Friday, 16 November 2007

now you're speechless

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atleast you should be, because last night, I saw the Klaxons!
Live, as in: not on notebook screen or via the stereo.
The whole f'ing world probably already had this pleasure, but I lacked this one for the last two years, so bow to me! need to feel special about this.
Anyway, it was f'ing awesome, f'ing hot, f'ing crowded, as an ordinary, but fantastic Klaxons concert is supposed to be!
So, in honour of this amazing experience:

MP3: Klaxons - Hall Of Records
MP3: Klaxons - It's Not Over Yet (Brodinski Remix)

now, I'm tired, I've been in my car most of the two days,
I'm going TO BED.

More to post tomorrow.
or maybe not, I don't promise.


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