Tuesday, 20 November 2007

tuesday night is a mix night

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as could be every other night, but I don't have class today and tomorrow not until 6pm, which makes it kinda reasonable to do an evening post. Atleast it does in my mind.
I wish I could promise to have Tuesday nights as constant mix nights, but there's a huge possibility of failure, so I don't promise... before I disappoint my non-existing readers -haha.
Anyway, this is simply a random 9 song collection of what I've been listening to lately. No stylistic limits today, I'm tired.
Have fun!

MP3: Dartz! - Latin & Greek
MP3: Dub Pistols - Peaches
MP3: Neon Plastix - Prick Tease
MP3: Teki Latex (feat. Lio) - Les Matins de Paris
MP3: Matrix & Futurebound - Coast To Coast
MP3: 22-20s - Devil In Me<
MP3: Mgmt - Weekend Wars
MP3: Black Wire - No One Loves You
MP3: Kubichek! - Nightjoy

get the tracks @ beatport or iTunes.

- oh yeah, for artist information check my sidebar.
that's it.


TonyHasselbank said...

Holla! When i read "non existing readers" i felt like its my time to speak now. I do read your blog and as a matter of fact i really enjoy it. Your taste in music is fine and sometimes i really find some diamonds in your collection. Just my 2 cents. Cheerio.

TonyHasselbank said...

Before i forget you might like listening to "Elle Milano" or "The Wombats" if you don`t do already. Im out...:)

laura said...

ich les deinen blog auch manchmal und finds faszinierend

urs laura

izabella said...

ich weiss nich, wie ich das jetzt finden soll