Thursday, 13 December 2007

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I'm sorry for the lack of post during the past week, but I was suffering from very severe illness...well, for me it felt like it was very severe, but in reality it was nothing more than a flu. Anyways, since it it this time of the year - no, I won't be putting up endless Christmas songs, phffsh - the 'Top of 2007' lists keep rolling over the blogs, and I thought, I should do my bit. So, right now, I'm listening to some 2007 records and I should be able to do a list in the next couple of days, but now: something else.
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So, first we got a fresh 'leak-approved' Architecture In Helsinki remix, done so by New York's Ruby Beats aka Noah Rubin, who has also done several remixes. You can find a very cool one of Blonde Redhead on his myspace and another cool remix on Stereogum. But because it's that time of the year, I decided to upload the original, probably not 'leak approved' version, too. Have fun!

MP3: Architecture In Helsinki - Hold Music (Ruby Beats Remix)
MP3: Architecture In Helsinki - Hold Music

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Alright, next let me tell you about The Bell from Sweden. The Swedish indie rockers release their debut Make Some Quiet on February, the12th 2008 via Badman Recording Co. and the management sent along some mp3 for your ears and it's surely worth to listen to and look forward some good music in 2008. So, check these two songs below and if you like it, head to their homepage or myspace for further information.

MP3: The Bell - Do You Know How To Feel
MP3: The Bell - Never Had To Pay Before

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Next we go on with Proyecto Batidora, a remix project by the Buffet Libre DJs, who'd sent along the mix I posted there. So, we got The Wall by Sidechains, a great new track and anyone who dares, is welcome to do their own remix of The Wall. So, take your chance.
And of course:

MP3: Sidechains - The Wall

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alright, speaking or remixes, Fisher Preyes did another awesome remix, this time of the track Sore Throat Break by Mixhell. You already know Fisher Preyes, as I posted their other cool remix of Maudite Dance's Undergound here. I think, I'm reposting artist of the same post, weird. Anyway, if you haven't already, check out their myspace and of course, their blog!

MP3: Mixhell - Sore Throat Break (Fisher Preyes Remix)

so, I'm off again, nursing my persistent headache and thinking about my Top XX albums of 2007.
Like this:
MP3: Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag Nag
from It's A Bit Complicated

nah, just kiddin'...

but maybe these are on the list:

MP3: Matthew Dear - Pom Pom
from Asa Breed
MP3: Spoon - My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
MP3: Tegan & Sara - Nineteen
from The Con

or maybe not.

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