Thursday, 8 November 2007

I have time for indie

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Well, at least at the very moment now, because I finished my class an hour ago and am now sitting in the library with time to upload mp3s.
So, I decided for some indie music, classic, new and 'old' ones, compiling in another indie mix - I should do indie mixes more often... I can't promise that I'll do it, but it's worth a thought.
The Cribs, Albert Hammond Jr, Kings Of Convenience, The Elephants, The Go-Betweens can be considered as 'old', because I think I've (or the rest of blogger world) posted them all sometime ago...but I can't quite remember, except for The Cribs - haven't posted a Cribs track for atleast a month, it's about time - I should start tagging correctly. Well, the tracks are good anyway, otherwise I wouldn't repost the bands7tracks, pfsh.
The Who and The Kinks are classic, obviously. Then we got Museum and The Inconsolables, to whom I got via, and Elle Milano and The Video Nasties whom I found via myspace, but who've been around in bloggerland for some time.
Then my favourite bit(of the new ones of course, who could beat The Kinks, pffsh) The Checks (on the picture) who have a new record out/or coming out, depends which country you're residing in, called Hunting Whales, which sofar I've heard it, think it's pretty good. Check their myspace for further information.
Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the indie mix:

MP3: The Cribs - Be Safe
MP3: The Checks - What You Heard
MP3: Albert Hammond Jr - Hard To Live In The City
MP3: The Elephants - Obvious
MP3: Elle Milano - Swearing's For Art Students
MP3: Bombay Bicycle Club - How Are You
MP3: Cajun Dance Party - Amylase
MP3: The Go-Betweens - Finding You
MP3: The Kinks - A House In The Country
MP3: The Inconsolables - Lover's Rock
MP3: Kings Of Convenience - Failure
MP3: The Video Nasties - Accesory
MP3: The Who - Pinball Wizard
MP3: Museum - To Have Or To Be
MP3: Los Campesinos! - Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks


- I'm going to see the Klaxons next week!


metawelle said...

Oh, you mentioned Museum from Germany. It's a great band and i hope they will release their first full length album soon. you can download to of their eps on their homepage. get it here:

indie_dinosaur said...

Isn't Albert Hammond Jr's solo album amazing? I love it! Did you catch the live footage of him over at