Friday, 11 January 2008

eight songs for f-f-friday


Alright I've been a lazy blogger lately, but I'm trying on improving this. Not tonight, because I've got stuff for my studies to do, boring, unnerving, but necessary stuff, so this'll be a short one. We got another fantastic remix from Fisher Preyes, this time of London's Disco Damage. 4Hero's Morning Child is featured on their new EP, released digitally last week. Besides some cool remixes, Morning Child itself is a cool mix of soul and jazz, think Stars with more R'n'B influences. Purchase the EP via iTunes. Goodtimes Goodtimes from London have a new record called Glue out, kinda like Paolo Nutini, but more folk and better lyrics. Get Glue by clicking this. Then British Sea Power's Do You Like Rock Music? is set to be out next week. It is indeed as wonderful as you'd expect it to be, fine lyrics, great rock tunes. Same goes for Magnetic Fields' Distortion, which is also out next week, so you should get your hands on it. Hot Chip's Made In The Dark has had it's going ons around the blogs, so mine wont miss it. It is as you'd expect the sophomore album of Hot Chip to be. Kinda like The Warning and then again, totally different. It'll be finally out on February 5th and you can preorder it here. Besides, I'm not gonna post a new Hot Chip song, you can find some promo versions via searching The Hype Machine, but the song I picked is from 05's Kitsuné Fur. These New Puritans also release their album Beat Pyramid at the end of January. Beat Pyramid is awesome, funky beats, crazy lyrics and more than danceable tunes. And last, Love Motel from Switzerland, a very cool new electronic band -despite the cheesy name- a bit similar to Hot Chip. Check their myspace for further release and tour dates.

MP3: Disco Damage - Cocktail Cunt (Fisher Preyes Remix) 
MP3: 4 Hero - Morning Child 
MP3: Goodtimes Goodtimes - Desire
MP3: British Sea Power - The Great Skua 
MP3: Magnetic Fields - Courtesans 
MP3: Hot Chip - Down With Prince 
MP3: These New Puritans - Infinity Ytinifni 
MP3: Love Motel - Mind the Void 

ok, I'm off.
have a nice weekend

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