Friday, 17 August 2007

Damn Right!

bang bang

here I am again, back with another mix for your ears, this time with a special topic I thought of. Lately I noticed in my iTunes library, that I listened to a lot of albums and quite recent, but missed out one song of each album. I mean, when you really like an album or just can't stop listening to it, but there is always one song on it, whose-excuse for the lame example- the acne driven bass player- alright, but wouldn't have noticed it if he would have hidden somewhere. Alright, no offence against bass players, but still to draw the right image by using too many words as usual: most albums have exactly one song which could aswell have served as a hidden track or a b-side and you could as well go on listening and skip the song when ever it comes up.
So I've searched my iTunes to find some albums mostly from the last two years which I've listened till the music came floating out of my ears and picked the songs that I didn't care much for, but which are great nonetheless.
The whole reason behind is to set my mind on it, maybe fall in love with them afterall and it's different from all those b-sides, rareties mixes.
Oh and yes, I find it rather interesting, that the following mix just perfectly matches my blog name corresponding to an indie club night - and I don't care if the songs are coming from 'mainstream' indie bands such as Razorlight or Franz Ferdinand. I liked their records, that's it.

You are free to disagree:
[oh yeah, song for mp3 and artist for artist information]

MP3: The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Nature Springs
taken from the album 'The Good, The Bad & The Queen' (2007)

MP3: Art Brut - Modern Art
no,modern art doesn't make me want to rock out, funny nevertheless
taken from the album Bang Bang Rock'n'Roll (2005)

MP3: Kings of Leon - The Bucket
taken from 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' (2004)

MP3: The Kooks - If Only
yes, the band with the 14-year-old teen girlies fans, but I'm sure that everyone of you listened to it more than 20 times a week, when it was out, new and so indie ^^. Except for 'If Only'
taken from 'Inside In - Inside Out' (2006)

MP3: Dirty Pretty Things - Last Of The Small Town Playboys
Love the album, love Carl Barat, just like the song...
taken from 'Waterloo To Anywhere' (2006)

MP3: Mando Diao - Bring 'Em In
I had a strong Mando Diao phase earlier this year, they're sticking to quite a Hives-esque attitude à la 'We're great, you know it, we know it, more applause please'
taken from Bring 'Em In' (2004)

MP3: Maxïmo Park - I Want You To Stay
taken from ' A Certain Trigger' (2005)

MP3: Razorlight - In The City
Uh, yeah, Razorlight, .....Johnny Borrell....still hate myself self for having missed's alright
taken from 'Up All Night' (2004)

MP3: The (International) Noise Conspiracy - This Side Of Heaven
my post-punk outsider tonight. I like the fact, that 'Armed Love' gives me only one black sheep instead of their earlier work, who has a lot of 'skip-next-song's'
taken from 'Armed Love' (2004)

MP3: The Arcade Fire - Crown of Love
taken from 'Funeral' (2004)

MP3: Belle & Sebastian - Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
taken from 'Push Barman To Open Old Wounds' (2005)

MP3: The Cribs - The New Fellas
My Cribs obsession is taking over lately, isn't it? It's justified, though. The bands great, the songs are great, only this one is alright and I am just fine.
taken from 'The New Fellas' (2003)

MP3: Franz Ferdinand - Cheating On You
I'm probably not the only one who hasn't got any strong feelings about this one.
taken from 'Franz Ferdinand' (2004)

MP3: The Libertines - Radio America
oh well, oh well.....
taken from 'Up The Bracket' (2002)

MP3: Muse - Dark Shines
I lurrrrrrrrrv' Muse. I love Matthew Bellamy. I just don't love Dark Shines.
taken from 'Origin Of Symmetry' (2001)

MP3: The Strokes - Vision Of Division
well, actually, the song is great, but I just don't forgive Julian having played that song on the three occasions I saw them last year instead of my all time favourite 'Soma' or Razorblade'. Damn you Casablancas!
I still love this band more than everything and am not a bit ashamed of it.
taken from 'First Impressions Of Earth' (2006)

MP3: Digitalism - Digitalism In Cairo
Alright, why put Digitalism on my blog if there are thousands of blogs who already feature Digitalism songs. Beeeeeeecause: I absolutely love this album and there are no, I repeat, no songs on it that I don't like. So I picked this on on a random purpose.
taken from 'Idealism' (2007)

Get all the songs at Juno or Amazon

Alright, so I leave you with my purely subjective choice of 17 (!)songs. If you don't agree, fell free to comment your opinion.
Maybe I should do another mix next time with the topic: Music everybody is going crazy over and I don't understand why.
Like Mr. Oizo's EP.
But enough for today.
Have a nice week.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Quick Wednesday Take-Away

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Hello everybody

despite last week my announcement of keeping my dancefloor quiet, I could quickly sneak into my host familys computer to write a short post.

Because I don't have time and no internet to research on new releases to do so aswell, the only thing I can give you is a mini-mix.

Here goes:

MP3: Magic Arm - Outdoor Games [web link]

MP3: Bedroom Eyes - Stethoscope Sounds [web link]

MP3: Alloy Mental - Fortunate One [web link]

MP3: Black Strobe - Lady [web link]

MP3: Go Go Charlton - Your Son[web link]

MP3: Chris & Mollie - Mice eyes [web link]

MP3: Vivek Shraya - Fevered [web link]

get most of the songs either at Juno, iTunes or Amazon

--Oh, and notice, the files will ony be up for seven days, so enjoy them quickly!