Thursday, 21 June 2007

too tired for everything - oh wait...

are you tired

... not too tired for another mix for this wonderful but exhausting Thursday evening.
I'm finally back from my camping having spent the past days in suffocating heat, excessive downpour and compensating this with exorbitant alcohol consumption. This means, also regarding my post title, that I'm far too tired for a regular, long and detailed post so I'll just pick the lazy way. Besides, for a lack of sleep I find it quite difficult to concentrate right now.
Anyways, this mix contains most of the songs, that I wanted to post the past week(then-found-out, they-were-all-over-'blogland'), songs that I've been listening too quite insanely and simply bands that I think you listen to if you haven't already.

So here's a Thursday Evening Mix:

[and ya know, song for mp3, artist for artist information]

MP3: The Whitest Boy Alive - Dead End

MP3:The Presets - Down Down Down(Digitalism Remix)

MP3:Dogs - On a Bridge, By a Pub

MP3: The Dance Inc - Don't run to the Suburbs

MP3: Belle & Sebastian - Judy And The Dream Of Horses

MP3: Digitalism - Anything New

MP3: Justice - Let There Be Light

MP3: The Cribs - Girls Like Mystery

MP3: The Rapture - House of Jealous Lovers

MP3: New Young Pony Club - Grey


Fenway Recordings said...

The Cribs new album, Men's Needs Women's Needs Whatever, is out in the US on July 17!

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