Thursday, 28 June 2007

Just a quick wave

I'm in England, Swanage exactly if this does tell you anything, right now(for the next three months) and, unfortunately, don't have the chance to access internet regularely. So this will be just a quick glance into my blog and the indie world to let you know I'm still there(if you even wondered) and apologize that I haven't blogged for such a long time. Actually, I'm working offline at a cool new post, already did some research for the bands, that I wnant to review the next time, that I'll have internet. Probably the daz after tomorrow, I'll go and search an internet cafe, if I don't have to work.
Anyway, I can't let you go without at least some music, but because I'm not using my own laptop, I can only give you something from my mp3-player, stuff that I listened to very much the last three or four days.

So, have fun where ever you are and wish me luck to find an internet access as quick as possible.

MP3: The Cribs - Major's Titling Victory
yes, again, The Cribs. Why? Because they're awesome, the song's awesome, the album's awe - you get the point....
from Men's Needs Women's Needs Whatever
get it at amazon

MP3: Louis XIV - All The Little Pieces
fromThe Best Little Secrets Are Kept
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and to those few people who come and read my blog on a more or less regular basis...

MP3: Kaiser Chiefs - Thank you very much
from Your's truly, angry mob
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