Wednesday, 20 February 2008

are you folk enough?


Everybody's going crazy over the Juno soundtrack and it's unexpected success, which features a Moldy Peaches track aswell as some of Kimya Dawson's. Point is, Kimya Dawson along Adam Green were part of the popular anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches, which I assume, is common knowledge. Now with Adam Green's fifth studio record Sixes And Sevens out soon, hopes are high, The Moldy Peaches will be regrouping soon enough. Honestly, I cannot be bothered to care very much. Sure, that'd be more than super cool, if they do get together again, record an album, go touring an' stuff, but I also like Adam Green as a solo artist with his queer songs about female 'celebrities' or other cranky stories. I missed seeing him live on a festival in 2006 and I do regret that bitterly now. Anyway, Sixes And Sevens is a true Adam Green record, with various twists and turns in the songs, although it appears to be more mature. Comments about Jessica Simpson or any other singer/actress are missing(or am I missing them? fair enough), but we got great folk tunes along with violins, tropical flutes, tubas, some gospel singers, a lot of accoustic guitars and a whole bunch of variety. The tracklist contains 20 songs, but no one longer than 3 minutes, which prevents the album from getting boring and lengthy. The songs are smart and short, even though some of them calmer than expected. I always felt, that Adam Green's deep, soft voice gives the listener a certain feeling of security, calms one while listening, even if it's about a pony. I didn't like Jacket Full Of Danger, in my opinion it couldn't quite reach the genius of Gemstones. I would place Sixes And Sevens on #2 of my very subjective list of best Adam Green records. It seems Adam Green may have grown up a little without losing his unique sense of humour in his songs. At this point, my favourites Festival Song, Tropical Island, When Pretty Face and the two below. Sixes And Sevens should be out here in Germany on March, the 7th, in the UK next Monday and in the U.S. on March, 18th. You can preorder it here.

From Sixes And Sevens:
MP3: Adam Green - Twee Twee Dee 
MP3: Adam Green - Getting Led 

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