhunter, a psychedelic indie rock band from Atlanta. I daresay, that I smell a light Arcade Fire similarity. Just to leave that open. Anyhow, their sound is flourescent, soothing, electrifying with a pop electro touch. Well, I still go with that Arcade Fire connection. Sounds fine to me.

MP3: Deerhunter - Like New

MP3: Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey

Next on my list today are Badgerlore. The psychedelic folk experimental combo seems to select it's members by stealing the from other great bands, like Deerhoof, Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire,Yellow Swans and so on. Incredible that those musicians found a connection reagrding the fact that yeir origins lie in various music styles.
The album We are all hopeful farmers was released last Friday and have a look at my sidebar if interested in investing some money in an interesting band. Woah. here are some songs:

MP3: Badgerlore - Good Night, Sweet Rabbits

MP3: Badgerlore - Mountain Wine

Going on with electro indie pop The Bird and The Bee from LA. I like the vocalists voice, recently I've grown more into female singing, I guess. Nice, refreshing, smooth. Go, Buy.

MP3: The Bird and The Bee - Again and Again

aaand for the love of electro-rocking Peaches, here's a remix.

MP3: The Bird And The Bee - My F*cking Boyfriend (Peaches Remix)

Next, funky, bouncy indie rock group from England(where else?)The Bees. Second animal name, same insect. Weird, no. Just cool groovy music. Have a listen, decide yourself and search your nearest record shop for Octopus.

MP3: The Bees - Who cares what the question is ( I like the title)

MP3: The Bees - Hot One

Wow I'm tired.

Still: Honeycut. Their new album is called The Day I Turned into Glass and is sort of funk and electronic inspired. As having seen DJ Shadow on last year's Pantiero Festival in Cannes, this shows a lonley, strange line from him and Honeycut in my mind. I'm tired, I may be wrong.

Honeycut - Shadows

All female band Electrelane seem to have a good living in their synth pop shiny street. Their fourth studio album draws wider connections to Sonic Youth, which surprises me a bit. Not much. Check them out or go order a button. Or do both.

MP3: Electrelane - At Sea

MP3: Electrelane - In Berlin

So closing this post with a wish, that my friend uttered some hours ago, providing her with some song from Architecture in Helsinki.

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki - Wishbone

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (YACHT remix)

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