Thursday, 22 November 2007

I don't like celine dion

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this is a fact.
Celine Dion is just awful, her music is disturbing and she probably is also a very disturbing person. The world would be so much better of without her. I mean, in the music scene, of course, I don't want her to die, I'm not a hateful person.
But there are so many things, that I hate in this world, like: cyclists, parking tickets, cyclists who take in the whole street while I'm driving a car, people who make a fuss about parking tickets, spiders, daft politicians(uhh), plastic spoons, joghurt that has small pieces of fruit in it and most of all, people who talk very slowly and gesturing pretty wildly.
No thanks, I can perfectly understand you, there's no need to hit my face with your smelly fingers or to imitate a horse galloping, if you're trying to explain the meaning of a race. Not for me, no, no and if you could speed up your language a bit, that'd be excellent, because I don't have time for you to analyse, why the weather is so crappy or your politicians are so daft and incompetent, for I know that pretty well, just tell me the danmn time in three seconds or faster, sir. Thank you, even though I could have said everything you expressed like ten times faster.
These things drive me nuts, even more than the simple being of Celine Dion - oh wait, no, Celine Dion is unbearable.
Anyways, there are also a lot of things that I love.
For example:

MP3: Belle & Sebastian - I Love My Car

Nevermind, coming to the actual purpose of this post. The Presets have a new song!
And a new single, which means a new record coming up soon! This is really great news. I can't stop listening to My People, after someone gave me a little hint, that one of the most awesome Australian dance band has a new record waiting to be released. You know, the amazing two piece band, whose Down Down Down was also remixed by my latest favourite Midnight Juggernauts
Well, first, there's the single My People, which will be released on December, the 18th via Modular People. You can sign up here to the MP mailing list, to get the exact date to preorder the single. Also check out The Presets' website and, of course, this:

MP3: The Presets - My People
someone deleted the z-share link
-buy the single!!!!!

and just for the awesomeness of this remix:

MP3: The Presets - Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

well, what else is there? Dntel has posted a new remix of the band People Press Play on his homepage and I can say, that I like it very much. So should you:

MP3: People Press Play - These days (Dntel Instrumental

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so, I've been listening to a lot of Mgmt, Midnight Juggernauts, basically everyone, that the Midnight Juggernauts did a remix for, lately a lot of The Cribs again, some random Muse b-sides, The Black Ghosts and lot of other stuff. Here's a small part of it:

MP3: Midnight Juggernauts - Ending Of An Era
MP3: Mmgt - Kids
MP3: The Cribs - Tri'elle
MP3: Shitdisco - Ok (Yuksek remix)
MP3: Refuge Kru - Letting Go
MP3: The Black Ghosts - Am I Too Late
MP3: Muse - The Groove

I'm gonna go packing, because I'm going home tomorrow morning.


Carles said...

<3 <3 <3

Marcus said...

Cyclists' taking the lane is not about causing an inconvenience to people driving cars. It's about safety. Most of us happen to not enjoy things like crashing into car doors or being run over because someone doesn't bother to make themselves aware of their surroundings. Personally I generally try to stay out of the way when possible, but I will choose taking the lane over serious injury or death. Kay thanks.

Anonymous said...

Celine is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Celine IS brilliant :O) and fabulous and amazing and genuine and...ahh well, you get the point. Quit being jealous that a celebrity exists that isn't as self-centered as whomever you may be a fan of. Oh, and thanks for taking the time to write about her :O)

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