Thursday, 13 March 2008

your english is good

It's just not fair. Basically every blog residing in the US has nothing else to talk about except SXSW and the amazing bands they've just seen or going to see in an instant. While I'm sitting in cold and rainy Germany and no bands to see right now, everybody else seems to have the time of their lives. Ok, that may be exaggerated, but still, it's frustrating. Enough of my currently miserable, concertless being.
New Young Knives album Super Abundance is decent, I'd go with typical, but good British Indie like The Cribs, The Others, The Rakes or The Futureheads. Dancy tunes for going out, especially Up All Night or Fit 4 U. Haven't listened to previous stuff from The Young Knives, so I can't assess the progress or if there even is one. But I'll definitely go get the older stuff,too. Super Abundance was released this week in the UK and US, but will be out in Germany next week. You can either purchase it via amazon or via the band's official homepage.

MP3: The Young Knives - I Can Hardly See Them
MP3: The Young Knives - Fit 4 U

I'd actually wanted to post these yesterday, but then I got tired and lazy, so I delayed it on today. Anyway as for other indie releases, Tokyo Police Club's Elephant Shell is finally due next month to be released via Saddle Creek Records. I'd actually wanted to do a full review post with tracks from the upcoming LP, but then I don't want the web sheriffs hanging around my blog again, so I decided otherwise: You'll get the post in about three weeks with tracks, review etc etc and now we'll just listen to some other fantastic TPC songs.
from Your English Is Good 7":
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Swedes In Stockholm (YSI)
from the Lesson In Crime EP:
MP3: Tokyo Police Club -La Ferrassie
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - If It Works

get both @ amazon.

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J Anne Photography said...

eh sxsw is overrated as it is. if i read one more blog entry about it, well, it's over...

and tokyo police club = yes!

have a great one!

Destrukto said...

hi, i can't find your email address you allude to in your blog so i thought i would contact you this way:) my name is Greg and I live in South Africa (I found your awesome blog via Johnny Neon (I am friends with one of the guys - we have also had them play at one of our parties, very cool) anyhoo, I have a radio show which i podcast as well on
its a community based station, i don't get paid, its for the love of it AND as you ALSO say, it's so that people will go out and buy the music:) anyway, check it out and let me know what you think... if you want to contact me, my email address is
just thought i'd let you know. ALSO, so that you know, you are VERY lucky to be in Berlin, SO MUCH happens there which is cool:)