Sunday, 18 March 2007

I feel strong

enough now to talk a bit of Friday. I still have issues to manage my life now without any mathematic problems to solve. My dreams contain vectorial questions mixed with surreal situations concerning all day life. Anyway, I've never learned so much in my life for any mathematic test whatsoever and did it have any sense? No, stupid A-Level. On Thursday, I actually thought I had the slightest chance to reach the 7 Point limit, but Karin Wolff didn't grant me that pleasure. I was really confident on Thursday, no nervous breakdown, no suicide attempts, nothing of that level. But then, Friday, oh my. We had to choose between two Analysis assignments and also one assignment for stochastics and analytic geometry. Analysis was ok,even though it took me forever to solve it and I had to guess a lot, stochastics was fine, maybe I got everything right(that's what you call positive thinking to prevent upcoming nervous breakdowns). So I had only half an hour left(all in all, we had 3 hours, which is definitely not enough, if you're thinking so slowly like me) for analytic geomtry. I looked at the first task and started to cry. No, seriously, I cried. After some minutes I calmed down, managed to calculate a bit, but this analytic geometry was my enemy from the beginning. The assignment had about 5 subtasks and I only made 1 and a half of them, probably all wrong.
Well, I feel depression rising again, so I should head up to my room and start learning English for Tuesday.
Enough for today, I guess.
Maybe I'll take some pics of my desk before I'll throw away all my maths stuff. I'll see.

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