Monday, 19 May 2008

I have godzilla 'round my house drinking tea

So, the third album Synthetique of French electro trio Prototypes is out today in France. So how is Synthetique? I have to admit, even though it's Prototypes third album, I haven't listened to Mutants Mediatiques or Tout Le Monde Cherche Quelque Chose A Faire, so I've treated it like a debut. I've already posted an awesome remix of Danse Sur La Merde by Dopewerewolf, which you can still find here. My point is, due to the remix, I've had somewhat high expectations of Synthetique, that haven't really been fulfilled. I thought the record was going to sound like Yelle on drugs. Fact is, it doesn't, but seeing as I'm not one of these hobby music critics, who find their satisfaction by slagging off albums, I did find some reason why you still should go buy it: Prototypes did a nice job mixing electro, rock , 60's rythm and indie. It's danceable and especially the english vocals are amusing to listen to and Un Coup De Langue is actually really catchy. It's not Yelle on drugs, but it's a nice multifaceted record and you can order your copy here.
MP3: Prototypes - Un Coup De Langue
MP3: Prototypes - Go To Hell Mademoiselle

Yes, I've also boarded the hype train on The Ting Tings, that is currently coursing through a lot of blogs and it's damn right this way. After two successfully release singles, the debut We Started Nothing finally dropped today in the UK, tomorrow in the US and in May 30th in Germany. The album is full of surprises and genres(synth, power pop, electroclash, indie, etc etc), the kind of record, that really won't get boring that easy. As already Blood Red Shoes've shown us, one only needs two to create amazing debuts or simply play ass kicking shows. It's refreshing to know, that there are still good bands out, whose hype from the NME hasn't destroyed their reputation or our views on them and their reputation.. you know what I mean.
That's Not My Name, Fruit Machine and Shut Up and Let Me Go are obviously the highlights of the album, but even softer songs like Traffic Light are wonderful to listen to.
Right, you should click this to order We Started Nothing.
MP3: The Ting Tings - Keep Your Head
MP3: The Ting Tings - Impacilla Carpisung

I seem to be missing lots of stuff recently, right? And I don't mean the albums that I'm ignoring on purpose(Third, Accelerate, Last Night, St. Jude, The Odd Couple etc), but records I do want to review on, but somehow seem to be a month late. Better late than never. Anyway, Temposhark's The Invisible Line was released on March, 31st and I've only listened to it just recently. I've gotten into them about two years ago, when I found Joy on their myspace. For those, who don't know Temposhark yet: They're a four piece British band doing mostly electro clash. Kinda like The Whip. I think, of all the bands I've compared to The Whip so far, Temposhark have the most similarities with them, only they're more rock, bit both embody the synthesis of rock and electro synth without missing to sound cheesy from time to time. Even though Temposhark hail from London, they sound strangely American.. dunno if I should approve of that. Anyway, on The Invisible Line, they have some guest appearance, for example on Not That Big with Imogen Heap and on Battleships with Sophie Solomon. Cool, eh?
Gp get the album right here.
MP3: Temposhark - It's Better To Have Loved
MP3: Temposhark - Knock Me Out

We do have some fine debuts today: Danish Alphabeat's This Is Alphabeat is going to replace The Kooks' Konk as best summer record 2008. A summer record in my opinion is an album you can put on while perhaps lying on the grass in the sun and the music simply enhances your good mood or even gives you the good mood. Alphabeat truly convey this sentiment, because their debut is full of funny, catchy indie pop songs. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just imagine The Zutons, only more indie pop. Speaking of NME, it's truly anticipated writers described them as "The best Scandinavian band since ABBA… ". Wouldn't quite agree to that, but it seems the NME got one thing right: that this one hot indie band, you really shouldn't miss. And if you still don't get it( can happen sometimes, because I express myself rather cumbersomely), simply listen to the two songs below and then go here for purchasing This Is Alphabeat.
MP3: Alphabeat - Boyfriend
MP3: Alphabeat - Fantastic 6

Now we got a real genre juggling album: Alan Wilkis' Babies Dream Big. I can't even name most of the influences this record is dealing with: 70's/89's funk, rock, indie, soul, r'n'b and so on. I think if I keep trying to catch it with words, maybe I'll ruin it. Go have a listen yourself and then get it @ cdbaby

Now something really, really amazing: Wolf Parade's new record At Mount Zoomer. After they're breathtaking debut Apologies To The Queen Mary in 2005, we finally have a successor after three long years. The sophomore record by the Canadian indie rock band will be released in the mid of June, precisely the 16th via Subpop. Right now, I wouldn't say the 9 song collective surpasses it's predecessor, but is nevertheless just as good. But my opinion could change in like a month, if the album grows on me and that is very likely to happen. I should make a mental note to re-review it on June 16th. The sound has still that nostalgic yearning for something, that is somehow beyond us and can probably only be interpreted by the band itself. At Mount Zoomer has that ingenious effect of leaving the listener wondering...the subject on what you're wondering isn't really clear, you're just wondering... Or if you're not into deep thinking: the album has a lot of amazing indie/folk melodies.
Well, hopefully this time I've made my point clear: GO GET IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!
Click this.
MP3: Wolf Parade - Bang Your Drum
MP3: Wolf Parade - An Animal In Your Care

Alright, we're nearly at the end of this post, but before I finish, I want you to focus on some last things:
First: After Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane is back with his Rascals and finally the debut is on it's way. But before that, there's always a single, in this case Freakbeat Phantom, which will be out June, 2nd, two weeks before the album Rascalize. You should get the 7" here. A Hand In The Shadow would be the b-side of Freakbeat Phantom.
MP3: The Rascals - A Hand In The Shadow
Second: Free Things For Poor People would be a good post title, but it's mainly the name of the very good, very new Infadels single. Their sophomore record Universe In Reverse is coming towards us also on June, 16th and like already said, there's always a new single ahead. Haven't listened to Infadels for quite a while, have to say I'm astonished to find myself loving the new songs. Get the 7" here.
MP3: Infadels - Godzilla
Third: Good EP's never get out of style. I've just found Friendly Fires' 2006 Photobooth EP. I already forgot, I had it. It's always refreshing to listen to something, you haven't listened to in a while. Even better, when you're in the knowing that Friendly Fires are currently recording their debut and hopefully it hits the stores this year. Buy the EP here.
MP3: Friendly Fires - Photobooth
Fourth: Lions At Your Door have a really hot track called C-C-C Crossfire. Point.
MP3: Lions At Your Door - C-C-C Crossfire!

Man, I feel drained right now. Haven't done such a long post in a while. Have to get used to it. Feels good, tho'.
Have a nice Monday!
take care


dasMetzger said...

holy moly look at that writeup. very nice! i'll need to check all these out after work.

Anonymous said...

whoa. that's a long post for sure. lots of goodies to discover...

Alysson said...

Hail from Brazil! Awesome blog! Great songs! Keep the amazing work!

T said...

i danced with Godzilla 2 nights ago.
he was not drinking tea at the time, trust me.

people change i guess.

here's a sound you HAVE TO check out: "citizen" by Spectrum 5 (

you can even ask for the mp3 by mail (thru myspace)


izabella said...

you danced with godzilla.
that's interesting

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