Saturday, 21 April 2007

A Certain Tune

Arctic Monkeys
so, as I promised, I'll give a detailed review of the new Arctic Monkey's album Favourite Worst Nightmare. My first impressions: quite surprised, being seduced by their latest single Brianstorm, which hacked itself into my ear and won't let me rest until my iTunes played it at least five times in a row. Concerning their "new sound", I'd prefer to say, that on the album are more parallels to their first record, than I thought, being lured by Brianstorm into a more square-egden illusion of sound. Nevertheless it's a great album, multi-sided and amazing. I've been listening to it since yesterday, not being bored at all. Do me a Favour reminds me a bit of Riot Van, even though it is more melodic and on-going than it's precursor. Flourescent Adolescent has quite a groovy tune and Teddy Picker the typical hip hop sound concerning Alex Turner's voice. Even tiny, but beautiful ballads like 505 creeped into the worst nightmares of the monkeys, a premier calls this MTV.(I choose to differ, because I'd call Mardy Bum quite a ballad,, maybe not a stereotype one, but a ballad.) All in all it's a fantastic albums, may be not what everyone had expected after their famous debut, but I can truly recommend to buy it. I've thought of presenting here my favourite tunes here to give you a slight preview. For those who haven't been running to their nearest local record shop should be doing this instantly or following the lazy method and ordering it on Amazon or iTunes.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Flourescent Adlescent

OK, going on with King of Leon, who released their third album Because of the times this Friday here in Germany. After their second album Aha Shake Heartbreak and the debut Youth & Young Manhood this is definitely a good developpment. This record surely demands more attention than the first ones, even beginning with seven minutes opener Knocked Up to introduce the oblivious listener to their newest baby.Caleb's, the vocalist, voice sounds even more crumbly and fragile than on the debut, making it more tensed. Cool record. Go and buy it. Here and here.

MP3: Kings of Leon - McFearless

MP3: Kings of Leon - On Call

so, and last, but not least, Feist, one of my beloved female singers, has also released a new record called The Reminder, which is the second for her, following her debut album Let It Die from 2004. This is what I would call a piece of pure beauty Her amazing voice mixed with changing soft and faster tunes, all packed on one great album. I don't even have anymore words for it, than rund and buy it immediately. Or go to iTunes or Amazon.

MP3: Feist - My Moon, My Man

MP3: Feist - The Limit To Our Love

so, closing this post with another, very interesting song, that I found on this music blog. It's The Strokes' Take It Or Leave It covered by Arctic Monkeys! Wow, one favourite band of mine, covers a favourite tune of my ultimate favourite band.
I could say, that I couldn't be happier.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Take It Or Leave It (Strokes Cover)

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