Monday, 12 November 2007

fast fast fast fast

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I don't have time, as usual, because I'm departing for my hometown in like, five minutes and thought about informing you quickly about the new Hadouken! mixtape, of which you probably already have heard, but now you can actually own it, legally, because it's released today!
If you didn't know, the mixtape's called Not Here To Please You, it's NOT the album(which should be due early 2008), along known remixes like the Bloc Party/Plan B remixes or popular tunes like That Boy That Girl/You Can't Be That, it has new songs like Girls or Love, Sweat & Beer, you can purchase it on USB and that right here.
I think the USB thingy is cool - as long as they'll release their record on cd/vinyl.
So, if you're just getting up, and ideally residing in the UK, get yourself a coffee and then straight to the next record store!
All the others(me included) click here.

MP3: Hadouken! - Girls
MP3: Hadouken! - You Can't Be That
MP3: Plan B - No More Eatin' (Hadouken! Remix)

-gotta go

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