Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A taste for change, satisfied by a change of taste

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Oh my god, I am so bored.
I simply cannot wait for my university to finally start, because I'm just sitting here, doing, ....er, nothing. Well, nothing really important. Which means, that I can aswell post a mix and share my boredom with you.
I've searched through my old cds to find a minimix I did a year ago and was more than astonished that I haven't listened to any of the songs for... yeah, a year. So, surprise, surprise, I can aswell post the tracks here. The songs are at least one year old, they mostly have absolutely nothing in common, not in style, remixes, relations, whatever.
Mainly, because they're funny.
Have fun.

MP3: Jason Mraz - Wordplay
MP3: The Like - What I Say And What I Mean
MP3: Phoenix - Run Run Run
MP3: Living Things - Bombs Below
MP3: Secret Machines - Lightening Blue Eyes
MP3: She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want To Fall In Love
MP3: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Bigtime
MP3: Tomte - Ich sang die ganze Zeit von Dir

get the tracks @ iTunes, amazon or Juno.

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