Monday, 12 March 2007

Call me math godess

yeah, that's right, I made it to 6points in the last maths test, which was truly my last maths test in my whole life, not regarding the math A level exam. But that is no normal text, it's absolutely "El Horror!". I was very close to a panic attack this morning during German lesson and I had a freak out later this afternoon as not being able to solve simple math questions. I even cired. Imagine that. Cried because of mathematics. I'm convinced, that on this Friday, the world will end. And if not, I surely aim for making March, 17th as the new easter, the national day of resurrechtion. This is in no way exaggerated, because if I won't die during the exam, I'll die from the alcohol I'll pour into my body right after the test.
Well, I have to stop this topic, before it drives me into another panic attack. I actually wanted to celebrate a little bit of my rather good math grade, but somehow I can't enjoy it, because the thought of Fridays weighs it all down.
I even feel guilty for not learning right now, but I needed a small break, 'cause I couldn't concentrate anymore. Tomorrow'll be a heavy day, too, I'll wag Biology to learn math(4 hours) and then again maths lessons and then come home at three pm to learn maths again. I guess, 'normal thinking people' would be thinking, that this is fairly enough maths to be well prepaired, but no. I still come to think, that I absolutely know nothing. Sad, yeah.
I have to go back to my desk and maths books.
Yay. fun, fun, fun.
Probably won't sleep tonight.
never mind, my life ends in 4 days anyway, so who needs sleep?

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