Thursday, 14 February 2008

i'm back. sort of.

I was never really gone, but had to put off my activities as a blogger due to scholar matters. Anyway, that is over and I'm on vacation again. I'm trying to stick to the promise, I made myself two weeks ago, to post more often as soon as I have time. Well, let's see how that will go.
In other matters, The Whip's debut record X Marks Destination finally has a release date, precisely the 24th of March via Southern Fried Records. The third single Sister Siam is due on March, 17th and you can preorder both here.
So, how is X Marks Destination? Besides the strange album title, it kinda reminds me of Klaxons' Myths of The Near Future, mainly because both bands put out strong, fantastic single, which raised the hopes for a record full of smashing tunes. The reality is now, that X Marks Destination is a good album, consisting of fantastic songs, besides the known Muzzle N°1 or Divebomb. But it is not the fantastic, over the top record, I had hoped for. Maybe my expectations were over the top, but nevermind. Songs like Dubsex, Throw It In The Fire or Sirens are great, Save My Soul is a bit cheesy, but all in all, a very good indie, electronica album.
But decide for yourself:

MP3: The Whip - Dubsex 
MP3: The Whip - Sirens 

Alright, next, because it is late and I'm tired, I decided for a Wednesday night/Thursday morning mix, mostly electronic goodness. You know, a bunch of songs, proportional mix of something old and something new.
Have fun:

MP3: Oppenheimer - Breakfast In New York (ddpesh Remix)
MP3: Soulwax - Another Excuse (Dfa Remix) 
MP3: DJ Doc Rok - Sexual Healing (Bmore House Remix)
MP3: Crystal Castles - Dolls 
MP3: INXS - Need you tonite (fisher preyes remix) 
MP3: Wax Stag - Short Road (Metal On Metal Remix) 
MP3: The Toxic Avenger - Superheroes (Mixhell Earplugged remix) 
MP3: Simian Mobile Disco - State Of Things 
MP3: Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge (Alex Gopher Retaliation Remix) 
MP3: The Juan Maclean - Tito's Way (Booka Shade Remix) 
MP3: Flykkiller - Flykkiller (David Holmes Remix) 

As always:
you'll find the websites on the sidebar, go check out and buy!

- I'll probably add the zip-file tomorrow

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